=== Republican Party


  • William Smith, Governor of Virginia

Democratic PartyEdit

  • Andrew Rodriguez, Governor of Texas

Green PartyEdit

  • Jessica Johnson, Senator from New Hampshire

Winner: Edit

Andrew Rodriguez

First Debate

William,Andrew, and Aaron were all there to debate main topics of the election. The debate was held in Hampden-Sydney College in Hampden Sydney Virginia.

debate moderators: Chris Wallace and Martha Raddatz

The first question was what would be the first thing you would do in office

Andrew said that he would be ban all fossils fuels

William was to help with education in school saying "education is they key to the future we all want"

Aaron was to to cancel college student debt

Aaron also keep interrupting the moderate saying he was the only candidate that could do anything because he was in a small party he interrupted a total of 51 times and keep saying "No you are the one lying " when the others said anything about his plans

the winner of that debate was William because both Andrew and Aaron got booed because they said they believe in a one payment health care bill

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