Toyosatomimi-Byakuren (Ridiculous Future)

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Timeline: Ridiculous Future (map game)
Shoutoku Legend
CapitalAsahikawa, Hokkaido (formerly)
Demonym Toyosatomimi-Byakurenite
Currency Cloth

Toyosatomimi-Byakuren is a nation located in Japan.


Flag of the Jiang Shi Republic of Miyako

The flag of the Jiang Shi Republic of Miyako, 2013-2017

The city of Miyako declared independence in 2013 as the Jiang Shi Republic of Miyako (キョンシー宮古共和国). It then went on a conquest to unite Northern Japan, and later Okinawa. In 2016, Miyako purchased the Sakhalin Island and Kuril Islands from Russia for 300,000,000 Yen and 10,000,000 Vodkas. In 2017, the increasing sea levels had significantly affected Miyako, causing the nation to take action and as a result also moved its capital. Shortly after the moving of the capital, the Jiang Shi Republic of Miyako was renamed and succeeded by the Toyosatomimi-Byakuren Republic.

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