This timeline skips from 2012 to when the attacks occur during the Third Recession, or Depression of 2038. The Anarchist Militia attacks on Washington.


  • Wall Street collapses, and the Third Recession occurs. (1st: 1930s, 2nd: 2008)
  • The Communists, and Anarchists attack the US government.
  • Greece's government is now Anarchist Greece.
  • The Chinese government's weapons' are taken by the Anarchists and soon the president is executed by the leader of the Revolutionary Anarcho-Communist Army, Bai Lin Jiang.
  • United Kingdom is taken control by totalitarian leader, Stanley Abram Wright and renamed the British Federation.
  • Iranian supreme leader is killed by United States army.
  • Russia becomes an anarchy.
  • India becomes an anarchy.


  • Washington Territory, an anarchist society declares themselves an anarcho-syndicalist community.
  • Houston Free State declares anarcho-communist government.
  • Germany declares anarchy.
  • Saudi Arabia declares anarchy.
  • Iran declares anarchy.


  • Anarchists protest the government of Afghanistan. They start burning Taliban flags, and planting bombs on Taliban headquarters. Taliban retaliates by raiding anarchist houses.
  • Australia breaks away from UK, after the Australian Independence Army defeated the UK troops. They become the Republic of Australia.
  • All of Eastern Asia is an anarchy.
  • All of the Western Hemisphere is an anarchy, except for the United Kingdom.
  • Communists take control of the Southern African Empire. King Maarten is ousted. Commanded by Marius Van Zyl. He took control of South Africa, and renamed it Marvanzil.
  • Marvanzil's economy recovers from the 2036 recession.

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