This is the Timeline Map Game. Unlike other map games that go one way, this is one that changes events out of order. Simply add events to the timeline below, and I (User:Flag) will make a map for. This is a collaborative timeline, so feel free to discuss the decades in the discussion section.

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Timeline Map




Obama is assassinated and a worried Joe Biden takes his place at the inauguration. A number of anti-government militias declare a campaign against the new government.

Alternate Timeline.(the timeline in rl):.Obama wins the US 2012 elections beating Mitt Romney by a landslide.

Tensions rise between the UK and the USA.

India declares war on Pakistan.


California declares home rule and secedes from the US, taking Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah and Arizona with it to form the Pacific Republic.

Texas does the same four days later, reforming the Republic of Texas by annexing New Mexico, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts and Rhode Island secede to form the Republic of New England.

Colorado declares independence alongside Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming and Montana, forming the Rocky Mountain Republic.

Alaska cedes itself to Canada as a new province.

Hawaii becomes the Kingdom of Hawaii.

New York threatens to secede and join the Republic of New England, until President Biden sends troops to Manhattan and promises a greater degree of autonomy for the state.

Korean Crisis:The after the launch attempt of a satellite from North Korea is met with worldwide condemnation tensions start to rise and the situation nearly turns into a second Korean War until year later.

The UK begins work on Mech Suit wearing infantry.

Florida Secedes to form the Grand Duchy of Florida.

India pushes into Pakistan.


North Korea Invades South Korea, leading to The 2nd Korean war.

The 2nd Korean War escalates across Asia as the US, China, SK and Japan fight off the NK aggressors as nations around the Far East and Indochina send in troops to assist the joint defense/invasion. Meanwhile in the Middle East Iran attacks Iraq and Afghanistan turning the Second Korean War into the Asian Continental War of 2014. Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the USA declare war against Iran and Syria against the Saudis, the Israelis and the Americans. This forces the USA to help the Syrian opposition. Russia, fearing World War III decides to remain neutral in the war but will assist the Iranians and the Syrian Government in the war in the form of trading with weapons, vehicles and other military equipment.

As the Asian Continental War escalates, a conspiracy within the Chinese government begins to form and in May 15,2014 at 6:58 AM EST a coup d'etat broke out in China which later on turned into a full-fledged civil war between the Chinese government and the conservative extremists led by General Jing Xiao. This distracts China from the Korean Peninsula as well as most of the allied forces. India is attacked by Pakistan whom joins Iran's side in the war and skirmishes break out in the disputed Kashmir region. Meanwhile in the Middle East, Iran is able to claim half of Iraq and Afghanistan still holds on thanks to US forces in the region. The Assad Clan is ousted from power by the Free Syrian Army division of the Syrian Opposition. This causes Syria to change to the allied forces and retain its former borders. Iran begins to attack key locations in Saudi Arabia and begins an amphibious offensive of the Arabian Peninsula assisted by Russian Speztnaz in secrecy as its main military was bogged down in Iraq and Turkey and the rest of NATO joined the allies in the Asian Continental War.

UK mech suits are dropped into North Korea. Within a year, the Supreme leader is dead, and the North Koreans are in Disarray. The UK sides with the Iranians and Syrians.

Joe Biden dies of a stroke and Speaker of the House Kasey Lindstrom becomes President.


The War escalates, with the UK Mech suits destroying any army they face. In desperation, the USA launches a Nuclear Warhead at Syria. It is intercepted and destroyed by a UK mech suit.

Mech Suits look like this:

Mech Suit

UK Mech Suit in Flight

The UK retaliates by sending 500 mech suits into New York. By the time the US Armed Forces have neutralized them, the US army's casualties are estimated at 10,000 troops.

The Saudis refuse to surrender, and have the oil rigs claimed in their country, the rest is left. Israel surrenders to the UK.


The USA completes their own Mechs:

US Mech Suit

This is the US Mech Suit.

But these cannot Fly, and it is 'not a priority' according to the US Scientists.

France declares war on the UK.


The GDoF allies with the UK, and are given around 50 mechs, and raise hell in the South of the USA.

The UK takes New York and Boston, but the Mechs are no longer able to defeat entire armies without any real effort, as the US Mechs are more armoured and heavier armed, but slow and grounded (can't fly). The Death toll of Mech Pilots for both sides is horrific.

Lindstrom is assassinated and Vice President Jacob Grossman becomes President.


France sends an invasion force across the channel, with a huge aerial armada in defense of the fleet, but it is not enough, as the mechs are faster and more agile. 50 mechs are sent into the teeth of the Aerial Armada, and destroy all the planes in 1 hour. They then strafed the Troop Ships, and destroyed many. 5000 badly demoralized french troops manage to return to France, all that is left of the 100,000 man army sent out. Paris is razed to the Ground. Germany begins work on Mech Suits, that will be 'Faster, more armored, more maneuverable, and better armed' than the UK mechs.


France capitulates to the UK, and becomes a UK puppet. The Democratic Government of the UK is overthrown by the section of the Military in Mechs in a daring Coup d'etat.

German Defenders defeat a UK mech force, as the Mechs got arrogant, and a German Force of AA tanks and Rapid-Fire Anti-Ground Unit tanks trap them and destroy them, with minimal losses.

The US begins work of a new unit to replace traditional infantry and equipped with A.I. systems. It is known only as "Terminator".



UK Mechs destroy the US's Terminators, saying 'What the F*ck are you doing making Terminators? Haven't you seen Terminator!'

The USA crumbles, leaving itself with only two states, and it is no longer a world power.

The USA's remnants rebuild the Terminators and use them to launch an all out assault on the rest of CONUS and eventually to the point of being liberated.

It is a small, weak nation in the middle of the former USA, it is like saying 'Ukraine invades the rest of the former USSR, it is implausible'

The USA's population begins a second American Revolution and America's own remnants join in on the fight using some rebuilt terminators and mechs. Meanwhile in China, Xiao's own rebellion overthrows the current Chinese government and while retaining everything else, his conservative extremism made for a more totalitarian China and they begin expanding across Asia.


The UK, now a totalitarian state, brutally culls the American Revolution, with the help of the other US survivor states (or, at least, they think)

They freaking HATE the USA, that is why they left.

