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From the authors of Lunar State: This scenario is heavily inspired by Michael Mangual's book, Shattered Citadel. Neither the original author of Lunar State, Bobalugee1940, nor the current caretaker, DaneOfScandinavy, own the rights of the book and its content. Despite drawing inspiration from Shattered Citadel, the authors of this scenario have attempted to make it as different from the book as possible.
From the author of Shattered Citadel: "As the longtime creator and developer of the Shattered Citadel Universe story line one of my many fans has brought this page to my attention and I must add a correction. Bobalugee1940 has used numerous original SC artwork and more then 60% of my stories WW III timeline. I am flattered that he has done this, but as the original author and creator of this artwork and story I implore you to check out my website, join my Facebook page, and check out my amazing Youtube videos set in WW III. - Michael Mangual"
From the Islamic Community in this website: I would like to apologise that i deleted some of your pages because treating we Muslims as idiots is racist. Those Muslim terrorists are in fact not Muslims at all and instead trying to act Islamic so they have a lot off support such as ISIS. The only true jihad campaign is Hamas and Fatah in Palestine. Jihad means to be better in anyway etc. education, medicine, safety than non-Muslims not war.

Early 21st CenturyEdit

  • 2012: Massive anti-war protests about the continuing wars around the globe, the massive debt to a foreign power, the rising price of gasoline, and the perceived incompetence of the government stiples the US

    Protesters in New York City

    economy as 780+ thousand people go on strike and protest those issues. Many cities such as Chicago, New York City, San Diego, Orlando, Jacksonville, Seattle, Baltimore, Richmond, etc. fall to massive city-wide riots after the rising price of gasoline, and hence pretty much everything else, causes many to be unable to feed themselves. The national guard is called in to many of the riots to quell the protestors.
Many rioting cities totally take control

US troops retaking Kansas City, Missouri

of their cities before the national guard can arrive. They often loot the local armories and for several days openly resist the national guard with armed resistance. The national guard though overwhelms the resistance and the last city to be liberated back to the United States, Orlando, is finally taken back after a thirty day siege.

US rebels destroy school in Richmond, Virginia

The locals often continue to resist the government for many months afterwards. The insurgents kill nearly 10,000 civilians and 2,900 soldiers after the official fighting is over.

During the course of the next six months 41,792 people were arrested for
Hanging 2

Johnathan Williams (right) and Robert Smith (left) hanging in Orlando, Florida

Treason Against the Government of the United States. All were convicted and 38,921 are sentenced to death by firing squad and 2,871 are sentenced to death by hanging.

The youngest to be sentenced is Christopher Smith, at the age of 15, and is executed by hanging.

The oldest to be sentenced is Herman Parks, at the age of 89, and is executed by firing squad.

Return to the Moon and War in the Near EastEdit

  • 2013 - 2014: The United States begins the Ares Rocket Program that Barack Obama has previously cancelled and begin planning a manned mission to the moon. The Ares Rocket makes its first launch on September 30th. Many more missions follow as they prepare for a moon landing. The Ares orbits the moon on January 3rd, 2014 and they make more missions to orbit the moon until the final moon orbit on December 12th, 2014.

Many other nations during this time do similar stunts, such as the People's Republic of China, India, Great Britain, Brazil, and Canada.

  • 2015: The United States lands on the moon for the first time since Apollo 17 in 1972 for a variety of reasons, the main one being to reassert its technological dominance and to show the world the "America is not down, and nor is it out". China follows suit and three weeks later lands on the moon. India, Great Britain, France, Canada, and Brazil land on the moon by the end of the year.
  • 2016-2020: The United States, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Panama, and Paraguay form the TransAmerican Space Agency. Japan, India, Israel, South Korea, Iraq, People's Republic of China, Taiwan, Mongolia, and the Philippines form the International Space Agency. The TASA and ISA quickly begin to land astronauts on the moon from many of the member nations. The European Space Agency is soon lagging behind in the space race and tensions between Taiwan and People's Republic of China continue to swelter and threaten to break apart the ISA.

The United States economy continues to slide as the second and third bailout fails miserably. The government then swears that they will never try an economic bailout again and allow the free market to do its job.

  • 2020: The Third Gulf War takes place in Iraq as Islamic radicals in 2020 overthrow the government and invades
    Iraq tank

    Iraqi troops in Saudi Arabia

    Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. They begin mass exterminations of Kurds, Christians, Jews, and any other non-Arab or non-Muslim. The United States, Canada, Mexico, Great Britain, Japan, Norway, Finland, Poland, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Iran, India, Israel, Germany, Brazil, Portugal, and Spain take part in the war. The Islamic State of Iraq is destroyed in little over seven months are able to push the Iraqis from the gates of Mecca to the streets of Baghdad and the nation's leaders
    Freedom Towers

    The Freedom Towers in their full grandeur.

    are captured and held on trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity. The Treaty of Baghdad is signed establishing Status quo Ante Bellum borders but that Iraq is under Coalition occupation until further notice.
  • September 11, 2021: The United States of America finally rebuilds the World Trade Center exactly 20 years after it was destroyed. The new WTC is named the Freedom Towers and is opened with great pomp and circumstance. At the grand re-opening many remember the sacrifices of 9/11/01.

The President and Speaker of the House attend the reopening along with the Prime Minister of India, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, the President of France, the President of Russia, the Prime Minister of Israel, the Governor-General of Canada, and the President of Mexico.

  • Lunar Colonization

    US astronauts establishing Eagle Base which grew into Eagle City

    December 2021: The TASA establishes Eagle Base on the Lunar north pole it is populated by three Americans, two Canadians, and one Brazilian. The ISA attempts to establish a base on the South Pole but it is destroyed after the generator explodes releasing all of the oxygen. One Mongolian, three Red Chinese and four Japanese die in the explosion.

Amtrak is privatized and breaks into 22 separate companies after Congress stops funding the constantly under budget company .

Creation of the Holy Islamic CaliphateEdit

  • 2022: In the middle east the Chinese sponsor the creation of a Muslim super-state. The Holy Islamic
    US Marine

    US Marines engage in irregular warfare against the HIC, much like the enemy they used to fight in Afghanistan and Iraq

    Caliphate is
    Muslim Parade

    Celebrations of the uniting of Islam under one banner.

    established consisting of every major Muslim nation in the Middle East and Africa besides Iraq which is still occupied the Coalition. The HIC invades Iraq and the Coalition forces mostly abandon the Iraqis to their fate. The only ones whom stay and fight are the Americans and Israelis. Brutal fighting takes place in nearly every place in Iraq 'that a man can drag a gun'.
The Holy Islamic Caliphate crowns Abdul al-Muhammed as the "Grand Caliph of all Islam". He
Holy Islamic Caliphate

map of the Holy Islamic Caliphate upon its inception

claims to be descended from Muhammed himself, though many Shiites have their doubts.
  • Early 2023: The ESA establishes the base New Normandie on the site of the former ISA established base on the South Pole. They reuse many of the destroyed parts to cut down on the cost. The ISA publicly chastises the ESA for reusing the destroyed base. The TASA remains neutral over the affair and continues to build Eagle Base. The ISA try again to found a base on the moon but fail to do so as the ship overshoots the moon and is forced to abandon the mission and return home. After three more tries the ISA finally establishes a base near the equator of the moon on the close side, the base is populated by two South Koreans, three Taiwanese, one Chinese, and four Japanese.

New Great DepressionEdit

  • Late 2023: The DOW drops 3000 points after the Chinese stop accepting to trade the USD. The stock market crashes soon afterwards forcing large cuts to every sector US government. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and all experimental projects for the military are cut from the US government, this helps the economy tremendously but the damage is still done and food lines become a common site along with the homeless and destitute. Unemployment reaches 20%. Obesity drops by nearly 80%.
    Brit Paper Prez fails

    Fall of Iraq

The Americans are forced to withdraw from Iraq and abandon them to the HIC. The Israelis are also soon forced to leave the nation but swear that they will return. The HIC annexes Iraq thirteen days later.

The United States begins to withdraw troops from various stations world wide back to America. Over 80,000 troops are brought home and denied re-enlistment, essentially, laid off.

GI Bad
The American military is soon reduced by nearly half of its former numbers. Over 30 US warships, including three carriers, are sold for scrap. The US military also begins to issue out older weapons such as the M16 and the LAW to troops in an effort to save money. The US Air Force is forced to rid itself of over half of its B-52 force, seventeen F-22s, and twenty B-2s. The US Marine Corps gets rid of most of its helicopters and other aircraft. The US military is severely weakened and is now no longer a world power. This place has been filled by China.
Pact of Hegemony

Chairman Zhou and Caliph Abdul al-Muhammed going to sign the Pact of Hegemony

The People's Republic of China and the Holy Islamic Caliphate sign the Pact of Hegemony in Beijing.

The Chinese Army, along with the Caliphate Army begin to take the place of the United States in many unstable regions of the globe. Chinese and Muslim bases are established in the Congo, Liberia, Somalia, Ethiopia, Serbia, Bosnia, and so forth.

Many places around the world, especially in the capitalist countries, the effects of the Great Depression is quickly felt as prices world wide sky-rocket. Places such as France, Great Britain, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, South Korea, Japan, etc. experience riots as the demand for food, gasoline, work, and fewer taxes cripple their governments.

Eagle Base reaches a population of 101 people. The ISA base is finally named New Tokyo, their population reaches 79. New Normandie reaches a population of 134.

Mongolia begins production of heavy tactical nuclear weapons.

  • 2024: The United States passes the Balanced Budget Amendment and begin to pay off their debt to China of nearly 19 trillion dollars. The Chinese begin to be worried by their loss of an ace card in the American theater and begin to amass their military for a military invasion of America.

President Hartford is elected President of America and immediately begins to put forth economic reform bills to the Congress. These seem to be helping by allowing the free market to do its job. Unemployment falls to 18%.

The People's Republic of China invades the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, they quickly take control of the nation but they do not account for the Vietnamese resistance. But the People's Republic of China controls the majority of the urban areas with the resistance being relegated to the rural areas. The United States of America, the Russian Federation, the Republic of France, Canada, the Republic of Ireland, and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland protest the annexation but they do little else. Many educated begin to be worried about war as they look back at Hitler's annexation of Czechoslovakia, and Austria.

