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2036 US Presidential Election
November 4, 2036
Blank person Blank person Blank person
Nominee Michael F. Tesis William Smith Alex Richey
Party Democratic Republican Independent
Home state California Virginia Ohio
Running mate Ben Bowman Nicole Jackson Trey Calhoun
Electoral vote 178 280 80
States carried 10 30+dc 8
Popular vote 114,456,124 300,241,531 221,515,386
Percentage 1% 61% 40%
President before election
Ted Cruz
Elected President
William Smith


Republican Party: William Smith

Democratic Party: Olivia Cruz

Independent Party: Alex Richey


William Smith ==General Election==

Campaign Issues:Edit

Gun ControlEdit

Health Care

Prison Overloads Edit

Presidential EthicsEdit

Environmental ConcernsEdit

Election Highlights Edit

Democratic Primary: Edit

The Democratic race was on of new times and new faces. Two of the top notch candidates were the youngest in US history. Secretary Hana and Robinson generally had very little conflict due to their affiliation to the same "Cruz" regime. However, Secretary Robinson outshined the beginning of the race, winning the first 8 States (Iowa, New Hampshire, Vermont, Alabama, Minnesota, Illinois, Wyoming, and South Carolina). This surge led to the suspension of Secretary Hana's campaign. Republican Primary:

Among Republican infighting President Ted Cruz . Rep. William Smith beat out Ted Cruz in the primary election due to his views on gun control and health care General Election

Senator Tesis visited many red states in the hopes of changing their conservative philosophy and turning the south blue again. He managed to travel to every state having intimate discussions with locals from residents in large cities to small towns. President Cruz pandered in the central hubs

William won the election and nobody saw it coming. He beat out the incumbent president of his own party to win .

On December 17th, the Electoral College voted and confirmed William's Presidency.