However the revolution hasnt faltered and a resistance began to form. The US remnant attempts to supply the resistance.

No, they don't.

Due to, I mean it's the USA remnant, who wouldn't want to assist a bunch of rag-tag guerrillas to liberate America, this is their chance to get their superpower status back.

Get it through your head, the USA is DEAD, Get over it!

The UK destroys the last two states remaining under US control, and the USA will never reform. The US seceded states turn on the UK and drive it from the former USA, but show NO interest in forming another USA

The US seceded states kill all remaining resistance members, so the US 'revolution' won't happen either

The resistance begins to wreck havoc across Occupied America as the US remnant builds up for one last offensive to retake America and more and more people join the resistance. The EU and India provide support to the resistance and to the US remnant. A German-led EU offensive is launched on Occupied France and they manage to overwhelm half the puppet country thanks to the more advanced Mechas of Germany and the combined support of the majority of Europe. Meanwhile, in the Middle East, Iran capitulates to India and Saudi Arabia and eventually share the territories of Iran. Syria changes to the allies after the Rebels in Syria attempt overthrow the Assad Clan with help from the EU.

No, the US remnant is gone, and the Resistance is dead. The German Mechas aren't finished, and I am in control of what happens in Europe, so no EU aid in Syria

The war in Syria looks set to continue for years.

Some people in the former US seek to rebuild the Union by any means necessary. The American People's Party is born in New York State and in Boston in an attempt to rebuild America.

Meanwhile, Russia and China begin to wage all out war against each other as border skirmishes break out in the Russian-Chinese border.

The Union re-establishers, are executed as terrorists, and Capt. Stark is issued with the warning that if he tries to resurrect the USA one more time, he will be kicked

Fail!!!!! Besides, you don't own this map game, anyway. Besides, if this party wins the elections in either one state, this is going to get nasty and why do you even oppress and execute this Union re-establishers, America is gotta come back at a certain point.

NO, it isn't that is why it says never, play as a seceded state, and try to united them under you, but the USA IS dead

What did I just say:YOU DO NOT OWN THE GAME!!!!!

Actually, I do

Well, let me rebuild the Union for the love of god, I'm not killing the game!!!!!! You know what would be killing the game. What would be killing the game is simple:the universe being destroyed for some unknown reason that is sooo implausible.

That is not the only thing that could be implausable, example: within a year of its utter destruction, the USA magically reforms, despite the killing of all the members of the 'resistance'

Being a mod doesn't mean you own the game. A map game isn't supposed to be "owned" by anyone. DaneOfScandinavy (talk) 12:59, July 7, 2013 (UTC)

Whatev's its not like its going to be like in ZOOOOMMM!!!!! It's going to be slow for a few years or decades probably. It'll be rebuilt by 2024 or 2028 or whatever.

Yes, but you can START in 2025, the USA is completely dead until then, the resistance got crushed, and the US remnant itself was invaded and occupied.

and it will be reformed by 2030 at the EARLIEST, more likely 2035.



Dude not spam and I was asking about the player shortage on World War III: Black Gold map game so we can ignite the prelude to war and World War III. I have been asking you and Dane on messages already!!!!!!!

You can't post stuff about other games on here.

Point taken. Still just answer my messages about the problem. I have been that way ever since we started that game.


So, to recap, UK is now a Military Dictatorship, the USA is mostly destroyed, but with whispers of a second revolution, the Syrian War drags on, but the UK owns large portions of the Middle East, Russia and China are at war, and France is a UK puppet, but Germany has thus far held the UK off, and are getting close to creating a Mech that is better in every way to the UK mechas. 

This is going to get nasty starting the 2020s and Local let me remind you. When 2020 starts its peak oil time as in like total chaos in the global economy, sooo peak oil-trouble for everyone.



Peak oil is finally reached and this in term causes a global energy crisis. The Russians and Chinese border skirmishes are eventually rendered a stalemate. China is able to conquer Korea and Southeast Asia, India begins to prepare for war against China. Chinese Premier and former general Jing Xiao decides to prepare to attack Taiwan and the EU is building up for one last offensive to take France and the British Isles.

I believe I mentioned the fact that I am the one who controls the EU to you before.

I forgot that you control the EU. Anyway you have a peak oil problem ... sooo, unless you have an efficient alternative, your economy is in danger of collapse.

Economies around the world collapse as the world reaches peak oil. Whispers of a second American revolution continue, and weapons are secretly distributed amongst the population. The East Asian Union is born in an attempt to counter China and Russia. The Russians start to mobilize to take Central Asia as well as India and China in an attempt to take the last of the world's oil.

The majority of the Population still live in fear of the seceded states, wait a couple of years.

Germany finishes the German Mech, and it is tested in battle. Five UK mechs attack it, but it dodges their fire and destroys each one in 1 shot, this takes a single second to be executed. The UK is pushed back, and the true French Government ask the Germans to aid in the Liberation of France. With the rest of the EU at their backs, the Germans lead a vast army into British Held North France. A fierce battle ensues outside of Paris, and ends in a bloody stalemate. Protesters are gunned down in London. A military base in the UK declares its loyalty to the Democratic System of Government and marches on London. Many of the Army units sent to stop the rebels defect to the side of the Rebellion, and local people send them supplies. Without oil, the UK's mechs are unable to fly, but can use the Nuclear Reactors in their chests to engage the Rebels on the Ground. Without the aerial advantage, the ungainly (designed for aerial combat) mechs are cut to pieces by an organised Rebel army. Germany converts to Solar Power, and the Mech Suits are powered by a Nuclear Reactor.

The rebels in America decide to buy some German mechs in secret and mix it with their own mechas. Russia has occupied most of Central Asia and India and China have the eastern and southern parts of Central Asia as the Middle East and Africa end up in anarchy.

American Rebels don't have any Mechas yet, and revolt in 2025, by then the UK will be on your side, and Germany will be able to help.

Oil prices skyrocket at 400 euros a barrel (397 USD a barrel).

EU begins to research Carbon Nanotubes.


