US Democratic Party Presidential Primaries, 2020
United States Flag
2016 ← January 17-May 27*, 2020 2024

4846* Delegates to the DNC, 2424* needed for nomination.
Elizabeth Warren
800px-John Bel Edwards Wikipedia Photo fl h
Candidate Elizabeth Warren John Bel Edwards
Home State Massachusetts Louisiana
Vote Count 226,411* 174,039*
Percentage 35.27%* 27.11%*
Contests Won 2* 1*
Delegate Count 54* 34*
Jason Kander
Candidate Jason Kander Martin O'Malley
Home State Missouri Maryland
Vote Count 150,096* 71,460*
Percentage 23.38%* 11.13%*
Contests Won 0* 0*
Delegate Count 31* 13*
*Figures are subject to change.

The US Democratic Party Presidential Primaries, 2020 were a series of nominating events taking place between January 17 and May 27, 2020, and in the 51 US States, US territories, and Democrats Abroad, to select the 4,846 delegates who attended the Democratic National Convention in Columbus, Ohio and select the Presidential nominee to run against incumbent President Mike Pence. The Democratic National Convention will also approve the Vice Presidential Nominee and the party's platform.

Elizabeth Warren's upset victory in Iowa questioned the quality of primary polling, as polls said that Jason Kander would win with a comfortable margin. Bob Iger, Lincoln Chaffee, and Terry McAuliffe dropped out of the race after performing poorly in Iowa.

Elizabeth Warren won in New Hampshire, with John Bel Edwards getting second. Jason Kander finished in a depressing 4th place behind Martin O'Malley. This could be atribbuted to Elizabeth Warren asking him about his moderate voting record in the Senate, and his lack of championed laws. Julian Castro withdrew from the race after performing poorly, getting less than 500 votes in New Hampshire.

Kander was expected to edge out Edwards in Nevada, but Edwards won Nevada by 102 votes out of over 11,000 cast, with Edwards getting 24 delegates and Kander getting 15. Elizabeth Warren got third place, earning 13 delegates, and Martin O'Malley got fourth, scoring 5. Nevada also gave Hillary Clinton her first delegate, putting her total at 1.

Candidates Edit

Currently in the race Edit

  • Elizabeth Warren, United States Senator from Massachusetts since 2013
  • John Bel Edwards, Governor of Louisiana since 2016
  • Jason Kander, United States Senator from Missouri since 2019
  • Martin O'Malley, Governor of Maryland 2007-2015
  • Hillary Clinton, United States Secretary of State 2009-2013, nominee in 2016
  • Rocky De La Fuente, Reform Party and American Delta nominee in 2016
  • Tom Steyer
  • Geoffrey Fieger, nominee for Governor of Michigan in 1998

Withdrew during the primaries Edit

  • Julian Castro, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development 2014-2017 (Withdrew Jan 30)
  • Lincoln Chaffee, Governor of Rhode Island 2011-2015 (Withdrew Jan 19)
  • Bob Iger, businessman from California (Withdrew Jan 18)
  • Terry McAuliffe, Governor of Virginia 2014-2018 (Withdrew Jan 17)

Withdrew before the primaries Edit

  • Jerry Brown, Governor of California 1975-1983 and 2011-2019
  • Steve Bullock, Governor of Montana since 2013 (running for Senate)
  • Bill De Blasio, Mayor of New York City since 2014

Results Edit

Total (Results don't add up to 100% because of an unidentified error in my maths) Edit

Candidate Home State Votes Percentage Delegates
Elizabeth Warren Massachusetts 226,411 35.27% 54
John Bel Edwards Louisiana 174,039 27.11% 34
Jason Kander Missouri 150,096 23.38% 31
Martin O'Malley Maryland 71,460 11.13% 13
Hillary Clinton New York 5,442 0.85% 1
Julian Castro (withdrawn) Texas 3,606 0.56% 0
Lincoln Chaffee (withdrawn) Rhode Island 2,164 0.34% 0
Bob Iger (withdrawn) California 1,956 0.3% 0
Terry McAuliffe (withdrawn) Virginia 1,462 0.23% 0
Rocky De La Fuente Florida 662 0.11% 0
Tom Steyer California 624 0.1% 0
Geoffrey Fieger Michigan 450 0.07% 0

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