• President Barack Obama is inagurated after being reelected in 2012 over challenger Mitt Romney.


  • The Syrian Civil War ends with the establishment of the Democratic Republic of Syria and Kurdistan.
  • A referendum of Scottish independence in Britain in defeated.
  • The 2014 Congressional election results in the Democratic party retaining control of the Senate and assuming control of the House of Representatives.


  • The economic crisis in Europe leads to riots around Europe, the most violent being in Italy and Spain.
  • The Republican Party splits into two political parties, the Moderate Party and the Conservative Party.


  • Hillary Clinton is elected President of the United States.
  • Riots begin in the United Kingdom following a report that the Prime Minister rigged the referendum for Scottish independence.
  • The first preserved Sabre-toothed tiger is discovered, with preserved blood.


  • Studies show that the blood of the Sabre-toothed tiger is capable for being cloned.
  • President Clinton signs the Green Roads Act into law, increasing funding to Hybrid and Green Car companies and research.
  • In the wake of economic conditions, Greece allows itself to become a protectorate of Turkey.


  • The first cloned Sabre-toothed tiger is born from a Bengal tiger in the National Zoo.
  • Following this success, President Clinton signs the Jurassic Park Act into law, calling for Zoo's around the country to create exhibits to rebuild animal populations.
  • Several Drug Cartel wars spill into the United States, following their attack on Houston, Texas, President Clinton sends in troops to secure the Northern cartels.


  • President Clinton loses reelection to moderate Connor Williams.
  • President-elect Williams enters into negotiations with the President of Mexico and an agreement is made that Mexico would cede everything north of and including Sinaloa, Durango, Zacatecas, SLP, and Tamaulipas to the United States.
  • The Mexican State Reform Act creates the new states of Sonora, Durango and Patosi.
  • A genetic cure for Diabetes is discovered.


  • The Italian Civil War begins.
  • President Williams signs the Golden Food Act into law following the creation of Low Fructose Corn Syrup, which had the flavor but lower calories.
  • The Turkish-Iranian War begins and ends with the Turkish annexation of Iran.


  • Japanese scientists begin developing personal servant robots and selling them to the Korea's.
  • President Williams bans the sale of Personal Robots to and in the United States, seeing using the robots as a form of "Glorified Slavery".
  • President Williams announces the founding of the Selene Program, which would establish an American presence on the moon.


  • Williams is reelected President of the United States.
  • Evidence that the 2014 Referendum defeat was rigged by the Prime Minister comes to light, leading to newly ignited riots and the English Civil War.
  • The Second Korean War begins when North Korea invades South Korea with a Robotic Army.


  • The Italian Civil War ends with the establishment of Venice and Genoa as independent states and the countries of Naples and Vatica being established.

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