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2036 US Presidential Election
November 4, 2036
Blank person Blank person Blank person
Nominee Michael D. Chang Ted Cruz Sal Khan
Party Democratic Republican Independent
Home state Florida Texas Louisiana
Running mate Adam M. Phen John Ellis Bush Jr. Sydney Robinson
Electoral vote 344 200 3
States carried 30 + DC 20 1
Popular vote 221,515,386 114,397,135 4,057,212
Percentage 61% 35% 0%
Incumbent President
Ted Cruz
Michael D. Chang


Democratic Party

Becken Gallesos

Republican party Gabriel Escobar Governors of Massachusetts

General Election

Campaign Issues:

Gun Violence

Prison Overloads

Presidential Ethics

Environmental Concerns

Election Highlights

Democratic Primary:

The Democratic race was on of new times and new faces. The three top notch candidates were the youngest in US history (All 36 years of age). Secretary Phen and Robinson generally had very little conflict due to their affiliation to the same "Cruz" regime. However, Secretary Robinson outshined the beginning of the race, winning the first 8 States (Iowa, New Hampshire, Vermont, Alabama, Minnesota, Illinois, Wyoming, and South Carolina). This surge led to the suspension of Secretary Phen's campaign. With little leverage in his campaign and low funding, Governor Chang seemed to have turned the lights out of his campaign. In the 4th televised debate however, change shone, spreading his message of global trade reform, a call to disarming the world's armies, and a unified congress. Robinson was on the edge, with sharp boos over a statement regarding the impracticalness of the US Constitution: "It's out of date, we need a new one." Thought strong supporters still lingered, the base of support weakened. On the rest of the Campaign trail, Governor Chang won 32 of the remaining states + D.C. to secure victory. Big wins in Florida and California notched him the victory. He selected his good friends and former competitor, Secretary Adam Phen as his vice president.

Republican Primary:

The Republican party conglomerated under the standing president, 66 year old, Ted Cruz, in the hopes of getting reelected to office. Turmoil over Cruz's control over the national budget, Democratic and independent Cabinet, and reforms in heath care led to a sharp decline in voter turn out (from 80% to 65%) for his party. This decline made many skeptical on whether he would pull though with another victory for his party. Governor Guerra initially ran against Cruz in the republican party until he realized how unfit for conservatism he was, he chose to run as an independent later on. With no contest, he won the nomination and chose businessman John Ellis Bush Jr. as his new vice president. The decision to replace his current vice president was yet another questionable one.

Assassination attempt:

On December 25th, 2035, at 3:05 PM on a republican rally, former NBA basketball player Deron Williams fired eight shots at Candidate and sitting president Cruz, making two out of the eight. Cruz was rushed to the hospital and made a full recovery. Mr. Williams was sentenced to a 40 year sentence with no opportunity for parole.

General Election

Debates would flip flop, so bad that even Texas became a swing-state. While President Cruz visited the battleground states like Texas, Ohio, Iowa, Illinois, and Alabama, Sal Khan made visits to every state each day traveling the state's cities and towns speaking to the American public, and Governor Chang visited many conservative states in the hopes of changing philosophy. The final debate got heated when President Cruz claimed Chang to be an "immature kid when it comes to politics." Chang made an astonishing rebuttal saying, " I may be young to the political eye, but there's fire in the heart. Mr. President what you just said is a slap in the face to any college, or high school student in America who has aspersions of one day becoming a president or government official it's a slap in the face to any young representative or senator younger than me or around my age. You've made your election about experience and that I'm too young. Well let's look at the two youngest presidents ever. Teddy Roosevelt, arguably one of the greatest presidents of all time took office at 42, younger than you. John F. Kennedy, got so much done in only 3 years at 43, younger than you. They have gotten more done at younger ages than what you have at 66. So don't tell me about age and experience when many Americans idolize the young presidents." This forced the election would be a mass blowout as Governor Chang managed to electrify the American people like never before. He won 30 states + D.C. to secure his victory. Following the final ballot counted in Ohio, he would become the president-elected of the United States. President Cruz, after this election, retired from politics completely to a resort in Canada, not even attending the inauguration of President Chang..

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