The terms of the treaty of Paris were as close to an Alliance surrender as possible without officially being one. The United States was forced to withdraw from the Alliance, effectively dissolving it. Embarassing sanctions were placed on the countries of the Alliance, while Putin, China, and other Axis powers were virtually unscathed and made gains. The Brazilian Union gained a large portion of southern Mexico and The United States gained North Mexico as its 51st state. Germany, however, being a great military force, demanded several things. First, they withdrew from the Alliance in order to remain in the war against the Axis Coalition. Second, Germany and France merged into a greater Germany, or German Federation. Another provision of the treaty stated that the Axis forces would no longer wage war with any Alliance nations. This treaty was signed on October 20, 2020, leaving most of the eastern Hemisphere under Axis control and the Alliance with a historic and humiliating defeat. Rand Paul is elected President of the United States in November of 2020

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