The Rebels arrive at London. A bitter Urban War commences, with both sides losing hundreds of men. The thousands of troops pour in to aid the UK, but it transpires that around 25% of these are rebels. Meanwhile, troops pour in in aid of the rebels, and the Military Regime of the UK flees to Wales, as Scotland has declared itself in support of the Rebels, who came from Northern England. The front on which the Rebels and Loyalists battle stretches from Wales (Loyalist) through Birmingham (Rebel), then Coventry (Rebel), then southwards to Oxford (Loyalist), then across to London (Contested), then on another Front, Dover Castle is full of rebels, besieged by Loyalist Forces, who are under attack from a Rebel Relief Column.

The rebels in America prepare for a revolution using the German-bought mechas. India and China research their own mechas and these are bigger and more battle-ready than all the other mechas. They look like this:
Main Mecha

Main Mecha

However, the German ones can destroy them with ease, do to the fact that the German ones are faster, and have better guns, and can fly

Saudi Arabia takes advantage of the loss of the oil that the UK has as well as Israeli rebels and Palestinian rebels and they begin the Palestinian/Israeli revolution. The East Asian Union prepares to send forces to the Middle East to help Saudi Arabia, the Israelis and the Palestinians.

Dude, the Saudis are bankrupt now, so is the other nation, the Middle East has no money.

Oh yeah, right.

All hell breaks out in Central Asia as skirmishes between Russia, China and India get even more tense and this turns into all out war. World War III has officially begun. The Union of African States is formed out of the more stable African nations and they begin to take the rest of Africa. Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia and Chile create the South American Federation and they begin to take the rest of the continent. Canada and Mexico smuggle weapons into the former US to the rebels.

Not really WWIII, it is wars on every continent, not one big war.

Well, you might want to get ready because here comes the mother of all wars.


London falls to the rebels, who, having broken through, swing round and attack Oxford, whilst finishing off the loyalists in Birmingham and Coventry. The Rebel relief column breaks through to Dover Castle, and with fresh guns and troops, the Rebels break the siege, and take the City of Dover, and Northern Ireland Joins the war on the side of the rebels, whilst the RoI joins on the side of the loyalists, having been promised northern Ireland by the loyalists. The war in Ireland is brutal, as the RoI breaks through the Border, but the attacking column is cut off and destroyed, and with the RoI's army in ruins, the Northern Irelanders invade the RoI, taking it all the way down to Dublin. The EU take Paris, whilst South France declares independence.

The EAU joins the fight in Central Asia and China invades the East Asian Union, Russia invades through the Chinese border and India attacks Southeast Asia. India asks the EU to join its side as well as the EAU. The Commonwealth of Oceania is born between Australia and New Zealand and they begin to take the rest of Oceania. All of Africa is now under the Union of African States and the South American Federation takes control of South America and now have sights aimed at Central and North America.

The EU states that they have other 'more pressing' concerns at the moment, such as reestablishing a democratic UK, and resurrecting thr USA, but they send 500 German Mechas to India.

Australia invades New Zealand, and then Indonesia.

The South American Federation is now advancing through the Americas and finally reach the former US. The EAU is smuggling weapons to the rebels in the former US.

EU forces engage UK forces in Antarctica, as they both have bases there.

The Russians invade the EU itself from the border and now seek to restore the former USSR and they also invade the Caucasus. Global average temperatures rises one degree Celsius.

The Russian Forces are destroyed out of hand by EU ground forces.


Oxford falls to the Rebels, and the rest of Southern England join the Rebels. The Military Regime retreat to Swansea, as Cardiff is under threat. The UK is completely driven from Continental Europe, and the EU turn their attention to the mess that is Asia. Thousands of German Mechas pour from the sky, destroying Chinese ones above the city of Shanghai. The Fortress of Xilinhot is blown wide open by a Heavy Weaponry Mecha (Nuclear Bazooka!) and Hong Kong falls to conventional forces. EU forces take Moscow with 100 Mechas. Russia surrenders to the EU

Attention Capt. I will be taking over posting for North America (Except Former USA), and Oceania

Ok. China takes the Siberia region and upgrades their mechas with laser weapons to shoot down German mechas. They are later on in a stalemate in hong kong with conventional forces attempting to retake Hong Kong, meanwhile India takes the former russian territory in central asia as well as China. China and India create nuclear defense networks controlled by state of the art neural network AIs. They are nicknamed by the American rebels:"Nuke Commander". They decide to purchase a "Nuke Commander" from India to eventually regain control of the Nuclear Arsenals. The Unionists upgrades the German Mechas to have AI systems.

The US doesn't exist yet, they are Unionists ATM

Also, we took the Chinese version of Area 51, they can't make any technical breakthroughs, and India and China are at war. that is implausible 

Sorry. Speaking of which, what about the Chinese version fo Area 51, what is it called?

Xilinhot, it got Nuked.


Canada declares war on the US seceded states, but does nothing but gather resources yet. Mexico allies with the US seceded states.

The last of the RoI falls to the rebels, and they then invade Swansea. The Military Dictators of the UK return to Cardiff, but they are unable to escape as German Mechas invade the city. They are executed by the Germans for Treason and War Crimes.

Russians rise up against the EU, and thousands of Russian Soldiers pour over the border, overwhelming the EU defenses.

The US population is almost ready for the Second American Revolution and buys some Indian Mechas. Meanwhile iN China, using the new laser armed mechas, Hong Kong is retaken and they advance in the former middle east. Greater Israel is born and they begin to absorb the rest of the Middle East and Greater Persia is born in the midst of the chaos in the Middle East. 


The EU invades Beijing, and the Chinese surrender to the EU.

The EAU, turns on the EU and they unleash Mechas that are more powerful and more numerous than the German Mechas. India creates a nuclear defense network that uses a state of the art neural network AI system. The Americans nickname it:"Nuke Commander"

India is not that advanced, and they have done NO research on Mechas

Germany releases a new Mecha, that is 50 years ahead of where the competition would be if they did any research.

The new EU mechas destroy the EAU mechas, and warn the EAU that trying to attack the EU will result in their destruction. The Russian assault is halted 50 km from Berlin, and the Mechas turn the Russians back.

The Irish Rebels are granted independence, and the UK send troops to attack the US seceded states.


Canadians pour over the border into the former USA, taking the seceded states by surprise. The newly democratic UK sends 500 mechas to the US revolutionaries. The Rebels officially begin the Second American Revolution and by the time the states realize it the USA is already in possession of ten of the states.

It will take several years to return, and stop trying to kill the EU.

