In the galaxy, travel by standard means would take years, decades, or even centuries to reach the selected destination. As a result, scientists from a lost civilization worked to develope a way to escape the limits imposed by the laws of physics.

After decades of research, they found a way: tunneling their way from one universe to another with a different set of laws regarding physics. And so the first Galactic Empires were born.

The Idea

In 2017, a group of scientists from around the Galaxy proposed the current model below as possible and theoretical modes of travel.

Method of Travel Universe Required Engine Required Note(s)
Interplanetary Travel No Universal Tunneling Required Fission, Fusion, or Antimatter Engine
Interstellar Travel "Superspace" Singularity Tunneling Engine
Intergalactic Travel "Hyperspace" Singularity Fission Engine Only in testing phase*, not available
Omniversal Travel N/A N/A Not known to be possible, but considered theoretical due to existent Universal travel.

*Travel to a Universe that allowed Intergalactic travel was confirmed in 2347, but contact with the probe was lost shortly after.

The Method

The idea behind interstellar travel is accomplished by gathering the necessary energy to create a series of micro black holes that distort space-time long enough for the rift (technically a wormhole, but it is never named as such) to Superspace to emerge and the spaceship to travel though it.


"Superspace" is the informal name of another universe that is used for interstellar travel.


Not much is known about the actual universe called Superspace. It has laws of physics that are different to our universe, which is what allows Faster-than-Light travel and communication.

The fastest ship known, the Intergalactic spaceprobe, was able to travel thirty light years a day in Superspace. The average Dravimosian ship travels about ten light years a day, while civilian ships regardless of origin typically travel at three or four light years a day.

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