• May 30: North Korea makes another threat to the United States that if they do not get 1 trillion dollars, thy shall invade "False Korea", and Japan. The United States does not care, saying that they wouldn't dare.
  • May 31: North Korea invades South Korea, dragging The United States into the Second Korean War. China does not support North Korea, as they started it. They do however arm the border for if US forces cross the NK-Chinese border as does Russia.
  • June 1: The Battle of Pyongyang begins as North Korean forces are getting pushed back by the however smaller, but very highly trained South Korean forces. 5,000 US Army Rangers and 6,000 Marine First Responders arrive to help South Korean Forces. Kim Jong Un is evacuated from Pyongyang to an underground bunker 5 miles from the North Korean-Russian border. The Zika Virus is diagnosed in Sonora, making The United States issues a warning to all border states.
  • June 2: Bosnia and Herzigovina joins The EU. Serbia declares war on The EU, giving the reason of not Bosnia and Herzegovina will provide an invasion method of Serbia. The UK's refferendum to leave the EU fails, with only 16% of citizens wanting to leave. Iran tests a nuclear weapon, causing great controversy. South Africa backs out of the Non-Nuclear Poliferation Treaty as tensions are rising, and they do not want to be caught in the middle of World War 3 without some deterent of invasion.
  • June 3: North Korea surrenders as they found Kim Jong Un's bunker, and bombed it to rubble, killing Kim Jong Un. The treaty went as follows:
  1. Korea is to be re-unified under one government based in Seoul.
  2. North Korea's Nuclear stockpile is to be transfered to South Korean control.
  • June 4: Armenia declares war on Azerbajan, which is supported by Georgia.
  • June 5: Kazakhstan declares war on Uzbekistan
  • June 6: Armenia is losing the war against Azerbajan, so Armenia convinces Russia to intervene, Uzbekistan convinces Kyrgyzistan to join on it's side against Kazakhstan.
  • June 7: Georgia falls to Russian forces.
  • June 8: Kazakh forces take Uzbekistan. Tajikstan joins the war on Kyrgyzstan's side. Turkey declares war on Syria and ISIS. The Zika virus spreads to Texas. US intelligence reports that Mexico released infected mosquitos to the border. This causes the Second Mexican-American war.
  • June 9: The Transcaucasian war is over, with Armenia and Russia as the victors.
  1. Armenia is to annex Georgia and Azerbajan
  2. Armenia shall pay Russia 2 million US dollars as compensation for helping Armenia
  3. Armenia is to become The Transcaucasian Federation.
  • June 10: Baja California is under American control, and Kyrgyzistan and Tajikstan surrender
  1. Kyrgystan, Tajikstan, and Uzbekistan are to be annexed by Kazakhstan.

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