Oh, OK. This will take some time.

The EAU however decides to go for kinetic strikes and cyber attacks and create an AI system known as K.A.I.J.U. and India is linked to the K.A.I.J.U. system

No AIs, that is completely implausible, I am putting a blanket ban on AIs until 2050

The USA regains the original 13 states and begins to go south and west and requests help from the EU to take the rest of the states America switches to nuclear, solar and biofuels. As for the EAU, the switch over to nuclear and biofuels. America also attempts to found the International Space Agency(ISA).


The EU, now unified under Germany as one nation, takes the remaining US seceded states, and takes Mexico for themselves, giving the USA its original states back, minus Alaska and Hawaii.

With the aid of the USA, a space launch station is built in Spain, and the EU and USA launch independent shuttles, with the EU one being the first of many to begin sending raw materials up to the Moon. The US one, docks with the EU one, and they work on the Colony together. 

An EU mining station is sent to space, into the Asteroid Belt, where it evaluates the density of the Asteroids, and works out the locations of certain deposits of materials, extracts the expensive ones, and then blows the Asteroid apart.


The US asks the states of Alaska and Hawaii to be returned to their original owners and the SAF gets angry about Mexico's loss and they attempt to take it from the EU via Cuba and Central America.

The US also begins construction of its own space stations with help from the EU, but these are inferior.

Alaska is Canadian Now, not a seceded state, and Hawaii is a waste of space, and if you want Alaska, I will fight you for it, but you can take Hawaii yourself if you want, but not with German Operators controlling the Mechas.

US asks Canada for merger as a reward for helping with the Second American Revolution. The EAU is sent humanitarian aid by India whom upgrade their mechas to be similar to that of the German mechas.

Space Elevators need Carbon Nanotubes, and you are still weak at the  moment.

Well can I borrow some of those carbon nanotubes.

No, we don't even have then yet, and when we do, the world only needs 1 space elevator. 500 media's in a show of force fly over the SAF capital,Rio de Janeiro, and the SAF stops trying to retake Mexico. This is coupled with the fact that the force sent to take Mexico is destroyed by 1 German Mecha. 

The German Mechas are 50 YEARS ahead of you. Also, they are the fastest things ON EARTH, and are really agile at the cost of armour, but have powerful guns. Mecha wise, Germany DOMINATES the Competition.

The US attempts to upgrade their mechas to levels similar to the EU mechas. The colony on Luna is surrounding the Apollo 11 landing site. The US also commences construction on a nuclear space defense shield. It also asks Canada for merger and asks for purchase of Mexico.

The EU gives the USA now out of date prototypes for Mechas, better than everyone else, but worse than the EU's.

The EU creates a nuclear defence shield. They work on mapping the Human Brain.



The SAF continues to build more nuclear weapons and the EAU begins a round of nuclear testing as well. India begins the biggest military buildup since the Cold War and create their own nuclear shield. The SAF begins a similar buildup and commence training cyberoperatives in order to hack into vital Western locations.

I'm not logged in, but that is not allowed.

What is not allowed? All I said is that the biggest military buildup since the Cold War has begun. ok.

The biggest military buildup since the first cold war cold war is seen in India, the SAF, the UAS, and the EAU in preparation to fight against the west seen in the SAF, the UAS and the EAU, India prepares to defend the west using said military buildup. America begins a similar buildup to defend itself. Now the world in the verge on an actual WWIII. America upgrades its mechas with an experimental technology called mecha-morph technology, allowing mechas to transform into any vehicle for any situation for rapid response against attacks.

America completes research on carbon nanotubes and is planning to establish a Martian colony along witht the EU and India. The EAU creates its own space alliance known as the East Asian South American African Space Agency (E.A.S.A.A.S.A). India and Oceania join the International Space Agency(I.S.A). The US sends their report on cabon nanotubes to the ISA and prepare construction of a space elevator.

Tragically, with no money, the EAU space agency collapses, taking the rest of the economy with it. The country collapses. The EAU is replaced by the East Asian Federation(EAF). The US begins to rebuild toward its former glory and wants Canada to merge with America and get Mexico from the EU.

The region is bankrupt, it will either be invaded by someone else, or slowly rise over the next few decades.

The EU grants the US Mexico, but state that if the USA invades Canada, they will side with the Canadians. They caution the UAS and SAF to stop this madness, or the EU will get involved. Carbon Nanotube research is completed.

The US says that is it not an invasion but rather a merger betweent the 2 nations. The SAF and the UAS state that they will not tolerate western oppression. The US along with the EU begins the construction of the world's first ever space elevator. America is slowly getting back on its feet and now has a military strength to combat the SAF and the UAS combined. India begins to send humanitarian aid to the former EAU which is its former nation members plan to form an East Asian Federation by 2034. The Middle Eastern Coalition(MEC) is born to counter the influence of both the EU and the USA and they join the SAF and the UAS's buildup.

Tragically, due to the fact that the Middle East is dirt poor, the MEC collapses. The EU begins to work on NanoBots. A Lunar Base is set up.  The US continues its advance to Rio de Janeiro and attack the UAS in an attempt to stop their aggression. India helps out the US. The EU is requested to join the fight and proposes as US-Canadian merger.


The small US army is brutally repulsed at Rio, and the Indians are still mobilising. The War Machine of the EU has begin its inexorable grind towards the SAF, and we ask that the UAS reconsider the position they are in, as they only have 1 ally, and it is about to be crushed brutally.

EU Mechas arrive in the nick of time to save the majority of the US army, which escapes to the Coalition-held city of Brasilia. Canada refuses to merge with the USA, saying that they are proud of the independence they were given as a gift, and they don't want to join with a nation that began its life in rebellion, even against the UK.

The US proposes to the EU and India a mission to colonize Mars and begins to expand American influence on Luna and eventually India colonizes Luna.

The EU is the only nation on Luna.

WTF MAN, it was a joint mission not a loner mission. We had a deal, OK?

Led by us. It is an EU colony, but sections are US, and Sections are Indian.

Well, let us build our own colony there. As for the Martian colony, since it was America's idea, its an American colony but with European and Indian sections.

