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This is a simple Timeline for the events of RickUniverse


  • The 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro has canceled due to an epidemic disease
  • More 720.000 refugees entered in Europe, and Far-Right political parties rises
  • The Venezuelan president establishes a Dictatorship, and Political Parties are outlawed (May)
  • A Spanish plane with 156 passengers crashed in Cairo, Egypt. Nobody survives. (April)
  • Trump is elected as President in the United States of America (November)
  • Civil War starts in Brazil (June)
  • Lesotho is invaded by South Africa (August)
  • a Coup d'etat (June)
  • Spain and Iceland legalizes Gay Marriage (May and December)
  • Linux OS becomes more popular among the 'common user'


  • North Korea suffers a record rate of suicides
  • After other terrorist attack and a massive wave of Immigrants, France leave the EU (October)
  • The entire Microsoft database is hacked and their data stolen. Near 400 hackers were involved in the act (January)
  • Israel bombs Palestine, killing 7000 civilians. Pro-Palestine states accuses Israeli president of War Crimes  (May)
  • A cure for Cancer is released for the first time (July)
  • Turkey invades Syria. A direct confrontation with ISIS starts (April)
  •  Ambiental disaster with oIl in Australia shocks the World (September)
  • Russia "accidentally" bombed Turkey military base in Syria (September)
  • Russia starts a war against Turkey, and NATO did not helped Turkey (October)
  • Turkey leaves NATO (October)
  • Ebola hits India
  • Zika Virus hits Australia, New Zealand, Italy and Algeria
  • USA Anti-Islam laws is approved (March)
  • Trump tries to ban Anime and Pornography


  • The Civil War in Brazil gains the International War status. Venezuela enters in Civil War (February and March)
  • Portugal wins the 2018 World Cup in Russia
  • Impeachment process of Trump begins (April)
  • Croatia sank 6 refugees boats. The entire world condemned their actions
  • Germany legalizes Cannabis (February)
  • South Africa enters in Economic Depression (March)
  • Israel is attacked by ISIS. Iraq enters in Total Anarchy (August)
  • The ban of Anime and Pornography is rejected in the USA (November)
  • Vaccines against Zika has released


  • Playstation 5 is released (June)
  • Xbox Elite is released (June)
  • Windows Gold, a major update for Windows 10, is released (September)
  • USA invades Venezuela and the Brazilian Amazon forest (January)
  • Venezuela bombed ships at Puerto Rico (January)
  • Russia changed their plans, and then nuked Aleppo. They invades Syria (July)
  • Ebola ends in India, after killing 4200 people (December)
  • Israel invades Palestine. They gain support of the United States (May)
  • Donald Trump suffered impeachment (October)
  • Anti-Islam laws in USA are banned and declared Unconstitutional (September)
  • South Korea attacked North Korean soldiers in the border. A War Starts (September)


  • North Korea capital is nuked by the USA. North Korea surrenders (February)
  • The Chinese Capitalist Revolution starts (January)
  • Since the begin of the war, Turkey has losed half of their territory to Russia (January)
  • Israeli president goes to International Court after the Palestine Invasion (December)
  • The Brazilian capital is bombed by the American Air Force (May)
  • Far-Right politicians started a Racial Segregation and Dictatorship in France (April)
  • Canada suffers with waves of refugees (March)
  • Flexible phones are released (July)
  • ISIS killed 1026 people in five successive terrorist act in Indonesia (June-July)
  • Hillary is elected as President of the USA (November)


  • The president of Israel has declared as innocent
  • BRICS help Brazil against the rebels and the American Coalition in the International War
  • Syria is conquered by Russia
  • Bosnia joined Croatia. They created the Balkan Union
  • After a "Political Joke", tensions between Italy and Albania has grown up
  • Japan has give support to the Chinese Capitalist Revolutionaries
  • India implemented the One Child Policy
  • Four states of the USA legalized Cannabis
  • Haiti has the first Democratic election in years
  • Linux become much more popular



  • USA uses the first "Fully-Armoured" soldiers in combat (March)
  • Russia invades Rio de Janeiro, after the collapse of the Brazilian Government (November)
  • Terrorists managed to use three drones in Germany to kill civilians in the New Year celebration. 103 died (December)
  • The World Cup in Qatar has canceled after a bombing made by ISIS in the First match.
  • Germany legalized Gay Marriage (November)
  • Cuba has the first Democratic elections ever. A right-wing politician wins (October)


  • Korea is fully unified (February)
  • Colombia invaded Venezuela (March)
  • An Earthquake of 7.5 points occurred in California, USA (August)
  • UK leaved the EU (April)
  • A Drought in Central Africa killed millions and make a record


  • Peace Treaty between Brazil and South Brazil has assigned (January)
  • The Businessman Diego Asuncion is elected as President of the United States, being the first Hispanic President of USA (November)
  • A terrorist shootout in Times Square killed 65 (July)
  • Argentina invades the Falklands Islands (December)
  • Uk drop bombs in Argentinean ports
  • The Apple Supreme Macintosh has released


  • In Canada, Far-Right politicians follow the example of France, and banned Interracial Marriage and Islam (April)
  • Russia bombed American bases in Center-West Brazil (January)
  • Russia withdrew from Rio de Janeiro (April)
  • The Chinese revolution ends (September)
  • The UK-Argentina war ends (March)


  • USA wins the 2026 Korea World Cup
  • Revolutions against the Dictatorship in France has started (August)
  • The French dictator has killed (December)


  • Slovenia, Albania, Serbia and Montenegro joined the Balkan Union, with the support of Russia (June)
  • The UN condemns France, Balkan Union and Canada for Crimes against Humanity (March)
  • The Brazilian International War ends, with a victory for the Southern Rebels (February)
  • The Canadian far-right dictator has died of Cancer (May)
  • Korea put a embargo on Indonesia after political tensions between the presidents of both countries (One Pro-USA, the other Pro-Russia) (August)
  • Microsoft announced that the XBOX died (July)
  • Playstation Ultimate is released (September)


  • Venezuela government entered in collapse (November)
  • Diego Assuncion is re-elected as President of the USA (November)
  • Turkey becomes a "Russian puppet" (September)
  • Brazil bans divorce, except for some cases (June)
  • Windows Final Edition has released (December)


  • USA leaves Bolivia and Paraguay (July)
  • Google goes bankrupt and were sold to Microsoft (October)
  • Apple buys YouTube, and the Virtual Wars started (October)
  • Many musics from the 40's and early 50's falls under public domain
  • The Balkan Union destroys Greek economy with military maneuvers (August)
  • France has democratic elections (November)


  • A Far-right politician is elected as the German Prime Minister and banned Islam (October)
  • South Africa conquers Swaziland (February)
  • Brazil invades Uruguay (December)
  • Canada has democratic elections (November)
  • The Pope suffered an assassination attempt, but survived (April)
  • The last Grand Theft Auto game is released, and the game has been considered the best of all until 2107 (July)