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The Ultimate American Empire Supreme Court is one of the three branches of government. It is the least important of the 3, but still very powerful. It is the only branch that can block the Emperor from vetoing the UAE Parliament. It is made up of 9 members all approved by the Parliament.

About the Court

5 of the 9 current members are also members of the last 10. To become a Justice one must apply to the Parliament, and the Parliament votes on whether or not that they approve the application. Justices are only replaced after they resign, or die. The Emperor may force a Justice into resigning.

Their job is to strike down, or approve decisions made by the Parliament. They can block the Emperor from blocking the Parliament. Their only other job is to make sure that laws do not cause concern for the UAE's Communist safety.

All current members were friends with Captain America the 1st, and are friends with the current Emperor Captain America the 2nd.

Great Purge

The UAESC had nothing to do with the Great Purge. At the end of the Purge the Americans were furious with both Americas 1, and 2. So they both agreed to be tried by the UAESC.

Captain America was tried, and the Supreme Court voted him not guilty with a vote of 7-2.

Captain America was tried, and it took the Court 6 months to decide, and they had over 5,000 witnesses blaming CA1, but they found him not guilty on a vote of 5-4.

Many were very unhappy with their decisions they made, but Captain America stood up for them.


There have only been 9 members so far, they are:

Table of Supreme Court Justices
Name State Of Birth Term Start-End Parliament Vote (Yes-No) Emperor
1. Sandy Weathers* Texas 2035- 49-1 CA1
2. Freddy Jones California 2035- 32-18 CA1
3. Eli Marx* Florida 2035- 43-7 CA1
4. Tracy Heathers* Washington D.C. 2035- 47-3 CA1
5. Ben Wonders Ohio 2035- 30-20 CA1
6. Rand Xander* Utah 2035- 48-2 CA1
7. Lacy Mooney Idaho 2035- 41-9 CA1
8. Wendy Adams Maine 2035- 31-19 CA1
9. Vinny Johnson* New Jersey 2035- 48-2 CA1
  • Member of the Last 10

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