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Hi, this is Hexarafi. It's my scenario.


(Started on 1 July, real event until ... July)

Major Events

  • 2 July: Australia holds federal election, Malcolm Turnbull wins the election and continue his term as prime minister.
  • 4 July: 4 suicide bombs exploded in Saudi Arabia, one of them exploded in Medina, near Masjidil al-Nabawi (Prophet's Mosque)
  • 4 July: Another bomb exploded in Baghdad. The Baghdad Provincial Council deputy head reports the death toll has passed 200, with at least 225 more injured.
  • 13 July: David Cameron is officialy resigned as prime minister of United Kingdom, the new leader of Conservative Party, Theresa May become new prime minister.

Disaster or Accidents

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Politics, International Relation, Attack and Wars

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Economy, Technology, and Science

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Society, Culture, and Sports

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