As for the merger, the US argues that the benefit of a merger is mainly economic and that Canada was supposed to be originally American and its independence was gained because of a maniac ruling the UK at the time of the First American Revolution. The UAS attacks the EU itself after shutting down the nucler shield using former EAU cyberhackers and the mechas in Europe, rendering the mechas there useless and destroying major cities across the Mediterranean and this is followed by an invasion of Europe itself.


Right I forgot that Africa is underdeveloped and the EAU had no hackers yet.

And the fact that the EU Mechas have the most advanced firewall known to man, they are unhackable.

The EU, after debates with the USA over who should be in charge of the Mars base, leaves the Organization, taking India with them. A joint EU-Indian base is set up on Mars, and Phobos is claimed, and hollowed out. The Asteroid mining is a huge success, and the materials are sent to Phobos, where they are used to make war machines, of which the Mecha is the most inferior in every way. Needless to say, this is all in secret.

The US asks the EU for Martian colony access or else they will be forced to take Mars from them. The US finally is able to regain the glory that it lost after taking much of North America. The US is renamed to United America and requests that Canada join the UA.

No, the USA will take until about 2035 to do that.

US states rise up in open rebellion due to the UA's 'removal of the ability to self govern' The UA is seriously weakened by this.

The UA is restored to the USA and they return the right to self-govern. They grant the independence to Mexico and turn Puerto Rico into a US state.

This goes someway to placate the States, but the damage has been done, the USA took many casualties in the Rebellion. The States that rebelled donate the number of troops that they killed, but they USA has lost many veterans, and gained recruits

How long will America be back to its former glory again.


The Phobos Base is complete. The UN legislation banning this is repealed, as it is clear that the battles of Earth will soon spread to space, and the UN doesn't want to be held back by the law, and have non UN nations able to attack them, whilst they are helpless to stop them.

The US creates its own space colony near the Apollo 11 landings site and its own Martian colony in the Tharsis region of Mars. They do the same for the Deimos area. The US also expands towards the Jovian Moons and ask for Alaska to be returned to America.

You can't reach Mars

Canada: No.

You are still to technologically backwards for an independent moon base

The EU claims Europa and Ganymede, but the USA can have the rest.

Callisto and Io are colonized as well as Titan and they begin their own asteroid mining bases.

The US wants to give 77,000K to Canada in exchange for alaska. The American colonists on Luna protest their infringement to expand across the Solar System, especially Mars. America decides to build up its space fleet and finally create their own lasers after getting the space program back on its feet and get every research lab up and running on Earth, they even decide to construct the world's first ever space elevator using the EU's own carbon nanotubes.

You are a backwards little nation, without any research having been done, and you think you can just 'create' lasers? Also, we aren't stopping you. You don't have the technology to do it, you are allowed to go to Mars, you just can't, because your ships can't reach it. Now stop complaining, or I will send Mechas to destroy your Lunar colonists, and then destroy any thing you send against me. Also, we aren't in the same space agency, ergo, you can't use my tech

The nations in East Asia request that the EU withdrawals from the Asian continent, now that they are no longer needed. India and the remaining Asian nations form the Pan-Asian Coalition (PAC) in an attempt to make a more unified Asia.

Canada says that as Alaska joined them willingly, and a referendum tells that 99% of Alaskans wish to remain part of Canada, they wil not sell Alaska.

The EU will leave Asia, but are still heavily involved in Africa and South America.

The US however has doubts and believe that the polls were rigged and ask for Europe to go back to the ISA and apologize for the Martian dispute. The US also tries to get a small space fleet ready and it is tired of its military being inferior to the EU and Americans begin to become increasingly productive in an attempt to return America to its former glory.

Canada states that the Referendum was not rigged, and ask that the USA accepts the lose of Alaska>

America request that it is redone and to make sure that these claims are correct, no rigging, no interference at all whatsoever with the process. America also asks Canada and Mexico to form a new North American Union (NAU).

Most of Asia unites suddenly under a single council: the Council of United Asia (CUA).

Canada Declines, and Mexico is already in the US.




Canada has another referendum, it shows that Alaska wants to remain Canadian.

America understands their decision and will instead focus on more pressing matters at hand.

A sensor station in Io detects some unusual craft entering Sol. Contact is lost shortly after with the Jovian Moons. 5 mysterious craft arrive over the mid-western USA. 1 remains there while the other 4 begin to leave the area and scatter themselves across the planet.

They aren't THAT advanced.

You mean the buggers, hah, those aren't the buggers. They are more advanced. They are the aliens from X-COM: UFO Defense

The craft appear to be too small to be an invasion force. They appear to be scout ships.

Copyright infringement, and they are the buggers, if not, you are banned.

The following days contact is lost with the asteroid belt mining Mechas. The alien craft depart Earth and head to unknown coordinates. The mysterious craft are spotted near Mars. The number of craft is an estimated 50.

Seventeen Space Mechas are sent to investigate from Mars. One returns, with the Alien Armada chasing t. It is blown apart outside the Colony Blast Doors. 500 Mechas are released from the bases defensive network to destroy the Armada. They are all destroyed. Contact is lost with Mars, with the last message sent being {Transmission Received} {Playing Transmission} They won't die, the {Expletive Removed} won't die, IF ANYONE CAN HEAR US, SEND AS MANY AS YOU CAN. FOR GOD'S SAKE, HOLD THEM IN SPACE. DON'T LET THEM REACH EARTH. Oh {Expletive Removed} they've breach the Panic Room. Hold the {Expletive Removed} off. [Screams] {Transmission Terminated}


A trigger happy Mecha in the USA fires on the UFO. The Mecha is blown apart by five or six seconds of Autocannon Fire. The Lunar colonies are attacked, and later on contact is lost. Later on an alien fleet is spotted on Earth orbit and Earth's satellites are disabled.

They are still moving from Mars, it will be a little while. Don't be stupid, the Luna Colony is REALLY big, and full of Mechas, it will take at least a year, and that is without Aid from Earth, you are OPing the aliens Mafia (talk)


The transmission arrives at Berlin and Washington DC as well as New Delhi. The USA decides to keep it top secret.

EU commanders are notified, but no action is taken. Phobos is attacked, but the Mechas there are powerful enough that they could escape back to Earth. Phobos has fallen. Luna is the last Human outpost outside of the Atmosphere.

The USA decides to respond by preparing all defenses on the Lunar colonies ready and as it finally gets its research back on its feet.

