A timeline of the Earth, Solar System and the surrounding galaxies until the Distant Era.

21st Century

All current world leaders of the 1900's die by the end of the century, USA and Canada form one nation and call it NAA. Meanwhile in Europe a NATO disagreement, leads to the collapse of the EU and the rise of the European Split was undergoing changes in the former-capital of Albania, Tirane. Also, in Australia, prime minister Oliver Kane summoned the leaders of China, Canada, Japan and New Zealand for a conference in Brisbane. This leads to the start of the Pacific Alliance Treaty Organization (PATO). 

Back in the NAA, many arguments have caused the removal of state-laws and states in general and the country decided to change all laws to that of former-California. Capital moved from Washington to Vancouver. By 2090, Viscount Akria of the Greek-state of Cyprus joined Albania and Poland's ambitions to make Eastern Europe become part of Asia. During a worldwide televised conference with all members of the Former-EU and Asian Alliance met up in Frankfurt, Germany to discuss the dilemma. This led to many more meetings across Europe and Asia leading into the 22nd century.

In 2098, the former state of Iraq becomes independent once again after being taken over by the U.S. 24 years ago. The country once again became subject to news when it's armies invade the Turkish Empire and later Azerbaijan. NAA threatens that if they do not pull out of the two countries it will send troops in, again.

22nd Century

By the end of the 21st century many cures for many diseases were found. It was not until the new century dawned that a cure to Cancer was found, on the 1st day of January. The first man on Mars. In the Middle-East Iraq ignored its warnings and soon invaded Georgia and Armenia. This led to global conferences, including that of NATO and PATO. PATO was first to make a move and many soldiers were sent in from China and Australia to battle the armed soldiers. NATO soon proposed to link-up with PATO, however PATO declined the Proposition.

In Eastern Europe a petition was signed to become part of Asia instead of Europe, claiming that Europe is a deathtrap for their economies. This agreement was signed by Greece, Greek Cyprus, Albania, Estonia, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Belarus, all of former-Yugoslavia (except Kosovo), Poland, Romania and Bulgaria. However Ukraine, Moldova, Baressynia and Hungary did not sign this. During this, Germany was also debating whether or not to go to Asia, a poll showed that only 17% of the North of Germany would make the move, compared to 56% in South Germany and with Northern Germany being more populated Ariane Makrel and the government of Germany decided not to join Asia.

Once again NATO tried to link up with PATO, but with that another PATO disagreement happened. Iraq soon stopped invasions due to major threats from the Chinese Government.

By the end of century NATO's century report says that "PATO is less of a friend than [NATO] originally thought". The Sun and various other European newspapers say that a war between the two, (which was quite possible at the time) would be catastrophic. NATO's former-Canada leaves PATO however Norway stays with PATO but leaves NATO saying that a war with PATO would be more easily won with them. The president of Norway Margeret Orshund, denies that the country never wanted to be in NATO and that actually NATO treated Norway well but PATO keeps Norway as a country without violence.

23rd Century

At the dawn of the 23rd century NASA lands first man on Neptune, 200 years since Mars. The first President of Australia: Alistair Howard-James, be;hio;jojo'joo;joi;j;iohi;oh;ioi;jij;oj;o;comes head of state. In a bid for the Robo-Olympics China gains much attention as Chinese Emperor Xian'jin Huangyo is assassinated during his live, televised speech, the assassin was found to be Yqo Smith, an American-Caribbean raised in Alabama, he is later jailed for life. Norwegian prime minister, Filipe Angol becomes head of the UN and South Korea's Ttakchungi Seongsun-Wun becomes head of PATO. I like cookies. then a monster cat came frm outer space and kill all the humans

24th Century

25th Century

26th Century

27th Century

28th Century

29th Century

3rd Millennia

Centuries throughout the 3rd Millennium

4th Millennia

5th Millennia

Centuries Throughout the 5th Millennium

6th-12th Millennia

12th-18th Millennia

18th-20th Millennia

Following Years

Investell and Collapse of the Sun

New Ice Age

Ice Age Survival Years

The Civilization of the Galaxy of Menhirea

The Civilization of the Galaxy of Menhirea Del Angaro

War Years of Menhirean Tribes and Menhirea Del Angoran Tribes

Population Growth

Rediscovery of Earth

End of The Robotic Era

The Civilization of the Galaxy of Aksenkiari

Aksenkiari Alien Discoveries

Darker Ages

Abandoning Aksenkiari

Removal of Earth Time

French Galaxy Triumph and Colonisation of the Menhirean Galaxies

1st Overian Millenia

2nd Overian Millenia

Exploration of the Overian Moons

Far Future Ages and Time Travel Reinvention

Tower Ages and Artificial Planets

Artificial Sun

Universal Time

Human Decline

Human Extinction Threat

Colonisation of Devonontriae 

Human Re-Population

Distant Era I

Super-Speed and Mind Levels

Plutonium Explosions

Human Extinction

The Non-Existence of Humans

Age of Antiverreans 

Distant Era II

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