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  • Mars One spaceship arrives at Mars. First colony on Mars, Ares


  • The EU changes its constitution and becomes the EF


  • The Russian Civil War breaks out
  • The Chinese Civil War breaks out
  • The Great African War breaks out


  • The Russian Civil War ends


  • The Chinese Civil War ends


  • The Great African War ends


  • The World Government is created


  • TSA (Terran Space Agency) successfully launches its first warp drive probe from Earth to Jupiter.
  • Another probe is sent to a light year from Earth and it comes back successfully.
  • A probe is sent to Alpha Centauri and it takes the first photos from another star. The probe doesn't come back.


  • The first manned flight with warp drive is made. Mattia Lazzari and Lydia Johnson arrive to Tau Ceti
  • The first extra-solar colony is founded on Tau Ceti e