Flag of CTU.

Trans-Continental Union, a union formed in Future Map Game 2, was the first union in Future Map Game Two.  


In February 2015, It IPU was formed (Indian-Portuguese Union). Then later, when Spain builds good relations with IPU, Spain joined IPU, but then they need to think about another name. So, thre days later, TCU was formed, including two player-controlling countries and a NPC country.


The flag of TCU contains 3 main parts: one is the navy blue stripe in the middle, which represents the ocean: and the grey which is the continent; and then, smaller stripes. those stripes represents:

  • One Asian Country (Yellow).
  • Two European Countries (Red).

And a blue stripe will represent Oceanic countries, a black stripe will represent an African country, Orange represents North America country, and Brown represents a South American country. So if the numbers of members grows, the amount of stripes will also grows.