US Presidential Election, 2040 (Populist America)

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2036 [[Image:|border|25px|US Presidential Election, 2040 (Populist America)]] 2044
United States Presidential Election, 2040
November 6, 2040
Blank person Blank person Blank person
Nominee Eli Shelton Jonathan Smith Nathan Khosla
Party Democratic Republican Libertarian
Home state Michigan Michigan Virginia
Running mate Chelsea Clinton Tyler Heathcote Colleen Masterson


Republican Party

  • Sherman Maggard, Governor of Kentucky
  • Jonathan Smith, Former Vice President
  • Ariel Rubenstein, Governor of New Jersey
  • Kirk Cameron, US Representative from Michigan

Libertarian Party

  • Nathan Khosla, CEO of Khosla Ventures
  • Colleen Masterson, US Representative from Oregon.

Democratic Party

  • Eli Shelton, 50th President of the United States

General Election

In Eli Shelton's first year, he struggled to get the country moving. He had an approval rating of 36%. After 2 years he jumped the approval rating up to 86% after his welfare bill was passed, and he dropped unemployment to 2%. He had a democratic House and Senate after the 2038 Mid-Term election. Come 2039 his approval rating went up to 88%, many Republicans even stated that they shouldn't run because of the country's approval rating. But former Governor, Vice-President, and in-state rival of Eli Shelton Jonathan Smith promised to take Shelton down. Eli Shelton had stated that, "Vice President Smith promised to take me down, I look forward to the election and seeing how it goes, although I know for sure I will be victorious, I applaud Smith's tenacity and devotion to pushing Republican initiatives into America." Shelton was widely praised across the country, leading to his landslide victory.

Campaign Issues

Shelton's Popularity

Occupation of West Asia

Environmental Reconstruction

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