Parliament Building

The Ultimate American Empire Parliament votes on issues brought forth by the Emperor, cabinet, or enough civilians. The UAE Parliament has voted on a wide veriaty of issues. They're only allowed to change their vote, or vote a second time after a 2 year waiting period has passed.

The UAEP is not allowed to vote on any issues regarding the Great Purge.

For the Parliament to pass anything it must gather 30 votes.

2035 Votes

2035 Votes  
Issue/Bill/Person Vote (Yay-Nay) Info 
UAE Flag (Current) 50-0 Flag for the UAE
Sandy Weathers 49-1 UAESC 
Freddy Jones 32-18 UAESC 
Eli Marx 43-7 UAESC 
Tracy Heathers 47-3 UAESC 
Ben Wonders 30-20 UAESC 
Rand Xander 48-2 UAESC 
Lacy Mooney 41-9 UAESC 
Wendy Adams 31-19 UAESC 
Vinny Johnson 48-2 UAESC 
UAE Constitution 50-0 Constitution for the UAE 
Immune Bill of Rights 45-5 Gives immunity for the CPAA


2036 Votes

2036 Votes  
Issue/Bill/Person Vote (Yay-Nay)


FreeReli Bill 37-13 Guarantees Freedom of Religion 
Electoral Vote 48-2 Upholds the Electoral College 
GREAT PURGE 0-0 BANNED from talking about the G.P. 
NoMoPo 31-19 Bans poor people 
Interno 30-20 Censors the internet 
Filno 23-27 Censors films

2037 Vote

2037 Votes
Issue/Bill/Person Vote (Yay-Nay) Info
1 Car Bill 42-8 1 Free car per family
1 Child Policy 9-41 1 child per couple
Pure Last 10 49-1 Last 10 Immune from law
Rainbow Bill 31-19 Bans Narcotics
Haneover Bill 21-29 Bans Alchol
Bank'O Captain America 46-4 Creates national bank
American Cash 47-3 Creates the UAE dollar
National UAE Day 50-0 Creates UAE day
National Captain America Day 50-0 Creates CA day

2038 Vote

2038 Votes
Issue/Bill/Person Vote (Yay-Nay) Info
Mead for the Lead 28-22 Created a 10th SC Justice
Draft 29-21 Creates a National Draft
Bill 004 46-4 Excommunicate rebels
Bill 013-a_r 39-11 Allows Prayer in school
School for Me 42-8 Creates national school curriculum
Bill 036-a_d 45-5 Rebels counted as Terrorists
Bill 036-a_e 49-1 Terrorism is a death sentence
Economics 101 50-0 Emperor fully controls the economy
Poor Vote 1-49 Lowers the vote fee
Equal Rights 46-4 Everyone has equal protection
Equal Rights 2 43-7 Rebels are an exception
Military Warfare 47-3 Allows CPAA to use new weaponry
Drill Mills 48-2 Allows the UAE to drill oil
Motto 50-0 Creates national motto

2039 Votes

2039 Votes
Issue/Bill/Person Vote (Yay-Nay) Info
Terror Inc. 37-13 Terroirist before the UAE are Pardoned
Wel-Off 32-18 No more Wel-Fare
Parliament +25 3-47 Add an extra 25 members
Marriage Act 50-0 Marriage between Man and Woman
CPAA funding 45-5 Give the UAE's CPAA 23.7 Billion more funding
UAEP Economy Vote 34-16 UAEP must confirm the Emperor's budget plan
Equel Pay 48-2 Equel pay for everyone
FreeMak 2-48 Allows Stock Market to be free from Emperor's Control

2040 Votes

2040 Votes
Issue/Bill/Person Vote (Yay-Nay) Info
Bud40 49-1 Budget for 2040
Edu40-50 37-13 Curriculum for 2040-2050
MotherGuse 43-7 Allows Homeschooling
Abotun 38-12 Abortions up to 6 weeks
HidVo 30-20 Allows people's votes to be hidden
CPAA Funding 43-7 Gives the UAE's CPAA 13.9 Billion more funding
InTAX 34-16 Flat tax of 9.2%

2041-2050 Votes

2041-2050 Votes
Issue/Bill/Person Vote (Yay-Nay) Info
Politiks 23-27 Allows Political Parties
Bud41 49-1 Budget for 2041
ForGo 19-31 Creates national draft
AcoNo 23-27 Bans Alcohol
MinMe 42-8 Creates Minimum wage of 6.50 an hour
Bud42 46-4 Budget for 2042
MilVet 0-50 Gives Military Benefits
BudRef 28-32 Reforms the Budget making Process
Bud43 41-9 Budget for 2043
GenBryan 34-16 Accuses General Bryan of war crimes
GenBryan2 37-13 Commemorate Statue to Bryan
FarmBill 41-9 Funds the Ag sector of the economy until 2050
Bud44 38-12 Budget for 2044
AmerRest 38-12 Restoring America is the Governments responsibility
PorMe 29-31 Raises the Minimum wage to 7.25
EMERBUD 31-29 Alters the Budget of 2044
Bud45 49-1 Budget for 2045
GinnySpings 31-29 Rebuild Ginny Springs
Camps 34-16 Work Camps in Hawaii and Alaska
NUKENO 39-11 Destroys Nuclear weapons
Bud46 46-4 Budget for 2046
NAFTA 47-3 Repeals NAFTA
CPAAFUND 32-18 Cuts CPAA funding by 50%
Bud47 47-3 Budget of 2047
RefPris 43-7 Reforms the Prisons
PovNo 35-15 Outlaws Poverty
Bud48 46-4 Budget for 2048
Isuues 37-13 Allows Issue Groups
ForGo2 16-34 Creates National Draft
Bud49 39-11 Budget for 2049
OPEC 47-3 UAE Joins OPEC
ABORTME 21-29 Legalizes Abortion
Bud50 47-3 Budget for 2050
SmokeMoi 9-41 Legalizes Pot
OliMo 2-48 Outlaws Oil

2051-2055 Votes

2051-2055 Votes
Issue/Bill/Person Vote (Yay-Nay) Info
Bud51 46-4 Budget for 2051
FarmBill2 47-3 Funds the Ag Sector of the Economy until 2060
Edu50-60 43-7 Curriculum for 2050-2060
EEA 50-0

Creates the Eternal Emperor of America

Bud52 30-20

Budget for 2052


29-31 Close all the Prisons
AGFoR 22-28 Reform the Ag Sector
Bud53 27-23 Budget for 2053
Bud53-2 17-33 Budget for 2053
Bud53-41-E 30-20 Budget for 2053
BudRef 28-32 Reform the Budget making process
Bud54 34-16 Budget for 2054
GunDom 29-21 Guns are Legal
Bud55 34-16 Budget for 2055
ForMe 2-48 Universal Healthcare

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