2020 Treaty of Atlanta

After two years of irregular warfare between White and Black Americans, the Treaty of Atlanta is signed by both sides to restore peace and negociate a settlement.


The goal of Black Americans was to increase employment, independence, and solidarity for Blacks. The Treaty of Atlanta attempts to solve all of these by establishing an all black country.  A nation established, controlled, and inhabited by Blacks. However, most blacks refuse to relocate to this new nation and demand the government to respect them.

The American Government must:

  • End oppression and persecution of blacks.
  • Offer each African American Citizen $25,000 for slavery reperations, oppression, and abuse.
  • Provide Transportation free of charge to any African American repatriating to Africa
  • Provide transportation for any personal property free of charge, such as: furniture, cars, electronics, clothes.
  • Invest $ 1 Trilion in West African Infratructure
  • Provide West African Military with weapons, taining, and equipment.
  • Provide full political support in international organizations such as: UN, IMF, AU, WTO, etc.
  • Offer to purchase real estate from African Americans that have difficulty selling property.
  • Debt forgiveness for African American. Expunge all debts held by credit card companies, governments, and banks.

The African American Community will

  • Colonize West Africa
  • Renounce American citizenship and gain West African citizenship
  • Commit 100% of black community to repatriation
  • Cannot enter or travel within North America, Europe, or Autrailian continents.


Most African Americans rejected the treaty and refused to relocate to Africa, so the government had to force them, an action which was strongly condemned by the UN. This movement of people has been called the Second Great Migration. The new immigrants were forced to build their new nation from the ground up. They started construction with roads, water, and power. This provided millions of unemployed blacks with a stable income, and created a large African middle class. The economy of West Africa soared to become the largest economy of Africa and top 25 economy of the World. No dominate white ruling class. no police brutality. Only Blacks helping blacks. Black Paradise. As a revenge against the whites, the government of West Africa started persecuting the whites and forcing them to relocate to other continents like they had. A continent-wide movement soon began to counter the US.

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