Type 0 Civilizations are the lowest rank on the Civilization classification Scale, created in the design of the Kardashev scale.

Type 0 Civilization VariantsEdit

Type 0.1Edit

Equivalent of Gaian Stone Age communities. Relatively primitive. Usage of stone tools, cave painting, mostly hunter-gatherers. In most cases use bronze and iron.

Type 0.2Edit

Masters of iron and bronze. Able to form strategic decisions in war and construct buildings. Usually very religious. One of the most interesting civilizations due to their unique evolution. Farming, pottery, burial ceremony and animal husbandry are among the common traits of this civilization ranking.

Type 0.3Edit

Complex construction projects are common in Type 0.3 civilizations. Type 0.3 beings show more understanding to the world around them than their more primitive counterparts. The earliest form of governments exist in these civilizations. Technological advancement is significant.

type 0.4 Edit

Equal in technological advancements as Gaia was during the middle ages, capable of using firearms (cannons in our history) and is usually not very peaceful. This type of civilization is known to be one of the most common, also a 0.48 is capable of creating handheld firearm.

type 0.5 Edit

This type of civilization has just had an event that can be compared to our industrial revolution. This civilization has developed steam power and is notable for it's inhumane use of people in their factories, this civilization usually have a great war (like WW 1).

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