• 1 - United States and Philippines simulates an amphibious landing with 4,500 US Marines and 2,500 Philippine troops landing at Ulugan Bay on Palawan Island.
  • 2 - Yang Jiechi, the Foriegn Minister of the People's Republic of China, condems the United States and the Philippines for trying to surround and isolate China from the world.
  • 3 - United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton condems China for "trying" to halt US operations in the area, and that the US will retaliate with force if China attempts to enforce its claim.
  • 4 - The USS Abraham Lincoln is redesignated from the Persian Gulf to the South China Sea to protect the Philippines from Chinese aggression.
  • 5 - Iran and China form an alliance, called the Tehran Pact, but most countries refer to it as the Anti-American Pact.
  • 6 - The United States, Brazil, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Israel form the Paris Pact, to help combat the Chinese and Iranian influence.
  • 7 - Cuba joins the Tehran Pact, Guantanmo Bay has an increase in garrison to protect it from the Cubans.

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