Special Note: As the longtime creator and developer of the Shattered Citadel Universe story line one of my many fans has brought this page to my attention and I must add a correction. Bobalugee1940 has used numerous original SC artwork and more then 60% of my stories WW III timeline. I am flattered that he has done this, but as the original author and creator of this artwork and story I implore you to check out my website, join my Facebook page, and check out my amazing Youtube videos set in WW III. - Michael Mangual
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World War IIIEdit

Sino-Pacific WarEdit

  • Hegemony World Map

    The map agreed upon by the PRC and HIC

    January-March 2025: The HIC and the PRC create Plan: Green Dragon which details how the Holy Islamic Caliphate and the People's Republic of China would divide the world between them and plans on how to do just that.

The Chinese then began to pool their forces around Taiwan, prompting the Americans to do so as well to protect their ally.

  • March 8 2025: The
    Sino-American War

    beginning of the Sino-American War

    Chinese launch the invasion of Taiwan, the American Forces surrounding and on Taiwan are destroyed by the Chinese forces. The Pacific Fleet is entirely destroyed, with those surviving the massive sea battle ferrying thousands back to California and Hawaii. The Chinese secure the island by 2300 hours.
  • March 9 2025: On the day after the invasion the US Congress declares war on the People's Republic of China and the Holy Islamic Caliphate. President Hartford and Congress quickly institutes a draft of all males 18-40 and all females 20-25. The Congress passed the Equally in the Armed Services Bill within three hours of passing the conscription, this allowed women to be in direct combat positions.
  • March 10 - March 19 2025: The Chinese begin to ferry 127,900 troops to Vietnam and Taiwan for the
    EU Vote
    invasion of the Philippines.
  • March 11 2025: The European Union votes to not join in the fight against the Chinese. Many foreign volunteers come into America from France, Great Britain and Poland.
  • March 12 2025: The International Space Agency is disintegrated.
  • March 16 2025: The US Navy gathers together what forces it can in the Pacific and engages the Chinese navy off of the coast of the New Ireland.
USS Shoup (DDG-86), USS Spruance
Post new ireland
(DDG-111), USS Ralph Johnson (DDG-114), the USS Mexico City (CVL-54), the USS Samuel B. Roberts (FFG-58), and the USS Robert G. Bradley (FFG-49) attack the Chinese carrier the Hammer of the People along with its cruiser and destroyer escorts. The US ships destroy the majority of the battle group, but the carrier escapes.

The ships involved in the battle are organized into Battle Group 7.

  • March 19 - March 29 2025: The PLA then quickly attacks the Philippines and meet brutal resistance from the US Military. The Chinese though are able to over run the Philippines in a quick island hopping campaign. The USA swears that "We Will Return"
  • March 29 2025: Battle group 7 along with the Philippine Navy helps evacuate the Philippines from the islands to America, the Chinese Navy and the USN clash several times during the event but Battle group 7 stops the Chinese from destroying the evacuation ships.
    Post Philippines
  • April 1 - April 5 2025: The PLA then attacks the Solomon Islands and quickly takes control of the island chain. The Chinese and the main American force engages each other on New Ireland, the PLA wholey destroys the American forces.
  • April 3 2025: The Chinese then invade American Samoa and Samoa after only 12 hours of battle American Samoa falls to the PLA. After 17 hours Samoa is captured.
  • April 10 2025: Chinese troops attack the island of Guam and experience fierce resistance from the
    Post guam
    American defenders and experience, for the first time, a defeat in the war. The Chinese are pushed off of Guam by the end of the day.
  • April 11 2025: The Chinese launch a second attack on Guam. They use their formidable naval aircraft capacity against the Americans to great effect. They kill all American defenders on the island. The PLA loses nearly 32,000 troops, the highest amount in the war in one battle thus far.
  • April 16 2025: The Chinese then attack Midway island and Wake Island. They quickly take control of both islands after a massive battle takes place with Americans fight to the last man. Over three thousand Chinese are killed and over nine thousand Americans are killed.
  • April 10 - April 17 2025: The Chinese then invade New Zealand. Australia declares war on China as soon as the first Chinese ships hit
    Post Fall of NZ
    New Zealand shores. The Chinese, though, still attack New Zealand and after a two week long campaign take control of the islands. The Australian Navy then engages the Chinese off of New Zealand, they are entirely annihilated leaving Australia open to invasion.

In response the Australians issue a draft and all males 16-49 and all females 16-21 are drafted into the army to protect Australia. The Chinese, though, instead of attacking the open Aussies instead encircle the island and form a nearly air-tight blockade. Starvation and disease becomes rampant.

Post Hawaii

Fall of Hawaii

Twelve hours after the surrender of New Zealand the Chinese launch an invasion of Hawaii from Midway Island and within 20 hours take control of the main islands. US Marines continue to resist them farther up the archipelago.
  • April 17 - April 30 2025: The Chinese begin to shift their forces from areas within the mainland onto the borders of China. Over 342,000 troops are moved from areas around Xi'an and the interior.
  • May 2025: Seeing that the Americans are currently a non-threat the Chinese launch a massive invasion of the rest of East Asia pushing the South East Asian armies out of the way like harmless fleas.
    Red Chinese Invasion

    Map of the Chinese invasion

In the north the Chinese Army initiates a massive land invasion of North Korea and after a series of bloody battles capture and kill their 'Great Leader' Kim Jon-Un, they then pushed into South Korea and batted aside the US led army. With most of East Asia under their command they then launched a massive sea invasion of Japan and quickly destroyed Japanese Self Defence Force in Southern Japan and were soon on the gates of Tokyo.

Invasion of India

The Invasion of India

In the south west of China the Red Army of China launches a massive assault on the Republic of India and was met with a fierce resistance by not only the army but the citizens were also a detrimental part in the stopping of the Chinese near the Bangladesh border.

The Chinese, in the north, invade Mongolia. The Mongolians fiercely resist the Chinese advance and are able to stop the small force mustered against them of 10,000 men. The Mongolians soon halt the Chinese into a stand still with the liberal use of nuclear warheads. The Mongolian Army attacks the Chinese but they fail to make much movement. The Mongolians and Chinese fight each other to a stand-still.

  • June 2025: The Chinese capture northern Japan and surround Tokyo. After a three week bombardment the Chinese are able to break through the Japanese lines and burn the city. The Emperor successfully escapes to the Aleutian Islands and is granted sanctuary. He is then moved to Alexandria, Virginia.

On the Indian Front the Chinese become bogged down as it becomes a war of attrition. To overcome this the Red Army launches several tactical nuclear weapons at the Indian lines and break through and push into the large plains of northern India. New Delhi is captured but by the time the Chinese enter the city it is totally abandoned with most of the population moved to the new capital of Jaipur. The Chinese Chairman forbids the further use of tactical nuclear weapons without his express consent but does allow chemical weapons to be used.

Invasion USAEdit

  • 30 JUN 2025: the PRC temporarily disabled the United States missile defense system, communication systems, banking
    Post NUKE
    systems, computer networks, energy grid, transportation networks, and internet by launching a massive cyber attack hours prior to the invasion. Cyber attacks were a normal occurrence for the United States, but this cyber attack targeted missile defense systems and US central command did not realize this until the first nuclear strike wiped out a dozen cities.

USS Maryland (SSBN-738) launching a Trident class nuclear missile

The Americans reload their anti-missile software and proceeded to destroy almost 17 Chinese nuclear missiles before the attack stopped, this saved dozens of cities including New York City and Philadelphia. The US missile defense system recovered and the PRC was forced to abandon its nuclear dreams, unfortunately 143 nuclear missiles destroyed 26 American cities including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Kansas City, San Antonio, Seattle, Washington D.C., Orlando, Jacksonville, etc. The United States retaliated with 2000+ missiles killing millions of Chinese, but the PRC had already evacuated their major cities in anticipation of the counter-strike.
  • California invasion

    invasion of California

    01 JUL 2025: within hours of the nuclear exchange, PRC Forces from Hawaii rapidly crossed the Pacific Ocean and landed 9+ million
    Chinese invasion

    Hong Kong Newspaper

    troops in the irradiated ruins of California. The PRC forces engaged a hastily assembled force of US Marine recruits from San Diego BMT and local law enforcement. The PRC forces overwhelmed the US force within a few hours. This US Force although outgunned and ill equipped to survive in a nuclear fallout environment delayed the PRC invasion force long enough
    Time nuke
    for the US National Guards and state militias to assemble and prepare a line of defense.
    A War Effort

The US government relocates to the City of New York. The Congress uses the Freedom Towers as the new Capital Building. The Congress, in joint-session, along with the President, orders nation wide state-of-emergency.

The United Mexican States and the Dominion of Canada declare war on the Hegemony to avenge the deaths of the hundreds of thousands of their citizens and their citizen's families to the nuclear destruction.

  • 02 JUL 2025: the National Guards and the militias of New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada launched a suicidal counter-attack on the PRC invasion force in an attempt to allow the United States Military to evacuate civilians to the eastern seaboard and fortify a line of defense in the Rocky Mountains.
    TOW in the Mountains

    TOW Missile in the Rockies

  • 04 JUL 2025: Nuclear Winter begins as the ash from the explosions begin to block out the sun's life nourishing rays.
Many hundreds of thousands world-wide are shocked to see snow,
Nuke Survivor

A Jacksonville survivor of the nuclear holocaust near the Atlanta Nuclear Fallout Shelter

most often black from the ash, fall in their cities in the middle of summer. Temperatures drop by nearly 10 degrees in many areas and much colder in areas nearer the blast. In Seattle the temperature is nearly -3 degrees Fahrenheit. Even in warm areas of the world snow and sleet fall. From Florida to Brazil to Ethiopia the weather falls enough to allow snow to fall.
  • 10 JUL 2025: The Catholic Church, along with many other churches and the American government set up thousands of small nuclear fallout shelters and camps for those who survived the attacks.
  • 15 JUL 2025: the PRC invasion force reaches 12+ million soldiers and crush the US counter-attack. The
    Post Mississippi

    The Mississippi Line

    PRC invasion force reaches the Rocky Mountain Defensive Line. Guardsmen and militia from all over the United States bitterly hold the Rocky Mountains, resulting in a massive loss of life on both sides. This second holding action gave the United States time to assemble a last line of defense along the
    USA Rocky

    The Rocky Mountain Line

    eastern banks of the Mississippi River and rush US forces around the world back to the homeland for its defense.
  • 25 AUG 2025: the PRC invasion force reaches 14+ million soldiers and finally break through the Rocky Mountains and easily conquer the great plain states.
  • B2

    A B2 Spirit going to bomb Chinese positions.

