• In a session of Congress, Puerto Rico is voted to become the 51st state of the United States of America.
  • Riots begin all around Spain and Italy, leading to a massive influx of refugees from both countries.
  • A frozen Neanderthal is discovered in the Arctic, and work immediately begins to study it.
  • President Obama signs a bill increasing funding to compact and hybrid car companies.
  • The Syrian Civil War ends with establishment of two nations, Kurdistan and Syria.


  • A referendum of Scottish independence in Britain in defeated, though Northern Ireland is ceded to Ireland.
  • The Italian Civil War breaks out with the declaration of the Vatican assuming control over the Italian government.


  • Live blood is extracted from the frozen neanderthal, and its DNA is studied as a means to clone and repopulate the new species.
  • Republicans such as Jon Huntsman Jr., Chris Christie, Olympia Snowe and Mark Kirk break away from the Republican Party to form the Moderate Party, which a majority of republicans join.
  • Other Republicans form the Conservative Party, which meets a minority in Congress.


  • Hillary Clinton is the first woman elected President of the United States.


  • The first cloned Neanderthal is "born", though dies two hours after birth.
  • Mexico's cartel wars spill into the United States, where military intervention leads to the annexation of Mexico into the United States.
  • The Italian Civil War ends with the peninsula being divided into three nations, Venice, Genoa and Vatica.
  • The Spanish Civil War starts with the declaration of a new communist government.


  • Quebec separatists declare Quebec an independent nation, the Canadian Civil War begins.
  • Jared Tipton is elected the first Moderate President of the United States over Hillary Clinton.
  • The first genetically augmented person is bred, named Drew Kingston.
  • Turkey, Israel, and Saudi Arabia are named the most liberal Middle Eastern countries in the world.
  • The Spanish Civil War, ends with the establishments of Aragon, Castille, Catalonia, Galicia, Asturias, the Basque Country, and Andalusia.


  • The Second Iranian Revolution begins.
  • NewGene is established with the purpose of expressive augmentation.
  • Cuba falls to anarchy and is annexed by the United States.
  • Central America joins the United States of America.


  • Jared Tipton is reelected President of the United States.
  • Expressive Augmentation becomes commonplace among teenagers and young adults in the United States.
  • The Canadian Civil War leaves the government of Canada in shambles, leading to its annexation by the United States.



  • Expressive Augmentation becomes commonplace among teenagers and young adults throughout the world.

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