2015 Edit

January Edit

  • Happy New Year.
  • The Eurasian Union is founded. It consists of Russia, Belarus, East Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Mongolia.
  • Leaders of the Afghan and Pakistani Taliban are captured by the Pakistani Army in Quetta. The Taliban falls apart shortly afterwards.
  • ISIS soldiers commence an assault on Baghdad. Around 2,495 people are killed during the initial bombings, and around 450,000 Iraqis flee to Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.
  • A synagogue in Be'er Sheva is bombed, killing 67. Although no group claims responsibility, tensions between Israelis and Palestinians increase.
  • A WikiLeaks report shows that members of the oil lobby in the U.S had bribed politicians, Congressmen and Senators into supporting the Iraq War. Protests erupt across the country, and many oil pipelines are bombed.
  • Foreign troops leave Afghanistan.
  • Syrian rebel groups surrender to government forces, ending the Syrian Civil War.
  • Al-Shabaab has expanded to Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Eritrea and Sudan.


  • Multiple U.S embassies and consulates are attacked in the Middle East and North Africa. 15 people, all U.S nationals, are killed.
  • Race riots erupt in Jerusalem. 224 people are killed and 632 are injured. IDF soldiers are deployed to Jerusalem to restore peace.
  • Due to the Jerusalem race riots, Israel stops anyone or anything from going in or out of Palestine or the Gaza Strip.
  • Maoist insurgents in West Bengal storm government buildings in Calcutta, killing 72 Indian soldiers and 104 Indian government workers. As a result, the provinces of Jharkand and West Bengal are put under martial law.
  • The Chinese government announces that they will be starting carbon sequestration projects throughout the country.
  • U.S drones destroy ISIS formations and installations across Iraq, ending the Siege of Baghdad. By the time the siege is finished, 12,596 people have been killed and 875,000 have been displaced.
  • The Z-Phone, a smartphone that is untraceable by government agencies goes on sale in the West.
  • The U.S lifts its sanctions on Cuba.
  • The United States ends its military involvement in South Korea.
  • Polio has been eradicated in Afghanistan and Pakistan.


  • Al-Qaeda detonates a car bomb at the Shell Centre in London. 198 people, including Shell's CEO are killed. Shell quickly goes out of business.
  • North Korea tests three nuclear missiles in the Sea of Japan. The tests are a success.
  • Because of the Israeli blockade, a famine starts in the Gaza Strip. Around 22,935 people are killed before Israel allows international aid to be given.
  • Nigerian soldiers allegedly attack a village in Northern Nigeria, killing 83 civillians, 45 of which were children. The Nigerian government states that there was a Boko Haram presence in the village.
  • Egypt cuts off all diplomatic relations with Israel.

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