• The United Kingdom falls into a deep economic depression following their failed space defense program.
  • Riots breakout across London.


  • The Russian government develops its first Moreaus, genetically engineered animals meant to combat the rebels.
  • In the United Kingdom, bombs go off in Downing Street and Buckingham Palace, killing the Royal Family and the Prime Minister.


  • Chelsea Clinton is elected President of the United States.
  • The Genomic Conference takes place in New York City to discuss the military uses of Genetic Engineering. By the Conferences end, the United Nations has banned the engineering of diseases, but is deadlocked on the engineering of Macro-Organic lifeforms.
  • France, the United Kingdom and Germany announce their plans to create Moreau and Frankenstein workers for highly dangerous situations.


  • Japan announces its intention to produce Frankensteins for their army. This news increases tension between Japan and China.
  • Mexico announces their plans to produce Moreau soldiers for their armies.


  • An Iranian bomber drops a nuclear bomb on the city of Jerusalem. This sparks the beginning of the Second Gulf War.
  • Several Iranian Moreau and Frankenstein soldiers desert the battlefield and journey into the United States of America.
  • President Chelsea Clinton signs the 29th Amendment into law, which prohibits the use of macro genetic engineering in America and grants basic rights to Moreau citizens.



  • After years of turmoil, the Conservative Party takes control of the government of the United Kingdom.