Welcome to the official timeline for the Terra Futura project!



  • Jodi Arias is found guilty of murdering her boyfriend Travis Alexander and is sentenced to death.
  • The PlayStation 4 is released.


  • 03-07: An internet hoax is created in which a fake Facebook profile apparently belonging to wanted fugitive Christopher Dorner posts several ominous messages claiming that he is "invincible" and "will continue to seek his revenge". However, this profile is found to be fake by Facebook administrators and is shut down. 


  • 09: Following more disturbing reports of war veterans becoming homeless, the Homeless Veterans Alliance is founded. 


  • 20: North Korea announces plans of yet another nuclear missile test.



  • RFID chips are considered "mandatory" via Bill HR.572, an addendum to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. 
  • Voter turnout is predicted to be 11% lower in the 2016 national election.


  • 17: Iran continues to boast its soon-to-be nuclear status.


  • 15: google glass becomes avalable


  • 06: Indiana passes a controversial gun control legislation which effectively bans high-capacity magazines for assault rifles. Protests mount in Indianapolis following this, with many saying that the legislation violates the second amendment of the Constitution. 

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