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  • The Republican Party gains control of the US Senate.
  • The Eurasian Union is established.
  • President Obama sets a record for most vetoes in a single year. He also vetoes ten different attempts to Repeal Obamacare.
  • Detroit's Water Crisis continues throughout the year. It's resolved in June of 2015.
  • Russia begins an incursion into Ukraine. Odessa's government is taken over by The Odessa People's Republic.
  • The Treaty of Minsk proclaims Novorossiya, the west recognizes this nation as independent.
  • The United States and Israel are the only two nations not to recognize Palestine.
  • Vladimir Putin faces a power struggle because of the insurgency in Ukraine.
  • The LDPR and KPRF are gaining major spots throughout Russia.


  • Upstate NY demands secession from the rest of the state, Congress will not allow a new state to be formed.
  • An attempt to privatize Social Security is repealed by President Obama.
  • Israel agrees to withdraw its troops from West Bank, end the construction of settlements due to international pressure.
  • Israel agrees to grant Palestine its independence, a State of Palestine is formed out of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.
  • Jeb Bush narrowly defeats Hilary Clinton. The results are controversial and allegations of voter fraud are widespread.
  • Democrats take control of the Senate, house remains in Republican hands.


  • In Bush V. Clinton, the Supreme Court rules in favor of Jeb Bush, causing national uproar.
  • The KRPF begins winning elections across Russia. It uses Soviet Nostalgia as a way of gaining seats in the State Duma, Russia is headed for Civil Conflict.
  • Novorossiya begins suffering economically as Russia heads for civil war.
  • The KPRF controls the State Duma thanks to legislative elections. United Russia is disbanded and war breaks out.


  • The LDPR establishes the New Tsardom of Russia, a parliamentary democracy located in St. Petersburg
  • Moscow becomes the Capitol of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Russia as the Russian Federation is dissolved.
  • Chechen forces establish an independent nation.
  • New York City sees its largest protest in history. Occupy Wall Street leads a rally hoping to start a revolution. 
  • The US plunges into a civil crisis. Republicans cling to the south as Northern and Western troops defect. 
  • Hong Kong joins the Republic of China.
  • The Tsardom regains St. Petersburg.
  • Midterm elections are cancelled, causing more national uproar.


  • Chechnya is granted its independence.
  • North Caucasus region is also granted its independence.
  • Treaty of Rostov-On-Don ends the civil war, divides Russia into two.
  • The Second American Civil War begins.
  • Battles in Several US Cities lead to the Dissolution of the United States Government.


  • The Siberian Riots begin, Communist sympathizers take control of the government and the LDPR cannot save them.
  • The Siberian Soviet Socialist Republic is established. The country seek union with South Russia.
  • The Tsar of North Russia is killed, the Communist take control of the city, the Stardom is dissolved.
  • The Federal States of America is established, the North States form the American Interim Government.