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Flag of CTU.

Trans-Continental Union, a union formed in Future Map Game 2, was the first union in Futue Map Game two.  


In Febuary 2015, It IPU was formed(Indian-Portuguese Union). Then later, when Spain builds good relations with IPU, Spain joined IPU, but then they need to think about another name. So, 3 days later, TCU was formed, including 2 player-controlling countries and a NPC country.


The flag of TCU contains 3 main parts: one is the navy blue stripe in the middle, which represents the ocean: and the grey which is the continent; and then, smaller stripes. those stripes represents:

  • One Asian Country(Yellow).
  • Two European Countries(Red).

And a blue stripe will represent Oceanic countries, a black stripe will represent a African country, Orange represents North America country, and Brown represents a South American country. So if the numbers of members grows, the amount of stripes will also grows.

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