    27 AUG 2025: the PRC invasion force reaches the Mississippi River Defensive Line and attempts to cross all along the rivers length. The United States with a couple months preparation time established a complex defensive line complete with bunkers, automated pillboxes, combat trenches and mine fields along the entire Mississippi River. The PRC attempt to cross the Mississippi resulted in massive Chinese casualties.
  • 02 SEP 2025: the PRC invasion force reaches 20+ million soldiers and a massive attack involving +5 million is launched on

    First Battle of Chicago

    the city of Chicago. Controlling Chicago would open a land path to bypass the Mississippi River Defensive Line since Chicago is between the river and the great lakes. Doing so would result in the ultimate destruction of the United States of America. The PRC invasion force engages the defenders of Chicago and fight US regular forces in large numbers (bolstered with conscripts) for the first time. The US defenders repel numerous attacks and the PRC invasion force reached within ten miles of the cities center.
  • 20 SEP 2025: the PRC invasion force exhausted from heavy losses inflicted (invasion force is down to 18 million) on them by the fanatical American defenders of the Mississippi River Defensive Line and Chicago decide to dig in and hold the territory they conquered. The second phase of the North American Campaign would begin, "The Long Attrition"
  • 22 SEP 2025: The Emergency War Law Act is passed by the remnants of Congress. This relaxes the requirements for the death penalty and puts a limit of one week on the execution thereof. The law also limits the amount of appeals able to be given and makes all crime's punishment more harsh. This act allows the government to focus solely on the war with every other issue going to the back burner.

Long AttritionEdit

  • 23 SEP 2025: Food rationing begins in the United States, fuel, rubber, electricity, natural gas, and most of the other "luxuries" are rationed.
  • 12 OCT 2025: The Chinese Army begins killing any and all protesters or resistance fighters. Over 17,000 are killed in a single day.
  • 19 OCT 2025: Americans attempt to break the Chinese line but fail to do so incurring heavy casualties. President Hartford forbids commanders to try to break the lines again.
  • WWIII China

    The People's Republic of China at its largest during WWIII

    20 OCT 2025: American resistance fighters team up with the Mexican Army and launch an offensive against the Chinese, it is quickly stopped.
  • 21 OCT 2025: Chinese soldiers exterminate all inhabitants in Las Angeles in retribution for the killing.
  • 25 OCT 2025: The USAF attempts to break the Chinese Air Force's strength over the Mississippi by attacking their bases. Unfortunately they gain nothing while losing over 23 fighters.
  • 26 OCT 2025: The Chinese attempt to go over the Mississippi by going around the Great Lakes but are stopped by the Canadian Army and American Army.
    Post gravitons
  • 27 OCT 2025: The FB-23 "Gray Ghost" is produced off of the previously failed YF-23. The FB-23 is used as a tactical stealth bomber and a fighter, though it is lacking in the latter. It carries a higher weapons payload than the F-22 and F-35, though slightly slower. This makes the FB-23 a perfect Fighter-Bomber.
  • 28 OCT 2025: The Large Hadron Collider discovers gravitons for the first time, the discovery comes as a small bit of light in the darkness of war.
  • 30 OCT 2025: The Chinese Army attempts to break through the United States lines but fails to do so once more incuring heavy casualties once more.
  • 1 NOV-25 DEC 2025: The Chinese continue to attempt to destroy the Americans but continuously fail to do so incurring heavy casualties. In India the Indians continued to resist the Chinese and they were all but unable to enter the highlands.
  • 26 DEC 2025: The Chinese launch a massive offensive near St. Louis. The American forces are able to hold back the 3+ million Chinese
    US soldiers

    US troops resting in the Mississippi Defensive Line

    attempting to destroy the Mississippi defensive line. The Chinese lose 702+ thousand men to devastating barrages from the American guns.
  • 2 JAN 2026- 13 APR 2027: The United States continues to hold back any of the numerous Chinese offensives. Because of the heavy bombardment being used by both sides shell shock becomes the number one problem in the trenches and defensive positions. 190+ thousand Americans are killed by the Chinese. 402+ thousand Chinese soldiers are killed by the Americans with double that number wounded.
The American reserves begin to be used up as the war turns to years. The US Congress signs a draft on
Desperate Times

(from right to left)13 year old, 14 year old, 16 year old, and a 19 year old American soldier in Chicago (note: picked up weapons off of fallen comrades)

January 12, 2027 to draft all males from 13-55 and all females 15-40. The ranks of the Americans quickly swell as the child-soldiers fill the banks of the Mississippi. They are often equipped with old weapons, as the Army never throws away working weapons. They are issued everything from M16A2's from the Vietnam War to M1903 Springfields from WWI and WWII.

The Chinese in India continuously make little to no headway in attacking the Indians with the occupied areas becoming Vietnam War like. 17+ thousand men are killed in a single week from Indian guerrillas.

The Chinese though continues to send troops to the American Front and the invasion/occupation force reaches 27+ million men, replacing all losses.

The Americans begin to conscript young women from 11-21 to become "mothers of the state" where they are forcibly impregnated to give birth to as many children as they can. These children, often twins or triplets because of genetic modification of the eggs, are immediately taken from their mothers and are sent to training facilities.

African HolocaustEdit

The HIC on August 20 deems the African race as "unholy and unclean creatures, deserving to be killed like animals at the slaughter." They begin to do just that with huge fire bombing

Muslim irregulars lining up Africans for the slaughter.

campaigns and thousands of soldiers pouring into every orifice of Africa and killing them. The only ones that are spared are the North Africans for their lighter skin colour. Most of the Congo is burning by the end of the year.


  • April 2027: The Holy Islamic Caliphate launches its long anticipated invasion of Israel. The Imperial Muslim Army attacks the entire Israeli Front as Muslims with-in the borders of Israel rise up against the Jews and the Christians. The Muslims soon break the defenses on the border and overwhelm the IDF. Almost two million Jews and Christians retreat from the Holy Land to Europe, they most settle into Central Europe where they vow to one day return to Israel and reclaim the Promised Land.
The Holy Islamic Caliphate then launches a massive invasion of the European continent with a 12+ million man army. The hordes of Muslim armies were bolstered by those whom were faithful in the invasion areas. As such in Europe
060804 israeli troops

Serbian and Jewish guerrillas about to attack Muslim soldiers.

the Balkans were captured after a single week and they soon pushed into Italy and Austria. The Italian army was soon over whelmed and forced on the retreat. The EU finally votes to join the war with America.

Indian InvasionEdit

The Caliphate invades India shortly after with a 9+ million man army and quickly begins to take large swaths of land in the east, they easily cross the massive rivers that protected the Indian continent from invaders for so many centuries. The Caliphate, though, like their Chinese allies, are not able to enter the huge highland mountains in the middle of the country. The Caliphate is soon forced into an attrition war in India.

European FrontEdit

The Israeli refugees in the Balkans fight a guerrilla war against the Caliphate, their former experience with the Caliphate allows them to wage an effective war against the Muslims. By the end of the week the Israeli guerrillas kill over 9279 soldiers.

The armies of the Balkans are quickly overwhelmed by the Caliphate's massive hordes. They swallow whole nations in a matter of hours.
Großdeutschen Korps

Großdeutschen Korps defending the ancient city of Rome from the Muslim hordes.

The Großdeutschen Korps is formed and accepts anyone between the ages of 16-50 into its ranks with the only requirements that they be in good physical shape and speak German fluently. Almost 17,000 people sign up in the first week. The Großdeutschen Korps is detrimental to the defence of Vienna from the Caliphate on April 23. The Großdeutschen Korps also assists in the defence of Italy from April 10-30 but are much less successful there.

Death of the Holy Father and of ItalyEdit

  • St. Peters Basilica

    The ruins of the St. Peter's Basilica

    April 10 2027 - April 30 2027: The HIC captures Sicily and moves up into Southern Italy they are soon at the gates of Rome. The Italian Army, Swiss Guard, and Großdeutschen Korps are overwhelmed by the over three million man army. Rome burns once more by a 'barbarian' force.

The Holy Father, Pope Francis I, is captured by the Caliphate and is killed. The College of Cardinals reconvene in Avignon, France. After the confirmation of the death of Pope Francis I, they begin the process of electing a new Pope.

  • May 2027: The HIC moves deeper into Italy and soon push into the Alps and capture the southern half of Switzerland with the northern half fiercely resisting. The Swiss, Germans, Czechs, and Italians set up the St. Gall Defensive Line against the Caliphate. They modeled it after the Mississippi Defensive Line in America and the Caliphate was effectively stopped in Central Europe, but only at great cost.
The HIC in the Balkans moves away from Vienna and instead enter Romania, they then swiftly capture the nation and enter Moldova and the
Russian Army

Russian Army troops attacking the Muslims in the Ukraine.

Ukraine. Russia now joins in the war and launches a massive counter offensive into occupied Ukraine and the 3+ million men armies collide and begin the largest land battle in human history. The Russians and Muslims are locked in combat by the end of the month.

Viva la America!Edit

  • June 2027: In South America the PRC attempts to find allies for one last great push over the Mississippi. They tell all the Latin American nations that "The time of the Norte Americanos has ended and soon the PRC shall destroy them under the heel of our boot. Those that wish to join the Pact of Hegemony, those that do not shall be crushed like the Norte Americanos and your language and people and culture shall become nothing more then a footnote in history, the Conquistadors shall pale in comparison."

Argentina and Venezuela are the only ones that joins the Hegemony. The PRC, HIC, Argentina, and Venezuela declare war on:

All the nations above joined America in the war and they entered what many called the Allies which included them, the USA, Canada, and all of Europe.

