Titan in natural color Cassini

Titan, as observed by Cassini Spacecraft

Discovered by Christiaan Huygens
Discover Date March 25, 1665
Physical Characteristics Data
Radius 1.480 Moons(2576 km)
Surface Area 8.3×107 km2
Volume 7.16×1010 km3
Mass 1.829 Moons
Mean Density 1.898g/cm2
Axial Tilt Zero
Albedo 0.22
Orbital Characteristics Data Epoch 2000
Semi-Major Axis ~1 221 870 km
Eccentricity 0.0288
Orbital period 15.95 Days
Avg Orbital Speed 5.57 km/s
Inclination 0.34854°
Other Alternative Names Saturn VI

Titan is a natrual satellite observed and discovered by Cassini Huygens. It is the biggest moon around Saturn, and it is so massive that it have a suspected ring system. The orbit are chaotic over millions of years since Mimas's orbit is chaotic.

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