• The Minsk Accords are signed in Belarus. A demilitarized zone is established in Occupied Ukraine and provisions of the September Ceasefire are enforced.
  • Boris Nemtsov is killed by what is believed to have been a Chechen Assassin
  • China continues to build artificial reefs on a disputed Island
  • Benjamin Netanyahu is re-elected Prime Minister of Israel and his party forms a coalition government in Parliament after claiming he will never allow the formation of a Palestinian State.
  • David Cameron and the Conservatives are re-elected in the British Parliament, the Scottish National Party gains almost every seat in the Scottish Assembly in Glasgow.
  • Finland and Sweden parttake in NATO exercises in the Arctic and Baltic Seas
  • Russia accuses Ukraine of violating ceasefire provisions after an incident in Donetsk
  • Barack Obama vetoes more laws than any other President in U.S. History


  • Odessa falls to Russia as the country continues to make gains in Ukraine
  • The Ukrainian Rump-State is forced to agree to terms of surrender, requests NATO membership
  • China threatens to destroy Taiwan, if the United States gets involved
  • The CSTO and Shanghai Pact are merged, Pakistan leaves the organization
  • President Obama calls for the calming of tensions as the war in Ukraine and showdown in China escalates
  • Russia vows to defend China at all costs
  • The U.S. begins building up its nuclear arsenal, tightening control over the borders
  • Iran and Israel sign a Pact of Friendship, but deal is vetoed in Israel and Iran.
  • Hasan Rouhani is assassinated by a rogue gunman, U.S. calls actions "provocative."
  • ISIS Falls, but a bigger war is brewing...
  • Jeb Bush remarks that Russia's downfall will come from it's imperialistic ambitions, resulting in the placing of Missiles on alert
  • Rand Paul calls for peace in the Middle East, America's isolation
  • the 45th President is elected


  • Invasion of Iran: Israel begins knocking out strategic targets and invades Iran by land, sea and air.
  • China invades Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and the United States respond, North Korea invades the South and Russia reinforces them.
  • Russia begins an incursion into Poland, Baltics fall within minutes
  • Taiwan is incinerated by Chinese ships and bombs
  • The President is moved to his remote command post above Maryland, the Military controls the situation from this point on
  • Congress is evacuated from the white house, a nuclear strike is imminent
  • NATO fires tactical warheads over Russian ships, Minsk is destroyed, Russia responds with the destruction of Warsaw
  • China launches two nuclear warheads over Tokyo and another city, destroyed within minutes
  • North Korea destroys Seoul, U.S. Bombs Pyongyang
  • Pakistan fires a nuclear warhead at India, The two begin an exchange of weapons
  • Russia responds by destroying Rome, the U.S. orders the destruction of Moscow and Volgograd
  • Russia launches its first ICBM's, the U.S. responds, New York is destroyed and so is Leningrad. Moscow is taken out and so is Andrews AFB and Washington
  • NATO and Russia begin a massive nuclear exchange, nearly 300 Megatons are exchanged within five hours, over 1500 total, the world is decimated
  • In over a month, 2.3 Billion people have died, either from the nuclear exchange or from the war itself. Fallout leads to increased cancer rates and about a Million more deaths over six months.


  • Communists take charge in Russia, New York forms the New Republic, several other postwar countries are established.

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