NOTE: The writing in this page does not necessarily reflect my views.


  • 20th November: In Ferguson, USA Martial Law is put in place an several houses are raided without warrants. Over 29 people are injured and 12 die. The local media is censored and the events only stretch as far as rumours
  • 27th November: A peace agreement is established in Ukraine. Ukraine joins the EU and loses a few Provinces to Russia.
  • HAARP continues to operate, even though it was promised to be shut down in late 2014.
  • 22nd December: Immigration Reform in the USA makes it easier for illegal immigrants to come legally to the USA.


  • 6th January: A vaccination Programme in France leaves over 50,000 people sterile, the controversy is blamed on lone wolf terrorism for contaminating the Supply.
    NWO unions

    The European Union and the Eurasian Economic Union

  • 19th January: The Eurasian Economic Union is founded, It functions like the EU.
  • 12th February: An unofficial Catalonia Independence Referendum takes place and they vote for Independence, It is not recognized.
  • 28th April: Monsanto and Starbucks begin serving cookies and Muffins containing GMO ingredients.
  • 2nd June: Iceland joins the EU.
  • 8th June: The Electrical grid connection between Mexico and the USA is completed.
  • 21st September: Gun restrictions are put in place for urban areas in the USA.
  • 2nd October: An expected large anti-Globalization Protest in London receives zero attention in the news and internet browsers fail to load when it is searched online.

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