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Treaty of Cluj-Napoca is a peace treaty which ended the war between Ukraine and Romania in 2032.


Main article: Romanian-Ukrainian War, World War III.




The terms proposed by Ukraine were initially drafted by German diplomats in 2031. It included Romania ceding to Ukraine its northeastern counties of Botoșani, Tulcea and Vaslui.


Romania will cede these counties to Ukraine: Botoşani, Vaslui, Galaţi, Tulcea, and Iaşi with city of Iaşi would be exclave of Romania. There will be non-aggression pact between two countries. Romanian side will pay 80% of cost for reparation, meanwhile Ukraine will pay 20%. Every nations must recognize and accept Romania's neutrality.


The treaty is resulted in:

  • Botoşani, Vaslui, Galaţi, Tulcea, and most of Iaşi will be ceded to Ukraine. City of Iaşi is still being part of Romania.
  • Non-aggression pact between Romania and Ukraine.
  • Romania pays 80% of cost for reparation meanwhile Ukraine pays 20%.
  • Neutrality of Romania is recognized


The document was signed by:

  • Flag of Romania Romania: King Nicholas of Romania and Prime Minister Vasile Petrescu.
  • Flag of Ukraine Ukraine:
  • Flag of the German Empire Germany: Foreign Minister Prince Eduard of Anhalt