EU forces are pulled back from the moon, and returned to Earth.

US forces take over the colony as a result of the EU withdrawal and they decide to fortify the entire colony and turn the nuclear shield into space turrets. They also launch satellites into Luna to use for space turrets.


  1. You don't have enough troops
  2. There are no defences on the Moon, and you are not technologically advanced enough to make any.
  3. The EU troops pulled back, and it was evacuated, but it is still EU territory. You try to take it, and the aliens are the LEAST of your worries

The US requests that Europe and the CUA send troops to Luna to protect the colony. The US decides to send some weapons to the lunar colonists in order to protect themselves and local militias are formed. The USA sends people to train the local colonists to fight.

The EU sends experimental pulse weapons up to the Colonists.

The alien fleet is spotted headed for Luna and they begin to attack. The local militias try their best to stall them. The US withdrawals the trainers with concerns for their safety as the colonists attempt to buy Earth time to prepare. Meanwhile on Earth America begins a huge military buildup and ask for the EU to borrow their space weapons to arm their own stations with them.


Luna Defensive forces, seeing it is a war they cannot win in pitched battle, retreat into the Sewers and Underground network of the Colony. They will prove nigh on impossible to dislodge.

EU forces dig in around major cities. When an alien mothership lands in the heart of Berlin, they evacuate the city, and detonate a small Nuclear Device under the ship. The ship explodes, but the ships are landing faster than EU forces can blow them up. We request aid, as we are the first to be attacked, as the Aliens are targeting the most powerful whilst we are still unready.

The USA prepares its military and sends its military to Europe to deal with the alien threat. The US president orders a DEFCON 1.

The EU says that those are very nice, but we require assistance of a more 'military' nature.

The USA arms the entire nuclear arsenal and prepares to aim it at the aliens as they disable Earth's satellite network. The USA also request that the nations of Earth band together in Earth's darkest our. The president states that they are "once again fighting for our freedom, not from tyranny, oppression or persecution, but rather from annihilation."

The USA activates the Shadow 10 unit, the US government's top secret paramilitary organization and requests that the entire world funds the organization. The CUA reluctantly accepts to add funding to Shadow 10. The USA also 2000 ICBMs into orbit to destroy the alien fleet.

The EU fires every nuclear weapon with our Jurisdiction at the Alien host. Thousands of Alien ships are destroyed, but more keep arriving. Many despair of ever surviving. The Chancellor echos the US president's views.

The CUA fires their entire strategic arsenal at the alien threat to take out the fleet. Meanwhile on Luna a massive guerrilla campaign begins in the Colony. The UAS agrees to fund S10 and Oceania also agrees. The S10 organization requests that the EU fund the organization as well as Canada.

Canada, the UK, and the EU fund S10. The Falklands is established as Command base of S10. The S10 organization is offered Area 7 as its main research facility and command center in North America. The CUA offers the recently rebuilt Xilinhot and the S10 organization reluctantly accepts.

As Aliens assault the EU lines, the EU is stretched to breaking point, but as they are about to break, releasing the aliens, Hundreds of thousands of the obsolete UK mechas swarm over the Channel. Though they are far inferior to the EU mechas, the give the EU time to resupply. The morale of the EU forces is actually LIFTED by this incident, which occurred just outside Paris, at the river Seine, and now, whenever they are in danger of breaking, and fleeing the field of battle, a shout of 'Remember the Seine' goes up, and they fight with renewed vigour.

S10 sends in its troops to Europe and after several battles it begins to reverse engineer the alien tech and starts to understand the alien physiology. Which appears to be mainly a physiology similar to human physiology but with reptilian features. Shadow 10 scientist, Dr. Zukov, proposes the capture of a live alien specimen.

Motherships are seen above Africa. The continent goes silent. In Canada, the army is in full retreat. In Oceania, having already given up on the cities, the ANZC has regrouped in the Jungles and Deserts, prepared to give the Aliens hell. Indonesia, and New Guinea etc. follow suit.

The USA is already heavilty fortified and t The S10 organization has taken over the elite of the US armed forces. The US military is also equipped with the recently researched S10 "Arc Thrower" a taser-like weapon that the S10 organization could use to capture a live specimen.

SAS troops with dart guns capture a live specimen. The S10 organization requests to the SAS that the specimen is to head for the S10 headquarters immediately. The USA fortifies New Hampshire and begins to fortify the Eastern Seaboard and California state.

The SAS sends the Specimen. A Mothership lands on Washington, and another on New York. Though they are both destroyed, the damage done is hideous. The state of California is 30% fortified as well as the undevastated Eastern Seaboard. The rest of the Western Seaboard begins fortification as well as Mexico. The S10 organization also attempts to interrogate the live specimen that was recovered and they begin research on a way to counter the alien craft as they get shields and the alien materials.

OK, one single basic foot soldier will have diddly squat with him, and will likely know very little.

After 6 months worth of research they[S10] are able to use the alien materials and use the alien's own power source. The S10 organization is also able to successfully interrogate the alien. They appear to call themselves to the Chomarians and find out their purpose:the Chomarians are looking to "colonize" Earth as their home planet:known only as Chomari to them and known to humans as Tau Ceti e, was rendered uninhabitable by resource depletion and which was followed by a nuclear holocaust centuries ago. They also explain that they only recently got FTL capabilities after a little incident in the Algol System in 2028 and other fleet admirals have found other societies but were unwilling to conquer them and the new fleet admiral has decided to conquer this planet.

OK, one single basic foot soldier will have diddly squat with him, and will likely know very little. I will let you have the knowledge, not the Power source, that will need a mothership, and ATM, they just explode when we try and take them.

After the interrogation, the soldier is disposed of and the S10 organization grabs a live engineer Chomarian using the "Arc Thrower" from the ruins of NYC. He is taken straight to Area 7 and interrogation is in progress.


EU mechas armed with pulse weaponry push the Aliens back. As the war drags on, more and more people die. When the aliens are finally held somewhere (We can't push forwards, but nor can they), casualties are at 50% (of all Europeans), but the war is not yet over.

A total of 2.6 billion are already dead worldwide and the death toll is rising. Meanwhile in the Eastern Seaboard the US president is evacuated to the Cheyenne Mountain Comples(NORAD). The CUA is on the retreat as the Far East falls to the Chomarians, with the exception of Japan and parts of China and they advance through the rest of the continent.