Venezuela quickly invades the Guianas but their relatively small army is bolstered by the Brazilian Army and the

Venezuelan Army invading Brazil.

Trinidad Army. The PRC sends 12,000,000 men to the Guianas to help their allies. The Guianas are soon one of the most bloody regions on Earth behind only the American Front and Euro Front.

Argentina invades Chile while the PRC sends 1+ million volunteers and conscripts into the nation from the sea. The nation is soon a mere footnote in history. The Argentine-Chinese Army invades Peru but they resist fanatically even to the point of copying Talibani tactics and using suicide bombers.

  • July 2027: In the American Front the US Army is bolstered with many volunteers from almost every nation in Latin America while Cuba is the only one whom sends actual army units, 90+ thousand men are sent to America from Latin America.
The Third Venezuelan Air Force Division, Tenth Venezuelan Air Force Division, and the First Naval Air Wing along with the aircraft carrier General Bolivar arrives in PRC controlled Seattle. The Venezuelan planes are then sent
Venezuela Air Force

Aircraft from Venezuela attacking the Mississippi Defensive Line

to the American Front. The planes are immediately sent up against the American Allies on the Mississippi. Most of them are unable to complete their missions because of the fierce AA batteries and USAF resistance.

The Argentinians invade Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay they quickly push aside and destroy the small armies of those backwater countries. With PRC support they push into Brazil and begin to drive up the coast. The USAF launches long distance bombers and slow the 4+ million man army advance. By the end of the month they are only 12 miles away from Rio de Janeiro.

The PRC continues to use mass attacks against the American line on the Mississippi but even with 80+ million men they are unable to break through Fortress America.

Ultimate Stalemate, 10 Years of WarfareEdit

  • Canadian Soldier

    A Canadian soldier engaging Chinese forces in Alberta

    March 2029-April 2039: The Allies and Hegemony continue to battle all across the globe with no end in sight. Millions, if not billions, die in the endless slaughter that lasts for years upon years.

Men whom were boys in the beginning of the war take up arms to achieve a peace they can not remember, nor are likely to ever see.

The Chinese and Americans continue to clash on the Mississippi. Over five million troops were lost on both sides as the two forces find themselves completely matched. Thirty-two assaults were made on Chicago during this time, ruining what was left of the once great city.

The Mississippi no longer runs blue

Mississippi River in Louisiana

as the blood from millions pollutes its water to a stinking cesspool of disease and death, its waters run a deep red.

The Caliphate and Europeans continue to clash over the now devastated land of South Europe. The Europeans and Muslims recruit young boys as young as eleven to help in the war effort as their adult reserves are almost entirely used up.

The Indians continue their fanatical resistance against both the Chinese and the Caliphate and totally deny them both from entering the highlands. Nearly 200 assaults were made against the Indian positions by both groups, but neither were able to break them.

US troops inside of a turret on the Mississippi Defensive Line

In South America the Chinese and Allies continue to defend and attack fanatically with nearly no results. Urban warfare is constant as the Brazilians continue to hold out in several cities deep within Hegemony lines. Nineteen more assaults are made on Rio de Janeiro, with no effect.

Geronimo ProgramEdit

  • May 2039: After over a decade of endless bloodshed, the United States of America begins Geronimo Program which aims to create weapons to win the war.

The Geronimo Program is centered in St.Augustine, Florida where the brightest minds in all of free America are conscripted into to begin the production of some of the most powerful weapons of war the world had (and hopefully ever) will see.

  • June 2039: The People's Liberation Army and the Venezuelan Army attempt to breakthrough Chicago but are once more denied access to the vital passage. The People's Liberation Army lands in the Panama and soon takes control of the canal. The People's Liberation Army Navy quickly carries roughly 1+ million troops through the canal in about twelve hours before the US President defies Panama's wishes and nukes the Panama Canal Zone destroying the vital waterway.
  • July 2039: The USS Florida (SSGN-728) and the USS Rhode Island (SSB-740) send coordinates of the Chinese ships to the US Navy. The USS Hayes and the USS Orlando are sent against the ships.

Within a few hours the USN is joined by the Cuban Navy and Mexican Navy. After twelve hours of hard fighting the Chinese ships are sunk with all-hands-on-deck. Only thirty three survive and are blindfolded and taken aboard the USS Hayes and held in the brig. They are dropped off at GITMO where they are ruthlessly tortured into giving information. All thirty three are killed by firing squad two weeks later.

  • August 2039: The Geronimo Project creates the High Velocity Kinetic Energy Round (HVKER). An 105mm version is able to pierce and destroy a M1A2 Abrams equipped with re-active armour. They then test the HVKER on the M2A2 Greene (current US main battle tank) and successfully pierce its armour as well. Then an accuracy test is done and finds that it is 96% more accurate than other artillery. They also create personal armor made of carbon nanotubes to protect from the HVKER in case of a misfire.
  • September 2039: The HVKER 105mm is first fitted with a sabot round for the more plentiful 105mm artillery. Later, they create a railgun to serve as the primary shooter for the HVKER.
    Spontaneous Combustion

    US missile being shot down by Chinese AA

Venezuelan troops attempt to enter Brazil from the north but are beaten back by a massive USAF strike.

  • October 2039: The HVKER begins to have an impact on the war as the round are more accurate and are able to destroy many Chinese guns and dug-in artillery pieces on the Mississippi. The result is a slow but noticeable slide in more American firepower overtaking their PLA counterparts.
  • November 2039: The population of Eagle Base reaches 2096 people. The population of New Tokyo reaches 3722 (mostly wealthy refugees), and New Normandie reaches a population of 1976 people.

The Geronimo Program begins testing the possibility of clone armies.

The PRC-USA power balance on the Mississippi continues to slide in favour of the Americans.

  • December 2039-June 2040: The Hegemony's power in the American Front continues to slide as American firepower begins to force the PLA into withdrawing its expensive equipment over fourteen miles away from the front to avoid the deadly American artillery. This causes a lapse of roughly 30-60 minutes for news from the front to arrive at the transmitters to contact Beijing due to the American and Chinese jamming of communications near the Mississippi.
    Taliban 1

    Muslim fighters in Spain

The Caliphate in Europe invades Spain via Barcelona and is soon advancing inland at a rapid pace. The Spanish nuclear weapons are used against the "Muslim horde" and destroys most of the forward units leaving only untrained conscripts in a 3 mile 'bubble' around Barcelona. The Spanish Army quickly grapples control away from the Muslims and recaptures the area, but only after incurring thousands of deaths.

The Allies in America begin gathering their forces for one final assault on the entirety of the Mississippi.

Liberation of the United States of AmericaEdit

  • 4 JUL 2040: The Allies launch a massive assault on the Mississippi front. The 15+ million man Allied army
    Post cross
    begins the largest (area-wise) battle to ever be waged on the face of the Earth. Over two million Allied troops die by midnight. 4+ million Hegemony die by midnight. The Allies are supported by air support and precision MLRS strikes.
  • 5 JUL 2040: The Allies liberate the western bank of the Mississippi by noon. The Hegemony forces realise their position is untenable and retreat. They kill every American they can find. Every home, town, city, and every man made thing is destroyed with extreme prejudice. 17+ million Americans in labour camps are killed by the end of this day.
  • 6 JUL 2040: The USMC and USAF launch a joint air attack on a major Hegemony retreat line. 37+ thousand troops are killed by the Allies. The USAF and USMC begin launching air strikes on Hegemony air bases. Almost 50% of the Hegemony's air force is destroyed on the ground because of the inability to get in the air fast enough. The two services begin waging an air-superiority battle over most of the North American continent.
  • 10 JUL 2040: The Geronimo Project successfully clone the first human from USMC Sergeant Faith-Anne Smythe. The clone begins to grow at a human rate and Sergeant Smythe is honourably discharged. The Geronimo Project soon begins testing the template taken from Sergeant Smythe to see if they can change the rate at which the clone would grow, they are mostly unsuccessful.

March of the Volunteers...Edit

  • Invasion pikes 2

    A pike that had been assigned to the 1rst Volunteer Army (c. 2036)

    11 JUL 2040: The 1st Volunteer Army is created by the United States Army which is made up of prisoners
    Invasion Pikes 1

    A squad from the 1rst Volunteer Army being assigned a post

    whom have been granted freedom in exchange for serving till the end of the war in the Volunteer Army. The prisoners are given the most simplistic training and weapon, they are taught basic drill and given simplistic pikes and a handgun. They are often called the 'prisoner army' or the 'Spearmen of America'.
  • 22 JUL 2040: The US Army reaches Kansas City and fines most of the population had been killed and their bodies piled in the center of the city. One hundred of the 1st Volunteer Army attack a Chinese minefield and 'clears' the mines by running through it, almost 3/4 are killed. The rest are drafted into the regular army and their crimes forgiven.
  • 24 JUL 2040: The 2nd Volunteer Army is created and is made up of people whom have been declared ineligible for service but have signed up anyway. Many are asthmatics, people with heart problems, weak, convicts, old, and other things that would not allow them to join the military. The 2nd Volunteers are armed the same as the 1st and is also given only a one-week training course in basic drill. The only people that are not accepted are those eligible for military service are the physically or mentally disabled.
  • 30 JUL 2040: The Chinese PLA begins a scorched earth policy and a fighting defence policy. Allied advance is slowed to almost 1/6 its previous speed. The 1st Volunteer Army swells to almost 300,000 ex-prisoners. The 2nd Volunteer Army swells to almost 770,000 peoples.
  • 12 AUG 2040: One thousand of the 2nd Volunteer Army and two thousand of the 1st Volunteer Army assaults a Chinese FOB that the regular army has not been able to break. Casualties reaches almost 2/3 before the regular army arrives and takes advantage of the weakened Chinese defenses and breaks through their lines and takes the base. Unfortunately any documents that might have been captured are destroyed when the base self-destructs.
  • 14 AUG 2040: The 2nd Volunteer Army swells to 900,000 strong, the 1st Volunteer Army grows to 600,000. The American Army continues to push into the Great Plains but the Chinese continue to exist. Officers in the Army and Marine Corps begin to find evidence of genocide against Americans by the Chinese. The reports are
    Holocaust 2

    The pile of bodies in Dallas, Texas. These bodies are burned soon aft' this is taken.

    confirmed by the 1st Volunteer Army when they enter Dallas, Texas when they find and take video and pictures of Chinese PLA forces throwing bodies of the dead into a massive pile before burning it. The 1rst Volunteers are pushed out of the city though incurring its now normal large casualties of almost 3/4.
  • 15 AUG 2040: The officers in the Volunteers send the photos and video to the generals, whom send them to the CIA where they are confirmed as Chinese genocide which has been reported all over the American Front.
  • 16 AUG 2040: The 2nd Volunteers and USMC capture Dallas, Texas. The US Army and the 1rst Volunteers attack Bismark, North Dakota. They fail to break the barriers of the city.
  • 23 AUG 2040: The USMC bombs the city of Bismark, North Dakota. The US Army then tries once more to break down the barriers of the city, but the Chinese beat them back again.
  • 24 AUG 2040: The US Army, USMC, and USAF launch a massive 'Alpha Strike' on Bismark. The city is devastated and the Chinese attempt to pull out. They are slaughtered by the USMC and US Army that was waiting just outside the city.
  • Child soldiers 4

    15 year old, Pvt John L. Ewell. Taken hours before his death to Chinese forces.

