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In 2065 of the Humanity's Course timeline, the UN posted its first comprehensive report on the state of world in many fields, such as development, population, security, freedom and more.


The estimated population of the world in 2065 is 10.8 billion people.

Global Warming

The recorded rise of average global temperatures since 2000 is: 2.4 degrees Celcius

Human Development Index


Very High: 1.0-0.8| High: 0.79-0.7|Medium: 0.69-0.55|Low: 0.54-0.4|Underdeveloped:0.39>

Category Value Country(ies)
Very High 0.95 Scandinavia, Canada
Very High 0.94 Israel, UANZ, U.S.A, W.A.R
Very High 0.93 Ukraine(Not including occupied Poland), U.K, The Eurasian Union, Switzerland
Very High 0.92 The Netherlands, Ireland
Very High 0.91 Scotland, Singapore
Very High 0.9 Japan, Korea, France, Germany(Not including occupied Poland), Czech Republic
Very High 0.89 Austria, Croatia, Cyprus(Greek)
Very High 0.88 Belgium, Serbia
Very High 0.87 Slovenia, Slovakia, Luxemburg, Lichtenstein, Andorra
Very High 0.86 Hungary, Bulgaria(Occupied by URMA), The Vatican
Very High 0.84 URMA(Not including occupied territories), Romania
Very High 0.83 South Africa(Not including occupied territories), Italy
Very High 0.82 Larsted, SFA
Very High 0.8 Indonesia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Costa Rica
High 0.79 AAFR
High 0.78 Philippines, Mexico (Not including rebel-occupied South)
High 0.76 Malaysia, Republic of China
High 0.75 Georgia, Cuba, India
High 0.74 Thailand, Vietnam, Brazil(Disputed Territory), Panama
High 0.73 Ukrainian-occupied Poland
High 0.71 Greece(Occupied and at war with URMA), German-occupied Poland
High 0.7 Malta, Montenegro, Honduras
Medium 0.69 Guatemala, Eastern Druze Republic
Medium 0.68 Nicaragua, Cambodia, Islamic Republic of Punjab and Sindh
Medium 0.67 Moldova, Tibet, The Dominican Republic
Medium 0.66 Inner Mongol Republic, Myanmar, Iberian Republic
Medium 0.65 New Holy Roman Empire, the People's Republic of Central Asia
Medium 0.63 Arabian Republic, Oman
Medium 0.61 Yemen, Kurdistan, Dubai Emirate
Medium 0.6 Laos, Bhutan, Mauritius
Medium 0.58 Nepal, Small Island States(Average)
Medium 0.57 Democratic Republic of South China
Medium 0.56 Haiti, Seychelles
Medium 0.55 Seychelles
Low 0.54 Jordan, Kuwait, Republic of the Congo
Low 0.53 Sri Lanka(Including occupied territories)
Low 0.52 Republic of Afghanistan(West Asian-Backed Western Afghanistan)
Low 0.5 Gabon, São Tomé and Príncipe, Gambia, Benin
Low 0.48 Ethiopia, Côte d'Ivoire(Ivory Coast), Burkina Faso
Low 0.47 South African-Occupied territories(Average)
Low 0.46 Mali, Chad, Nigeria, Ghana
Low 0.45 Guinea, Djibouti, Suriname, French Guiana
Low 0.44 Maldives(Their remains), Guinea-Bissau, Niger
Low 0.43 Togo, Cameroon
Low 0.4 Comoros
Underdeveloped 0.39 Central African Republic
Underdeveloped 0.37 Sierra Leone
Underdeveloped 0.33 Liberia

Political Freedom, Economic Freedom and Civil Liberties Report


Free: 10-9|Mostly Free: 8-7|Partly Free: 6-5|Unfree: 4-3|Utterly Oppressed: 2-1

(To be done)

Corruption Perceptions Report


Clean: 10-9|Mostly Clean: 8-6|Mostly Corrupt: 5-3|Corrupt: 2-1

(To be done)

Environmental Protection Standards Report


Excellent: 6|Good: 5|Satisfactory: 4|Mediocre: 3|Weak: 2|Poor:1|None: 0

(To be done)

Strongest Military Forces In The World

Place Country


Total Size(Estimated) WMDs
1 United States of America 2,600,000 Yes(All sorts)
2 Eurasian Union 1,750,000 Yes(All sorts)
3 India 2,100,000 Yes(Nuclear)
4 West Asian Republic 1,600,000 Yes(Nuclear and Other)
5 Ukraine 1,450,000 Yes(Nuclear)
6 Israel 900,000 Yes(Nuclear and Chemical)
7 France 1,000,000 Yes(Nuclear)
8 United Kingdom 1,150,000 Yes(Nuclear and Chemical)
9 Republic of China 1,300,000 Yes(Nuclear)
10 Union of Australia and New Zealand 950,000 No
11 Canada 850,000 No
12 South Africa 1,400,000 Yes(Nuclear)
13 Indonesia 1,100,000 Yes(Biological and Chemical)
14 Italy 1,250,000 No
15 Germany 1,000,000 No
16 Brazil 650,000 Yes(Nuclear)
17 Japan 700,000 No
18 Arab African Federal Republic 1,100,000 No
19 Korea 750,000 No
20 Mexico 800,000 No
21 Switzerland 500,000 No
22 Spanish Federation of America 1,200,000 Yes(Nuclear)
23 Islamic Republic of Punjab & Sindh 450,000 Yes(Nuclear)
24 Cuba 650,000 Yes(Nuclear)
25 Iberian Republic 400,000 No
26 United Republic of Macedonia and Albania 500,000 No
27 New Holy Roman Empire 350,000 No
28 Malaysia 400,000 No
29 Kurdistan 300,000 No
30 Scandinavia 300,000 No
31 Larsted 100,000 No
32 Netherlands 250,000 No
33 Belgium 200,000 No
34 Greece 250,000 No
35 Thailand 200,000 No