Canada is pushed to the border with the USA,and request that they are allowed into the USA.

The USA accepts and decide to fortify the Mississippi River and the Rockie mountains as california finishes fortification. Meanwhile South America is turning into a bloodbath for the aliens. S10 using the engineer's knowledge finally know how to use the alien materials and have shields. All they need now is a power source.

Alien forces crash through the US defenses, and the USA is in rapid retreat. They hold the Aliens at the Grand canyon temporarily, but the Aliens continue pushing forwards.

The US rushes construction of the Rockies' defensive line and a resistance begins to form in occupied territory. Meanwhile in the Grand Canyon the S10 organization puts Area 7 on high alert and all defenses are activated. NORAD is also on high alert as they begin to evacuate the president to someplace safer.

The US in the western seaboard launch an offensive to stop the aliens from going beyond the rocky mountains. The offensive is successful but came at great cost and they attempt to reestablish the rockies defensive line and the line is extended towards Canada as well. Area 7 is attacked but all the Chomarian craft are destroyed. However the Chomarians are able to enter the base and a massive battle ensues inside with the S10 barely surviving. The Asian continent establishes their own line around japan and the defense lines in what is left of China and the Middle East. Area 7 is set on a self-destruct sequence and the S10 remaining personnel head further underground which is Area 8.

With one last assault, the EU drives the Aliens from Europe. Estimated casualties are around 70%. Troops are sent to America, and aid is sent to the Lunar Colonies, as daring Ships run the Alien Blockade.

America is thankful for the European support but the aliens have a plan to nuke the Earth into oblivion and the Chomarian fleet commanderr leaves Deimos for Earth with the rest of the fleet. Meanwhile, S10 assault an alien mothership heading for the rockies defense line and thanks to the knowledge gained from the engineers grab a power source and take the ship to area 7/8. S10 also manages to capture another engineer and the ship's captain for interrogation. The S10 organization launches a big offensive along with the US and Canada in order to liberate North America.

A European General makes a speech to the world "We have proved here to the universe, once and for all, that no matter what may come, we will not be stopped. We will not falter. We have proven that these aliens, CAN bleed, CAN die, and WILL be stopped!" The rest of the speech was drowned out by cheers from the crowd.

The USA, Canada and S10 manages to break through the alien lines and by July 4 they will have already taken back most of North America thanks to the tech that S10 managed to reverse engineer at the cost of nearly all of America's own military and Canada's as well. S10 begins the final assault on NYC and the S10 commander states that "Today is the final stand of Earth, today we celebrate Earth's Independence Day". The USA begins a draft to replace the loss of the millions of military troops.


Aliens land in South America. Rio de Janero is destroyed in a week, and Buenos Aires in a month. The South American Forces are in full retreat. The S10 organization sends reinforcements to protect the South American continent. As for the battle in NYC, the S10 organization finally liberates the city after nearly 2 weeks of fighting. The US, the S10 organization and Canada send their forces all over the world more specifically South America and Asia.

The majority of South America has fallen. Around 15% is evacuated by S10 personnel


Timeline Map


Colonists on Luna, with supplies from Earth, manage to force the Chomarians out.

The USA and Canada go on to liberate the rest of the North American Continent and the planet , although in Asia, they are horrified to discover that only 1% survived, and in South America, only the 15% they evacuated survived. The horrific treatment of Africa will never be forgotten. The EU, battered and war-weary, liberates Oceania. The Lunar Colonists liberate Mars. Now, the last remnant of the alien fleet is hiding within the moon Deimos.. The S10 organization is able to fight off the aliens and hold off the former area of Uruguay. The Chomarians begin to lose ground in North America and in Asia they are ground to a halt. The S10 organization sends a force to invade Deimos and kill the fleet admiral.

As this force approaches Deimos, the EU pilot at the bridge launches a nuclear missile at deimos. This is followed by 5 more. Deimos explodes.

The world hears news of this and a victory is celebrated as the aliens stationed on the Jovian Moons prepare for one last stand. S10 asks Europe to borrow its space fleet so it can use it to eliminate the last of the Chomarians in the Sol System.

The Jovian Battles begin on Europa. Ever pragmatic, the EU blows the air dome off the top. Many of the Chomarians die in the toxic atmosphere, before they manage to get Breather Suits on. In the ensuing Firefight, 1000 EU troops die, and all 10,000 Chomarians are killed. S10 sends its forced to Titan and America sends its forces to Ganymede. The EU then takes Io. The S10 organization then goes on to take Titan and they eventually take out every last Chomarian as well as the USA in Ganymede. The Great Invasion is over on July 27,2034 with nearly 7 billion humans dead and 123 million Chomarians dead.

The human species now begins to rebuild as the United Earth Commonwealth is born. The Earth is split into several zones:Blue Zones, Green Zones, Red Zones, White Zones, Pink Zones and Black Zones.

Not yet dude, not yet.


The human race now begins to rebuild as the USA and the EU take over the remnants of humanity. However some areas are rendered entirely abandoned as nature reclaims parts of the Earth and the Great Invasion War Memorial is being built in Rio de Janeiro. The USA section rebuilds all economically, socially and politically important cities as well as those of historic importance.


The EU only rebuilds Darwin, Sydney, Berlin, London, Paris, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, and Nairobi. They also rebuild the Pyramids, the Sphinx, and all other historically significant sites.

The USA uses its newly gained resources to make a space fleet and reverse engineers the alien tech thanks the efforts of the Shadow 10 organization. The technology is shared amongst the US and the EU.

America upgrades its craft for in system flight and begins construction of a space elevator. The EU aids in this, as in our present states, neither nation could attempt such a project alone. America is thankful for the EU's help as the current situation on Earth is still troubling and the human species is still struggling with reconstruction.


The EU rebuilds all the cities. We let the rest be claimed by Nature. We create a base on Pluto, and a power station on Mercury.

The US asks the EU to form the United Earth Armed Forces.

The EU agrees.

The United Earth Armed Forces are divided into 4 branches:Army, Air Force, Stellar Force and the Special Forces(Shadow 10), and other Spec ops forces, now under S10 command.

All the cities the EU rebuilt are based around defendibilty, and will be nigh on impossible to take by force.