    30 AUG 2040: The Chinese People's Liberation Army begins the "Liquidation of Non-Han peoples in the American Territories". Seven thousand people are killed in Seattle alone.
  • 2 SEP 2040: The Chinese Army sets up a defensive perimeter along the Rocky Mountains for the inevitable American attack.
  • 5 SEP 2040: Resistance forces in the occupied United States gain access to old Javelin rocket launchers. The resistance quickly finds that the Javelin no longer is useful for enemy tanks but is still useful for 'soft' targets like trucks and supply vehicles.
  • 17 SEP 2040: All of occupied California is lifeless of non-Chinese peoples, this is due to the low population of the state due to the massive nuclear strikes on the state.
  • 18 SEP 2040: The Resistance destroys a Chinese base in Washington.
  • 19 SEP 2040: Over twelve thousand people are killed in Olympia, Washington in revenge of the destruction of the Chinese base.
  • 24 SEP 2040: The French Army attempts to break the Caliphate's lines, they fail to do and incur moderate
    Russo-Norwegian War BM-21s

    Muslim MLRS firing upon the French Foreign Legion


The French Foreign Legion then attempt to break the line. After a seven hour bombardment the FFL advances on the lines, the Muslims open up their fire upon this 'unclean' enemy. Valiantly the sally forth to their doom. None of the French Foreign Legion whom advanced upon the Muslims returned to their loved one's.

  • 29 SEP 2040: The United States Army and USMC fight the Battle of Rapid City. The Chinese and Americans courageously attack the other in one of the most heated battles of the war. 10+ thousand Marines and Soldiers fought in the battle while 30+ thousand Chinese soldiers fought. The battle was a decisive victory over the Chinese menace. The final major army before the Rockies was destroyed. Now the path lay open to break the Chinese defences and liberate North America.
  • Russo-Norwegian War Su-25 1

    A USAF fighter firing upon the Chinese

    30 SEP 2040: As the Sun blooms over the mountains which many a thousand have traveled and many a thousand have died 12 bright streaks roar through the air. The planes are FB-23 Super Raptors. Suddenly to streaks of smoke appear out from under them. They hurl themselves into the Chinese positions, sending up smoke and flame they destroy all they touch. The missiles now streak once more and again massive flashes of heat and energy appear on the mountain-side.

Too fast to see the missiles are invisible widow-makers destroying men and buildings a-like they devastate the once proud Chinese fortifications which now stand naked, and bruised.

As suddenly as they came they streak away into the noon's haughty glow.

  • 2 OCT 2040: The US Army and USMC push the front line to the Rocky Mountains.
  • 3-10 OCT 2040: The US military and its allies mass its troops along the Rocky Mountains. The Air Force's and Marine Corps' jets are fueled and armed. The Allies are finally ready to liberate the West Coast, where it all began so many years ago, today they avenge the deaths of those that lost their lives so, as Francis Scott Key wrote, "That the havoc of war and the battle’s confusion, A home and a country, should leave us no more...".

The End of the BeginningEdit

  • 11 OCT 2040: At 12:01am Operation: Shattered Citadel began. The United States Marine Corps and United States Army, with help from the USAF and the naval flight crew of the aircraft carrier USS Orlando and the USS Potomac, began a front-wide push into the Rocky Mountains.
The guns on the terrible faces of the mountains broke forth in tremendous noise and light. What seemed like

USMC advancing in a M130 MacArthur light tank

streams of white hot rounds poured forth upon the Americans, but they, with gallantry and honour, charged up the great hills of fortifications and death.

From the air, planes from archaic F-15 and F-22s to the FB-23 launched forth into the early morning's darkness and headed towards the Valley of the Shadow of Death. Their flame painted a fearsome light across the sky as rods of metal fell from their under-bellies, landing with explosions that destroyed the drums of the ears and threw men over ravines, that destroyed pillboxes of iron and concrete, that seemed as though God himself has came down and waged war upon them.

On the ground men and machines were eaten alive by what seemed as a living arch of flame as they advanced towards only certain death. With valour in their soul they trudged forth and with voluminous explosions from the mouth of machines launched projectiles into their enemies.

Soon the walls of Jericho had fallen, and Americans could advance once more to claim their birth-right.

  • 12 OCT 2040: The Allies continue to push the Chinese out of the Rocky Mountains as the massive army retreats.

The entire population of Oregon is finally killed by the Chinese.

  • 15 OCT 2040: Washington's concentration camp is destroyed by the PLAAF. All of the population of Washington is destroyed.
The USMC kills the last of the remaining Chinese rear guard in the Rockies.
Vegas Battle

The US Army in Las Vegas. Painting by Louis Gerald in 2055.

  • 17 OCT 2040: The US Army and US Marines Corps liberate Las Vegas from the Chinese.
  • Russo-Norwegian War U.S. soldiers Finnmark

    US Army troops going over the Idaho-Washington border.

    27 OCT 2040: The US Army penetrates through the Idaho border into Washington. The Chinese burns the environment as they retreat leaving massive wild fires and the death of hundreds of thousands of animals.
    Battle in Nuclear Wastes

    US Marines fighting through the former SETI II sight.

The USMC penetrates over the Rockies into the plains of California, the former SETI II site is fought over.

  • 30 OCT 2040: The smoke from the wild fires in the North begins to drift down into the Great Plains, blocking out the sun, soon it hits the jets stream and is soon on its way towards the east coast.
  • 31 OCT 2040: The smoke from the fires reaches New York City. The 1st Volunteers, 2nd Volunteers, USMC and Mexican Army captures Las Angeles, California. The battle leaves the ruins from the nuclear blasts now soaked in more blood. Over 170,000 Americans die, mostly from the Volunteers.
  • 1 NOV 2040: The Chinese prepare to launch their tactical nuclear weapons but Marine Force Recon and Navy SEALS, in a joint-op, are able to penetrate the nuclear weapons facilities and stops the launches. Seventeen men died in the operation. Their bodies are never recovered.
  • 3 NOV 2040: The first US Army units reaches the Western Coast near the Oregon-California border.

The US Navy's sub fleet which had been in hiding in the Pacific begin to launch cruise missiles at the Chinese. The People's Liberation Army Navy is unable to destroy the USN subs before they disappear again.

  • 16 NOV 2040: The USMC finds the first evidence of the California concentration camps. Many compare the horrors to Auschwitz.

The USN subs show their faces again and begins a anti-PLAN campaign much like in the Second World War, over 15 of the Chinese's aircraft carriers are destroyed by the end of the day, due to most of the subs trailing the capital ships for over three weeks before the order came.

  • 17 NOV 2040: The PLAN super carrier Mao Zedong is sunk by the USS Orlando off the coast of Hawaii.
  • 22 NOV 2040: The US Army enters LA like heroes of old. They believe they are like the gods, invincible, untouchable, more
    PLA 2

    PLA troops defending LA from American attack

    then mere mortals. Then out of the ruins fire rains from the rot and decay. The men whom rode in their iron-horses are suddenly trapped by the fall of massive buildings. The enemy pours out of crevices and bunkers, long have they prepared for this day. They rush out to meet the counter-invaders, quickly they reach out and touch them, the ground becomes soaked in the blood of many. The fighting turns into a bloody, charred mess as bayonets and fists replace bullets and artillery. Their dragons of the air fail breath flame onto the ground, killing friend and foe alike. As the sun begins to set the battle still is undecided, as the blood of many fills the streets of ruined city...
  • 23 NOV 2040: The Marines begin to push against their enemy, who now have nothing to lose, they bring what seems like the fire of the gods upon their enemy and they fall back before them. Ever closer they reach the Pacific Ocean, ever more their enemy fights. Then suddenly it all goes white. There is a cloud that rises above the city and the battle is over, both sides have lost as the cloud of splitting hydrogen reaches the skies. California is liberated, but at what cost?
    Post Free
  • 27 NOV 2040: The last Chinese General Huang on the West Coast unconditionally surrenders. General Octavian Augustus accepts his surrender. He and the rest of his army is sent to a temporary POW camp outside of Sacramento.
  • 28 NOV 2040: The Chinese General Huang is executed by firing squad
    Post pow
    on national television. The Chinese POW's are sent to the George Washington POW Camp near the ruins of Carson City, Nevada.
  • 30 NOV 2040: US General Augustus declares the West Coast secure as the Chinese General in Canada and Alaska surrenders to the Americans and Canadians.
  • 1 DEC 2040: The Chinese POW's from Canada and Alaska are all sent to Yukon POW Camp, many freeze to death from the cold.
  • 2-4 DEC 2040: The Chinese withdraw their troops from South America with surprising speed.

South American VictoryEdit

  • 3-21 DEC 2040: The United States and its Latino allies launch a massive push against the weakened South American Hegemony. The PLA helps with only minor air support, being largely ineffective. The allies easily overwhelm the Argentinians and Venezuelans. They both sue for unconditional surrender on the nineteenth. The Americans occupy the nations and set up a puppet government.

