• Following the establishment of a UN no fly zone and many Egyptian soldiers coming to aid Libyan protesters, Gaddafi's regime is toppled with the capture of Tripoli.
    • A transitional government is established in Libya.
  • Protesters in Iran manage to topple Ahmadinejad, and instate Mir-Hossein Mousavi as president of Iran.


  • Smart glasses begin to enter the market, with technologies that allow the glasses to identify locations by their positions and data linked with them, as well as some information coming from routers inside the buildings.
  • New technologies in nuclear energy are developed, including safer breeder plants. Some countries, such as France and the UK, begin planning new plants.


  • US combat forces in Afghanistan pull out after a large attack on Taliban strongholds, leaving the organization wrecked. Noncombat forces stay to train Afghani troops and establish a government.
  • Cartels from Mexico start creeping into the United States. This would eventually spark the Cartel War in 2015.


  • Virtual reality begins to make a comeback.
  • New facial recognition software in computers results in a more secure alternative to passwords.

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