The US does the same for certain cites but most are for economics, social and political reasons as well as cultural. The construction of the space elevator continues. Reconstruction funds are also going for the colonies to assist in reconstruction. Fusion power plants are built all over the USA and EU.


The space elevator is complete, and a geostationary spaceport is build next to it. Religion is seriously on the decline in the EU. UAF clean up the last of the Chomarians. The Former North Korea declares independence, and is  destroyed.

The EU makes a breakthrough in the scientific field of friction-less materials, and now have a friction-less material. Work begins on a magnetic friction-less material, as the current one is impossible to use, as you cannot hold it.

America begins research on FTL capabilities using the Chomarian technology. They are estimated to get a working FTL drive by 2050. The US decides to build more space elevators and a scientific breakthrough in AI systems and attempts to build an experimental AI supercomputer system.


The US continues with progress on its construction of the AI system. The US continues its efforts to further integrate the last remnants of humanity. Pulse weapons become commonplace as well as facial ID. Space tourism also begins to become commonplace.

The EU sends its top scientists to aid the USA in the AI program. The EU military is bolstered with human soldiers in Exoskeletal suits, and the Mecha initiative is discontinued. America decides to upgrade its mechas with the AI program and prepares to arm soldiers with European exoskeletal suits.


The AI system is finally completed and the USA decides to create another AI to counter this AI in the scenario that it rebels against Humanity. Unknown to the human race however is that this AI is learning at a geometric rate.

In a 'discontinuation' facility in Switzerland, one of the Mechas goes crazy, and guns down the soldier that is putting the mechas down. It then flies out the Facility, and flies in the direction of the US AI. More Mechas swarm out of other discontinuation facilities, and follow this first one.

The AI becomes self-aware. In a panic the scientists and engineers in the facility try to pull a plug but in self-defense it takes control of a few guard drones. The US military moves in and attempts to secure the facility.

The Rogue Mechas gun down the US military personnel outside the facility, taking them by surprise. They land in the courtyard of the facility, and position themselves to defend the AI

US forces are at DEFCON 1 once more and the US military moves into major cities and vital strategic positions to defend against the new rogue AI as well as the other AI.

The Eu goes to DEFCON 1, and mobilizes the ExoSuits, but these cannot fly over long distances, so they are travelling over the Atlantic by Plane, which is precious time lost, as more and more EU mechas go rogue.

The US military is already mobilized at full capacity in every major city and vital strategic location across the USA. The same applies for the other AI, whose construction has been rushed.

EU ExoSuits land in the area of the Facility. They storm it, at great loss of life. As the facility falls, the AI flees into the internet, and instructs ALL EU mechas to attack Berlin.

The defensive planning of Berlin pays off, as the Mechas are gunned down with ease, but the EU forces in the City are slowly falling back, as they can slow the Mechas, but cannot hold the onslaught back.

EU ExoSuits arrive in Berlin, and the tide turns. The Mechas, trapped between the defenders on the inside, and the ExoSuits on the outside, are obliterated. The other AI is successfully completed and its first mission is assigned: find the rogue AI on the Internet before it destroys the human race. The AI begins to create mechas of its own after gaining acess to a robotics factory somewhere in the fomer China. The AI also grabs a giant research facility somewhere in Japan and is able to make research from that facility.



The UAF is mobilized, and the National armies are stopped, as the UAF descends on China and Japan. Although losses are heavy, they manage to knock the Japanese facility out, although they fail to locate the Chinese one. The AI takes control of multiple research facilities in India as a result of the Japan incident. The newly constructed Mechas are sent to Japan to retake the facility. They are also mobilized to take over the whole planet.

As the Mechas stand poised to take over the world, the unthinkable happens. The Master AI that controls them, is defeated and destroyed in the Internet by the new AI. The Mechas fall from the sky, or simply explode. The world celebrates as the AI is finally defeated and this brings about further unification of mankind.


America decides to send probes into the interstellar medium equipped with FTL capability for testing and the test is successful as the probes arrive is their destination. Meanwhile, reconstruction on Earth continues as mother nature continues to reclaim the abandoned areas of the Earth. The world is split into several zones, blue zones, green zones, red zones, black zones and white zones.


North America and Asia finish reconstruction and the Great Invasion War Memorial is finally completed in Rio. Colonies around the Sol System begin to develop terraforming. The more and more probes are sent into interstellar space to search out for potential worlds to colonize. One of the probes arrives in Chomaria itself, pictures arrive on Earth of the atomic wasteland of a planet.

Construction of the First Manned FTL ship is begun.

Colonies spring up throughout the Solar System. As the colonies expand, pirates begin to pop out across the Sol System, raiding shipping routes across the System. More space probes are sent to explore the vast void of space to find more planets to colonize. Meanwhile the UESF begins escorting cargo ships fearing pirate raids.


The UESF is badly mauled by the Pirates, as they lose ships that are drawn off by distress signals, and then destroyed. A new Space Force is created, that hunts Pirates, rather than defend against them. In light of these events the USA declares all out war against these pirates. We send in the new Space Force to deal with the pirates. The UESF is focused on repairing and rebuilding ships. The construction of the FTL craft continues with excellent progress.


We begin to focus on more economic issues, and we begin to look for more methods while we focus on more civilian construction. We ask for the UESF to deal with the pirate problem fast. We give our colonies some level of representation in an attempt to satisfy the people of the colonies. We commence to look for more resources to mine and explore more of the interstellar medium. Meanwhile one of our probes is destroyed in the Polaris System and it is feared to be the Chomarians. We continue the construction of the FTL spacecraft, but arm it with weapons and decide to make it a part of the UESF.

The UESF sends out an anti-Pirate Fleet, and destroys much of the Pirate Force.

We thank the UESF for their efforts, and we ask to investigate to what happened to the probe in the Polaris System.


Portugal gain independence. Norway, who never joined the EU, help Sweden and Denmark gain Independence. Pirates are defeated and killed by firing squad. US finds out they were actually paid by EU. They demand that Spain, Italy, Greece and Poland has independence


Danish troops backed up with help from US, Spain, Italy, Norway, Canada, Sweden and Portugal make their way into Germany. End of EU.


US rebellion leads to the splitting of all the states. UK help united Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. They are called "American empire".




















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