Opening of the African FrontEdit

  • 15 DEC 2040: The Caliphate in Africa kill the last ethnically black person in their territory causing much of North Africa to be unpopulated.
  • 16-20 DEC 2040: The Caliphate launches a massive invasion of southern Africa. There forces quickly pummel the inexperienced and untrained African armies. Like a lightning bolt they conquer Liberia and the African
    Small pox

    a child with smallpox in Kenya

    nations bordering it and quickly begin mass genocides against the African populations and non-Muslims. The Caliphate then begins to launch biological missiles deep behind African lines and are soon running rampant with viruses like small-pox and ebola killing hundreds of thousands.

Foreign AidEdit

  • 23-31 DEC 2040: The United States, for the first time since 2025, sends troops overseas to South Africa where they begin to re-enforce the African troops. Under the help of the United States and Canada the African nations and the African governments-in-exile sign the Charter of Union which creates the African Union. The new Union bases its government heavily off of the United States, prompting many to call it the United States of Africa.

The Caliphate continues to attack the new African Union. The near limitless armies of the Caliphate burns much of the Congo and begins to send in heavy and light tanks into Africa. The Americans and Caliphate begin massive battles near the West Coast where the Caliphate's hordes suffer heavy casualties while the United States loses only 3% of their units and the Caliphate loses 25+%. The US performs many tactical retreats laying down mine-fields and performing a scorched-earth policy in their wake. A whole 9% of the Caliphate's troops die from mines and starvation.

  • 1-31 JAN 2041: The Caliphate begins to push even harder against the Africans and the Americans. The Afro-Americans force in central Africa begin to falter as massive waves of troops begin to weaken the line. As a response the USAF begins a gargantuan bombing campaign against the Caliphate. Unfortunately the Congo, first burned and now bombed, suffered more then the Caliphate did and hundreds of thousands of square miles are devastated. The Muslim Horde continues to fight against the Americans and Africans. By the end of the month 17+ thousand are killed on the Afro-American side and 59+ thousand on the Caliphate's side. Still they vastly out-number the Americans.

The American Navy in the Pacific begin to disrupt Chinese shipping, much as they did in WWII. The USN isolates Hawaii and many other Chinese islands. + Thirty thousand die from starvation in Hawaii and the Philippines.

The Greater United States of AmericaEdit

  • 1 FEB 2041:The United States of America, Canada, United Mexican States, Plurinational State of Bolivia,
    Greater US

    The USA after its great expansion

    Federative Republic of Brazil, Republic of Chile, Republic of Colombia, Republic of Ecuador, Co-operative Republic of Guyana, Republic of Paraguay, Republic of Peru, Republic of Suriname, Oriental Republic of Uruguay, Republic of Argentina, Republic of Venezuela, French Guyana, British Guyana, Republic of Cuba, Republic of Haiti, and Dominican Republic, and the Lesser Antilles unite into the greater United States of America.
  • 9 FEB 2041: The Latino and Canadian states are officially admitted into the Union by order of Congress after their new state constitutions are approved by the Congress.
  • 10 FEB 2041: Canadian Congressmen arrive in New York City.
  • 12 FEB 2041: The Congressmen from the Latino states arrive in New York City.
  • 20 FEB 2041: To deal with the vast number of stars that would be on the flag the Congress decide that the flag shall be permenantly made and never changed again. They agree to keep the current 50-star 13-stripe flag as the permanent flag of the United States of America.

African FrontEdit

  • 1-31 March 2041: The Afro-Americanos begin to push back at the Caliphate's forces. The Caliphate begins to retreat on the coasts, but inland the Caliphate continues to strengthen and fight them with more and more ferocity.

The Caliphate begins the Damascus Project. They begin looking into massive robotic machines-of-war. They successfully create a completely robotic tank that is nearly sentient. It successfully navigates a course that was unexpectedly changed and identified friend from foe.

Oz Under AttackEdit

  • Post OZ invasion
    1 MAY 2041 - 18 JUN 2041: The Chinese launch an invasion of Australia, they successfully capture the north coast.

The Indonesian government is overtaken in a Islamo-communist coup. They then agree to be annexed by the People's Republic of China. The fresh Indonesian troops are sent to re-enforce the Chinese troops in Australia.

The People's Liberation Army quickly takes hold of northern Australia. The Chinese and Australians fight several massive battles for the landmass. The Chinese troops overwhelm the Australian Army.

The two attack each other ferociously. The campaign soon dissolves into a war of attrition. The Australians and Chinese fight each other into a bitter battle much like the American Front and WWI. The Aussies defend their homeland from all that the Chinese can throw at them.

I Will Hold...Edit

  • 1-15 JUN 2041: The Americanos continue to attack the Caliphate in Africa. The Caliphate though continues to hold the line against the Americanos. The Caliphate continues to build robotic tanks at a very high rate. This negates the need for drivers as they can be all programed off of the same script and be the equivalent of a highly trained driver for the fraction of the price.

The Chinese and Aussies continue to battle each other with absolutely no hope of either winning any time soon.

Attacks of the Robo-TanksEdit

  • 16-30 JUN 2041: The Caliphate fields the robotic tanks on the African front. They quickly take advantage of their high training (in comparison to a human) and quickly chew into the Afro-Americano lines. The tanks use extremely complicated tactics that would baffle human drivers. The Afro-Americanos fall back with almost 12% casualties.

    Muslim soldier running to cover during the HIC attack on US lines

  • 1-31 JUL 2041: The United States Congress allocates more funding for the Geronimo Project. They quickly begin working more and more towards the manipulation of gravity.

The Afro-Americanos begin to fall back on the ground as the USAF, US Naval Air Wings, and USMC Air Wings continue to pound the Caliphate as they try to desperately retreat to a more defendable position. The Caliphate's robo-tanks and real tanks are often destroyed in massive air strikes but the vast number of both cause the amount destroyed to be quickly replaced.

The US considers using tactical nuclear weapons, but they decide that it shall only be used if they advance all the way to South Africa. Thus the Caliphate continues to advance against the Allied lines.

  • 1-31 AUG 2041: The former armies of the Latino states in South America are officially incorporated in the United States military. This increases there size exponentially.

The United States Army and United States Marine Corps attacks the Hegemony forces in Africa with renewed vigor. They quickly begin to fine themselves bogged down with automated tanks. The Americans respond with blitzkrieg-style attacks. The USAF and any other near-by military aircraft would attack an area with a high amount of explosives, then immediately aft' the ground forces would push forward into the devastated areas. They gain nearly 100 miles of land this way all along the front.

The Caliphate uses nuclear weapons on the advancing Afro-Americans and they soon push back into their lost
Desert Soldier

A US Marine in Africa.

areas and they begin to gain ground. The Afro-Americans soon are pushed farther back as they lose massive numbers of soldiers.

The Geronimo Project is then split into Geronimo I, which is studying anti-gravity, and Geronimo II which is ordered to study human cloning.

The Geronimo II Project begins studying the first successfully cloned human. They begin with an interview of Faith-Anne Smythe and begin to re-study her file. They successfully create a second clone of Faith-Anne Smythe but the child has complications after 'birth' and dies shortly aft'.

The USN intercepts a transport ship heading from the Royal Trucial States Province towards the Horn of Africa. The USN ship, the USS Barack H. Obama, successfully captures the ship and its crew. The crew are killed by the Marines on-board aft' orders to kill all POW's captured from transport ships. The transport is then tugged back to the nearest port where it then travels under its own power, with escort, to Norfolk.

The transport is found to be carrying several dozen automated tanks. They are stripped of their batteries and fuel, as to not activate and attack, and then sent out to the Geronimo Project with then gains Geronimo III, out of new persons, and they begin to work on the automated tanks. One part of the project involves reversing engineering the brain.

The Americans create a large defensive line about 44 miles behind the front.

Ils ne passeront pas!Edit

  • 1-30 SEP 2041: The United States creates an updated version of the Abrams tanks called the M3A1 Super Abrams. The M3A1's are able to be created out of retrofitting the old Abrams tanks with updated technology, the most prevalent is the addition of the HVKER round 88mm barrel.

The M3A1 is mass produced and almost half are created out of retrofitting the old Abrams with new technology. The M3A1 reaches almost 17,000 units by the end of the month.

The Hegemony forces in Africa continue to attack the Afro-Americans. They soon push past the old border of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and into southern central Africa. The Caliphate soon comes up against the next defensive line set-up by the Americans. Their attacks falters as they meet up with heavy resistance.

  • 1-30 November 2041: The Americans continue to fortify their defensive line as the main Caliphate forces
    Desert Soldier 2

    "Against the Night" by: John Jacobs (c. 2059) This picture was inspired by testimonies of soldiers whom 'held the line against the night' in Africa.

    begin to attack the line. The first wave of light tanks were completely obliterated by American artillery pieces and dug in troops & armour. The main Caliphate forces were initially repelled by them, but they were soon back again and the African front became a stale-mate.

Viva la France!Edit

  • 8 MAR 2042 - 17 MAY 2042: The French and Italians in Naples launch Fonctionnement: Libérateurs (English: Operation: Liberators). With out warning the French Navy, re-enforced with the navies of the Spanish, British, America, Ukraine, and Russia, begin a massive bombardment of the Sicilian coast defenses.

The massive bombardment was said to be heard even as far away as Corsica and Rome.

The Muslim's defenses are utterly destroyed by the shell's total destruction. Thousands of civilians are killed in addition to the actual military and volunteers.

The hell-fire ends after nearly 24 hours and the French Foreign Legion landed on the cilian shore nearest the Strait of Messina. The FFL quickly dispatched the few remaining men around the main defensive line a sprung forward through a series of huge trench works. The second and third lines were totally devastated by the bombardment and any who hadn't died had ran home in shame. The French then proceeded to land regular army units on the shores.

The French Army and French Foreign Legion quickly landed on the southern, western, and eastern shore in short order as they quickly marched inland from all sides. They encountered only sporadic resistance until they entered the center of the island where a huge earthen work fortress had been erected.

The French, unable to capture the fortress, laid siege to the small city and waited ... and waited ... and waited. They waited almost five weeks until the defenders finally raised a white flag over the ramparts and signed unconditional surrender.

