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Photo: Banksy

Opportunities for storing information are radically expanding - Kryder's Law states that memory capacity doubles every two years. The contents of the Library of Congress - the largest library in the world - can fit onto 125 iPods.

The management of this information explosion may be a key determinant of the future of trust and reputation. Virtuous circles can emerge as information is used to create trusted knowledge e.g. Google's search engine success. But vicious cycles may also result if we become concerned about how our information is being used. Google has now patented psychological analysis of online gamers for more targeted ads, but after a marathon gaming session, would consumers be happy to see an ad for pizza popping up on screen?

This is part of Outsights 21 Drivers for the 21st Century ™, a future-orientated scan of the 21 key forces shaping this century.


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