Democratic Presidential Nominee: President Hillary Clinton of New York

Democratic Vice-Presidential Nominee: Vice-President Tim Kaine of Virginia

Republican Presidential Nominee: Former Governor Mike Pence of Indiana

Republican Vice-Presidential Nominee: U.S Senator Ted Cruz of Texas

The GOP thought this would finally be the election they took Hillary Clinton out of office, but when the Pence/Cruz ticket was revealed, the Clinton Campaign was already prepared to attack the duo. The label that ended Pence's Campaign was 'Dangerous'. The GOP was already deeply fractured after the loss in the 2016 Election with Donald Trump.

Electoral College Results:

Clinton/Kaine (INCUMBENT): 374 Electoral Votes (WIN)

Pence/Cruz: 160 Electoral Votes (LOSE)

The Republican party suffered losses in the Senate and House, Dems kept Senate. And GOP barely kept House.

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