The Muslim POW's in response to not fighting to the last man were forced to sign a Letter of Peace in which the swore before Allah that they would never take up arms again. They were then transported to Valencia where they were all given a tattoo on their hand and officially documented. They were then released into Spain, most did not ever take up arms again. The few who did were killed on sight.

Operation: Desert Storm IIEdit

  • 9 MAY - 20 MAY 2042: The United States and their African allies launch Operation: Desert Storm II into the
    Nuke moslem

    Nuclear warhead detonation in Mecca

    Holy Islamic Caliphate. The theatre
    MGR-3 Little John 01

    A US Army tactical nuke seconds before being launched.

    reopens with a massive launch of tactical nuclear weapons into the lines of the Muslim Army in Central and Southern Africa. The nuclear attacks are quickly followed by a full-scale aerial nuclear bombardment of Baghdad, Mecca, Tehran, Cairo, Istanbul, Mosul, and many other large industrial cities in the Caliphate.
The bombardments are then
Submarine 1

USS Florida launching a nuclear weapon at the Muslim Army in the beginning of Operation: Desert Storm II

followed by the entirety of the US forces in Africa crossing the Congo and Zambezi River. The initial assault was met with heavy casualties and was initially repulsed. The US forces though regrouped on the far side of the river and once more sallied forth across the rivers. The second assault was able to break the Muslim's lines and they were able to quickly push back the invaders across the massive savannahs of Africa.

Landings in LiberiaEdit

  • USMC beach landing RIMPAC 2004

    USMC landing in Liberia.

    29 MAY - 10 JUN 2042: The US Marines landed in Liberia on 29 MAY 2038 and began a massive campaign into west Africa. The Marines then quickly pushed pass the Muslim forces and began to push into western Africa. They then pushed towards the Niger and Senegal Rivers.

They faced moderate opposition when they passed into the main Muslim lines, the Holy Islamic Caliphate though was totally unprepared for the attack and was woefully unprepared. They then fell back towards the two rivers but were quickly dispersed by the USAF and the aircrew of the USS Orlando. The two armies met again at the Battle of the Niger River. The unorganized Muslims were quickly beaten into submission by the USMC and the USAF, within two-hundred seventeen minutes the entire Muslim army was killed, any survivors were killed as well.

Africa CampaignEdit

  • 21 MAY - 19 JUN 2042: The Americans and the Africans continued to pour across the Congo and took huge swaths of land. The Muslim forces had been stretched beyond their breaking point between the Indian Front,

    Moslem troops defending from US attack

    the European Front, and the African Front. The Muslim armies left were nothing more then shells of their former selves. They fought until ordered to retreat, they only went through the motions and were almost always on half rations and having barely any sleep. The Americans though were able to have full rations and normally six hours of rest a day while others took their place at the front lines.

The Americans soon began to push up past the Nile River and they quickly used the massive river to propel themselves quickly down its waters. The Americans were soon at the present day border of Egypt and were poised to take control of Egypt and launch the final invasion of the Middle East and destroy the Caliphate for good.

The North African coast is left to rot as the Americans surround the region and the French and British blockade the coast. Most of North Africa is constantly bombed by the USAF, RAF and French Air Force.

Egyptian Finale of AfricaEdit

  • 20 JUN - 12 JUL 2042: The American forces quickly use the Nile River to propel themselves northwards into Egypt. The American forces take heavy casualties as they attempt to enter the ancient land. The Caliphate though refuses to surrender as its men continue attack the Americans.

The Americans though begin, against all odds, to take land up and down the Nile. Soon they reach Cairo and massive fighting takes place in the urban areas. They soon take control of the entire city after taking 2,000+ casualties and double that number of wounded. The Americans continue to fight up into Egypt as they soon take control of the entire country.

By the 12 JUL 2038 the last Muslim armies in Egypt surrender to the Americans. The Americans now stand ready to open the Middle Eastern Front and finally end the War Against the Caliphate.

Middle Eastern Grand OpeningEdit

  • 15 JUL - 21 JUL 2042: The American forces entered Israel on 15 JUL 2038. The American forces quickly took control of the Sinai Peninsula and and the Gaza Strip. The Israeli resistance forces began to openly rise up against the Muslims as the Americans approached.

Liberation of the Balkans and the Invasion of TurkeyEdit

  • 16 JUL - 21 JUL 2042: The Europeans launched an attack on the Caliphate on 16 JUL 2038 and they soon began to quickly take control of the Balkans away from the Muslims. The Europeans, namely the Austrians, Germans, Russians, Italians,

    The Großdeutschen Korps in Sarajevo.

    French, and the Großdeutschen Korps, began massive assaults on the Caliphate strongholds in the region. The Caliphate troops, severely demoralized, often surrendered after the initial bombardment of an area. The Euros thus quickly made their way past the strongholds of the Caliphate and they soon reached the gates of Istanbul.
Post VE
The Europeans met the first formidable army in the city as they attempted to cross the Bosporus Straits. Their first seven attempts to cross the waterway failed as they were totally unprepared for the amount of resistance. The Euros then decided to go for broke and launched several ICBM's from Great Britain into the city. The Euros then crossed the Bosporus and met still heavy resistance from those whom survived the nuclear strikes. The resistance though was crushed in seventeen hours and the European tanks began to roll once more onto the Caliphate soil.

Liberation of the Mediterranean Coast and the PalestineEdit

  • 22 JUL - 5 SEP 2042: Both the Euros and the Americans began a massive assault up and down the Mediterranean coast. The Americans though bypassed Jerusalem and simply continued down the coast. The Europeans and Americans met in Antioch where they both quickly dispatched the Caliphate in the city.
The Americans and the Euros then moved the bulk of their forces to Jerusalem where they decided to instead of
Desert Soldier 3

US Marines holding the line against the Caliphate's attempted "liberation" of Jerusalem.

outright invade the city to instead lay siege to the ancient city. The Americans and the Europeans fended off nineteen Muslim attacks to liberate the city before on 1 SEP 2038 the Caliphate general in Jerusalem died and the second in command called an all out assault on the besiegers. Ninety-Eight percent of all those whom sallied forth from Jerusalem died from American and European gunfire. The Americans and Euros then went unopposed into the Holy City and claimed it, not for a country, but instead for "All the world" as the American Brigadier General Juanito (Mexico) put it. Almost immediately, Israel has come back into existence. And this time, no Palestine.

On to BeijingEdit

  • 24 APR - 2 JUN 2043: The US and its Allies occupy the defensive forts along the Indian Front and they begin to
    WWIII End Stage

    Final stage of WW III before the China Campaign

    prepare for the liberation of China.

The Mekong-Wei Rivers Defensive Line

The Chinese begin to build the Mekong War Reserve Defensive Line (MWRDL) within the borders of China proper to stop the allied advance.
  • 3 JUN - 19 AUG 2043: The United States and other allies begin to muster all the men they can to the Indian Front
  • 20 AUG 2043: The United States, India, Britain, France, and the other
    M1077 Mobile Artillery

    A Swiss M1077 Mobile Artillery firing on the Chinese lines

    allies launch a massive offensive against the Chinese, called Operation: Drachentöter (english: dragon killer). The operation quickly beats the Chinese lines into submission and they soon are able to push pass the Chinese in several places along the front. The line though is not broken.
  • 21 AUG 2043: The allied armies and Chinese begin to fight in extremely close quarters as the allied advance meets the Chinese lines. Leading the assault was the unlikely Liechtensteiner Volunteer Regiment, which charged the enemy with bayonets mounted. Thousands die in the hand-to-hand fighting that ensues rapidly and most of the Chinese force is decimated while almost half of the Liechtensteiner Volunteer Force, the French Foreign Legion 3e REI, and the Swiss Army 16th Infantry Battalion are KIA, 193 are MIA, and 1,289 are WIA.
  • 21 AUG 2043: The main Chinese Army retreats into Bangladesh and begins a scorched earth policy. The Chinese quickly move through Bangladesh and set up a defensive line near the middle of the country.

American and Allied forces reach within seventeen miles of the Chinese front line by midnight of this day. Artillery bombardment quickly ensues.

Battle of DhakaEdit

  • 22 AUG 2043: The 3rd African Division launches a major offensive of the Chinese positions near Dhaka,
    Battle of dhaka

    Battle of Dhaka

    supported by the Liechtensteiner Volunteer Regiment and the French Foreign Legion 3e REI. The Battle of Dhaka quickly ensues resulting in massive casualties on the Allied and Chinese sides.

The Bulgarian 2nd "Tundzhanska" Light Infantry Brigade and the Austrian 7th Infantry Brigade join the fray by 1700 hours. The battle continues to escalate as the PLAAF launches strikes on the allied units within the city.

  • 23
    Russian Gunship

    Russian gunships attacking PLA troops in Dhaka

    AUG 2043: The Chinese forces in Dhaka begin to fall back after the Russian Air Force and US Air Force arrive in Dhaka, they attempt to detonate a nuclear weapon in the city but the bomb is captured by US Army Rangers.

The Geronimo Project produces a small amount of anti-gravity by reversing the flow of the gravitons and making the small 0.05lbs ball of Mercury lighter than air, and thus float.

  • 24 AUG 2043: The 3rd Macedonian Artillery Brigade and the flight wing from the USS Hayes launches an
    assault on the retreating Chinese after setting up a trap for them on the road from Dhaka. Over 1,000 PLA troops die from the bombardment.
  • 25 AUG - 30 AUG 2043: The Allies push the Chinese farther and farther back into South East Asia, they pass into Burma on the 29th and the assault the Chinese positions in Rangoon.

The Battle of Rangoon quickly ensues and the Chinese forces are evacuated by ship, in a Dunkirk like style, to Bangkok. The Chinese Navy successfully stops the allied Navy from stopping the escape, showing that the Chinese are still able to pull of strategic victories.

  • 31 AUG 2043: The Chinese begin to mass troops on the front lines in a desperate attempt to allow the MWRDL to be re-enforced.

