Tripoli Strategic Operation
Part of Libyan Civil War (2015—17)
Date January—February 2015
Location Northwestern districts of Libya
Result Parliament victory
Libya Libyan parliament
  • Libyan National Army
  • Zintani brigades
Libya New General National Congress
  • Libya Shield Force
  • Misrata brigades
Libya Karam Majid Libya Abdullah Ghani
19,000 soldiers 13,000 militiamen
Casualties and losses
1,247—1,459 killed, 1,011 wounded or missing
4 aircraft destroyed
5,682—5,904 killed, 2,312 wounded of missing

The Tripoli Strategic Operation was an offensive by the Libyan National Army against the Islamist-controlled areas in the northwestern districts of Libya, during the second civil war in the country. It took place from January to February 2015, and resulted in the liberation of several districts from Islamist control.