September OffensiveEdit

  • 1 SEP 2043: The Chinese launch the September Offensive against the Allies and attack them with a
    Time sept
    massive counter attack near Maulmain and quickly break the allied lines due to surprise, speed, and strength. They destroy major allied depots in India and Burma with quick airstrikes with new attack planes, the Chengdu J-50, which outclassed the older F-35's, F-22's, and FB-23's.
  • 2 SEP 2043: The PLA crosses the Salween River and captures Pegu and Taunggyi by the end of the day with few casualties.

The Allies are in full rout as armies from dozens of nations retreat into the Burmese jungles.

The PLAAF sinks the USS Hayes, USS Obama, and the USS Enterprise off of the Andaman Islands, robbing the allies of three vital aircraft carriers. The PLAAF also bombs the Trans-Siberian Railroad

US troops in Burma after the Battle of Pegu.

1, 2, and 3. Completely separating the troops in Siberia from supplies.

The situation is hopeless for the Allies, but they fight on, valiant in their efforts to stop the menace of Communism once and for all.

  • 3 SEP 2043: The People's Liberation Army attacks the capital of

    Chinese MLRS launching missiles at Rangoon.

    Burma, Rangoon. The Chinese and allied forces battle for control of the city throughout the entire day. The fighting destroys the city and the Chinese soon have control of most of the city.

The US Army Rangers attack the Chinese and they stall the Chinese to the end of the day, they cover the retreat of the Allied soldiers from Rangoon. Unfortunately 1/4 of the 75th Ranger Infantry Regiment are casualties.

  • 4 SEP 2043: The Chinese recruit radical Muslim groups, such as al Qaeda and the Taliban, to launch attacks on the Allied soldiers. They begin to plan a massive attacks on the Allied troops in the Middle East and North India.
  • 5 SEP - 10 SEP 2043: The Chinese "liberate" all of Burma as the allies retreat back into India and Bangladesh. The allies burn huge amounts of land and leave many of the population in deep poverty and deprived of their homes as they are forced to retreat along with the allies.

The Muslims in al Qaeda and the Taliban kill 1,700 soldiers and 17,000 civilians in Kuwait City after detonating a nuclear weapon in the city plaza. The US responds with destroying thousands of non-Shi'ite mosques within occupied territory. This triggers waves of insurgent activity that kills many.

Second Battle of DhakaEdit

  • Chinese Advance

    Map of the Second Battle of Dhaka

    11 SEP 2043: The French Foreign Legion 3e REI stops the Chinese advance at the Meghna River, near the city of Dhaka. The two forces
    F 22

    F-22 over Dhaka releasing chaff

    quickly turn the city to embers and ashes.

The 75th US Infantry quickly joins in the battle and soon nearly 17,000 are dead on the Allied side and 19,000 dead are on the Chinese side.

The Chinese PLAAF and American USAF (from bases in India) clash in violent battles over the city that shower the men below in fargments of metal.

  • 12 SEP 2043: The US launches chemical weapons against the Chinese forces. Unsuspecting the threat
    Post victory dhaka
    nearly 7,000 Chinese die from the chlorine gas and neurotoxin released into the air. Many more are permanently injured.

The Chinese forces remaining attack the Allied forces with suicidal fanaticism. Over 120,000 Allied troops die in the assault and nearly 34,000 are Chinese are killed.

  • 13 SEP 2043: The US and the other allies launch a final attack on the city in an attempt to stop the
    Bangladesh soldiers

    Free Bangladesh Fighters about to attack the Chinese

    Chinese advance once and for all. The result is utter carnage. Nearly 140,000 Us and allied troops die in a matter of hours and nearly 179,000 Chinese are killed in the same time.

The city is left in total destruction. Not a single building remains from the city as both armies battle tirelessly against the other in hopes of domination. By the end of the day the majority of the Chinese are killed or routed. The allies are not much better nearly 80% of those who fought at Dhaka are dead and nearly 90% of those who survived are unfit for further combat.

The September Offensive has ended, the final collapse of the People's Republic of China has begun.

It's a Long Way to BeijingEdit

  • 14 SEP - 21 SEP 2043: The Allies and Chinese stop fighting on all fronts as both recover from the devastating Second Battle of Dhaka. The armies take advantage of this time and are resupplied, re-enforced, etc. But at the back of all their minds they all know that war and death are about to rear its head once more.
  • 22 SEP 2043: The US Air Force launches a massive airstrike on the Chinese camps, killing nearly 2,300

    The AT-802U in action. The amount of "prop-job" airplanes and other formerly obsolete technologies came back into play during WWIII as materials, workers, and factories were used up and/or destroyed

    troops. Seventeen US bombers are destroyed by the Chinese but the operation is still seen as a success.
  • 23 SEP 2043: The 101st Airborne lands 100 troops behind enemy lines as the allies launch the attack against the Chinese. They quickly turn the area just on the other side of the Meghna River into a bloodbath. Within a matter of hours both sides have withdrawn back to their original positions with no gain for either side.103+ thousand allies were killed and 105+ thousand Chinese.

On the road again...Edit

  • 24 SEP 2043: The US Army Rangers 1st Infantry and the French Foreign Legion 13e DBLE launch a midnight attack on the Chinese and slaughter nearly 700 by sunrise. They are quickly followed by a sunrise bombardment of the Chinese positions by the Serbian Mešovita Artiljerijska Brigada and the Swedish Artilleriregementet.
    Post push

By noon time the US Army 2nd Infantry Division, the Greek 1st Army, the 1st Kenyan Rifles Battalion, and the German 13th Mechanized Infantry Division launches the main assault on the Chinese lines. They quickly chew into the now weakened Chinese lines and by sunset they have advanced nearly 10 miles.

By midnight the final elements of the Chinese lines are totally destroyed and the allies are once again on the road to Beijing.

  • 25 SEP 2043: The Allies continue to advance against the Chinese and they are soon moving back over the Bangladesh-Burma border where they begin to face a heavy Chinese
    Post chinks
  • 29 SEP 2043: The Allies continue to advance against the Chinese, but they are barely able to advance against the Chinese. Over 127,000 troops die this day alone on the allied side, 134,000 Chinese die.
  • 30 SEP 2043: The Chinese General in charge of the South-East Asian Front, General Hu Bingde, orders a complete evacuation to the MWRDL. The entire PLA force in South-East Asia, over 17 million men begin to retreat back to the Mekong River. Soon all of mainland Southeast Asia west of the MWRDL is liberated along with Sri Lanka and given to India. Tibet finally achieves independence from China.

Battle of the MekongEdit

  • 1-10 OCT 2043: The Chinese forces finish retreating to the
    PLA helicopter

    A PLA helicopter on patrol over the Mekong

    MWRDL and they quickly are set up in defensive positions along the line to defend against the American and Allied forces.

The Allies rest nearly 100 miles from the MWRDL to give time for the reserve elements to catch up to the rest of the main force. The Allies though send Special Operations troops to the line to inspect for weaknesses. So far they do not find any weaknesses.

  • 14 OCT 2043: The Allies launch their first assault on the MWRDL, it ends in a complete failure for the Allied forces with +800 thousand troops dying in the first assault. The subsequent assaults later in the day end miserably. By midnight 1+million soldiers die from the assaults on the MWRDL.
  • 16 OCT 2043: The Allies launch another assault on the Chinese MWRDL, but they once again are unable to cross the formidable river. The casualties are once again huge with 700+ thousand dead.
  • 17 OCT 2043: The Geronimo Project hands over its research on human cloning to the US Army. The US Army orders that cloning facilities be built by March of 2044 and that full-scale production of clones begin ASAP
  • 18 OCT 2043: The Allies once again launch an assault on the MWRDL but they fail to break through and incure 600+ thousand casualties.
  • OCT 18-31 2043: The Allies make seven more assaults on the line before stopping all assaults on the line on the 30th. The Allied war-planners all meet together in Bangkok to plan a way to attack the Chinese and to bring a final conclusion to the war.

New StalemateEdit

  • NOV 2043: The Allies attack the line constantly but they fail to make any advancements. Allied troops attempt to go up the Mekong to the gap in the line but find themselves unable to move through the harsh terrain. The US Navy begins work on readying the "show ships" that were former weapons of war into war machines. The first to undergo this process is the USS Iowa (BB-61).
    Post singapore
  • DEC 2043: The Allies continue to attack the Chinese lines but they fail to break the Mekong. The US Marines attempt a landing in Vietnam, behind the line, but not a single landing craft even made it to the shore. The US Army sends several divisions, along with the Greek Army and the Indian Army, to attack down into Malaya. They reach Singapore by December 23 and by the end of the month Singapore is liberated by the Allies.

The US Navy fully restores the USS Iowa (BB-61). After seeing the success of that project the US Navy calls for all ships in US waters, that are not owned by the Merchant Marines, to be weaponized/re-weaponized and be brought into a fightable status. Even the old USS Texas (BB-35) is rearmed and is being retrofitted to carry cruise missiles, radar, etc.

  • JAN 2044: The US Navy finnishes the weaponizing of nearly 70 civilian ships, they also finnish re-weaponizing the USS Texas (BB-35).
  • FEB 2044 - JUL 2044: The US and Allies construct cloning facilities within their respective countries and even a few near the front to supply ready troops. The clones are made to age extremely quick and within five year will be the equivalent of 15 years of age and will be sent to the front. The USS Texas (BB-35), the USS Iowa (BB-61), and several dozen armed yachts are sent to San Diego where they await their signal to attack.

Naval Operations in the PacificEdit

  • AUG 2044 - JAN 2045: The USN continues to send ships to San Diego as the UK Royal Navy, the French Navy, AU Navy, and the Russian Navy sends their ships to Cape Town in preparation for the assault on the Chinese's holdings in the Pacific.
  • 1 FEB 2045: The Allies launch their assault on the Chinese Pacific Holdings. The USN begins to steam from San Diego to Hawaii while the European and African Allies begin to move against the East Indies.
  • 5 FEB 2045: The USN arrives at Hawaii and they are assaulted by the Chinese Navy. The Battle of Hawaii commences and after many hours the USN wins the battle and sinks the vast majority of the Chinese fleet.
  • 6 FEB 2045: The USN begins shelling Hawaii and within hours thousands rise up against the Chinese occupiers. Honolulu is engulfed in flames as people resist the Chinese.
  • 7 FEB 2045: The USN liberates Hawaii, successfully.