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  • Baidu begins building their own driverless cars to compete with Google.
  • The Battle Girl High School series sees a second season after the moderate success of its first season.
  • BanG Dream! also sees a second series due to moderate popularity.
  • The new Toyota Supra is revealed, and is released later in the year.
  • Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars is released for Android and iOS. It is connected with the main game by use of the School Idol Festival ID; though is a separate app altogether with new gameplay and introduction of the Perfect Dream Project.


  • The second referendum on Scottish independence is held, with 58% voting yes.
  • Toyota produces 3000 Toyota GT86 in the design of Takumi's AE86 and are released.
  • The synthesised tests for element 119 and 120 are underway by Japanese and Russian teams.


  • The Korean War resumes.
  • The Mazda RX-9 is released as the successor to the RX-8. Although not featuring a rotary engine like its RX-7 and RX-8 predecessors, it still saw large success.
  • BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! mobile game sees a English/Worldwide release on iOS and Android due to its increasing popularity.
  • Battle Girl High School mobile game likewise sees a global release.
  • Forza Horizon 4 is released, being set in the Netherlands and North-western Germany. The map is larger than the previous two Forza Horizon titles combined.
  • The United Kingdom officially leaves the European Union.
  • The synthesised tests for element 119 and 120 have been unsuccessful once again, with plans for a retry in 2026-2027.


  • The app-based transportation network and taxi company Uber is dissolved after much controversies and the many lawsuits it faced had driven it to bankruptcy.
  • The PlayStation 5 is released.
  • Scotland declares independence from the United Kingdom.
  • The Constitutional Democratic Party manage to win the 2021 Japanese general election. Shinzō Abe accepts defeat and also resigns as leader from the Liberal Democratic Party.


  • Serbia joins the European Union.
  • Forza Motorsport 8 is released, and once again features Toyota cars, having been absent from the past two games. It has over 900 cars and over 40 locations.
  • The Xbox 720 is released.


  • North Korea is defeated, and the Korean Peninsula is united under South Korea Rule.
  • Grand Theft Auto VI is released, set in Vice City, based on Miami and surrounding areas. The map is larger than GTA V's map.
  • A referendum on Welsh independence is held, with 68% voting yes.


  • Gran Turismo Sport 2 is released, with a total of 330 cars and 35 tracks. It doesn't see much success, similar to its predecessor.
  • A successor to the Lamborghini Huracán is released, and is the first Lamborghini to be run on biofuel.


  • Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica merge to form the Federal Republic of Central Vinland.
  • Wales declare independence from England.


  • Czech Republic and Hungary joins the Eurozone.


  • Sweden joins the Eurozone.
  • Scotland rejoins the European Union.
  • The synthesised tests for element 119 and 120 are successful, and are named Tokyoine and Kyotoine, respectively, after the cities of Tokyo and Kyoto.


  • The Krrish Square in Sri Lanka finishes construction, and is opened later in the year.


Toyota Pod concept car
  • The Toyota Pod is brought back, and sees mass production. This time around, it is a driverless car as well. More LED colours are added to let the car express more emotions. It competes with Baidu's and Google's driverless car.
  • Toyota also revives some other concept cars that were built between 2000 to 2013, such as the Toyota RiN, Toyota PM, Fine-X/Fine-T, Alessandro Volta, F3R, Hybrid X, Hi-CT, i-Road, and some others. They are all heavily improved and soon made on sale.
  • Love Live! becomes the most popular popular idol series in Japan and in parts of the west.



  • Wales rejoins the European Union.
  • The Ryugyong Hotel begins to be rebuilt.
  • The PlayStation 6 is released.


  • The Idolm@ster, struggling to compete with Love Live!, AKB48, and even BanG Dream!, sees a decline in popularity in Japan and parts of the west. However, it remains mildly popular in Korea, mainly due to the several Korean dramas based on the series being a decent success there.
  • 42% of the cars on the planet now run on either electric, biofuel, solar, or hydrogen.
  • Due to a decline of influence, among other issues, the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan dissolves shortly before the 2032 Japanese general election.


  • Elements 121, 122, and 123 have been synthesised successfully; and are named Tokugawaion, Hanyangion, and Flyorovium.
  • Lancia, under new leadership, sees several of its past cars being brought back, such as the Delta.


  • Lancia begins selling cars out of Italy again, and re-enters the European markets.


  • Iceland, Greenland, and the Faeroe Islands joins the European Union.
  • United States collapses. Mexico quickly invades to regain its lost lands.
  • Russia annexes the newly independent Alaska.
  • Oregon and Louisiana declare independence.
  • Israel is invaded by Palestine.


  • Israel loses the war and is annexed by Palestine.


  • Google is bought and merged into Baidu.
  • All supercars such as Lamborghini and Ferrari run entirely on renewable sources.



  • The Tienanmen Square protests begin in the People's Republic of China again.
  • New York gains control of the remaining former United States, and the Empire of New York is established.
  • Fossil fuels are entirely phrased out all over Europe.


  • Microsoft is purchased by Toshiba, and turned into a subsidiary.
  • The construction of the India International Trade Centre in India is finished, and is opened in June.


  • The Communist Government in China falls. The Republic of China government in Taiwan takes control of Mainland China.


  • The Xbox Gaming Consoles are discontinued.


  • Fossil fuels are entirely phrased out in India.


  • Russia collapses due to various issues and falls into civil war.


  • Scotland joins the Eurozone.


  • Norway, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, and Ukraine join the European Union.


  • The Russian Civil War ends, and a pro-EU government comes to power. Siberia gains independence.
  • The Bahamas merged with Cuba after a referendum


  • Moldova merges into Romania after a referendum.


  • Montenegro joins the European Union.
  • The Idolm@ster popularity is at an all time low in Japan, seeing minimum sales. However, it remains moderately popular in Korea and sees decent sales and success there; especially with the continuation of continued K-dramas based on the series.
  • Florida merged with Cuba after a referendum.


  • Poland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Greenland, Faeroe Islands, and Iceland joins the Eurozone.


  • Micronesia, Polynesia (minus New Zealand), and Melanesia (minus Papua New Guinea) are annexed into Japan after a referendum.




  • Team Shanghai Alice, Twilight Frontier and Shunsatsu sare do?, merge together to form Team Shanghai Frontier.


  • Russia, Belarus, Albania, Andorra, San Marino, and Monaco joins the European Union.


  • Romania, Norway, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, and Serbia joins the Eurozone.
  • Team Shanghai Frontier is purchased by Sony Corporation and turned into a subsidiary.


  • Uruguay and Chile, after referendums, merge into Argentina.
  • Liechtenstein merges into Switzerland after a referendum.


  • The Arabian Federation is established upon the merging of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, and Lebanon into one nation.



  • Ukraine and Montenegro joins the Eurozone.


  • Nepal and Bhutan, after referendums, are annexed into India.
  • Bolivia, Paraguay, and Peru merge into Brazil.


  • All African nations merge into one nation, and establish the African Union.


  • The Bering Strait Bridge begins to be built.


  • Brunei and the Malay states of Sarawak and Sabah merge into Indonesia after referendums.


  • England rejoins the European Union.


  • The Vinlandian War begins, between the New York Pact and the Allies, when Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia-Atlanta invades Cuba.
  • The Philippines invade Indonesia, setting off the Philippine War.
  • Oregon attacks the Japanese Prefecture of Micronesia and aids the Philippines. This brings Japan's, and later China's, full involvement in the Vinlandian War as well.


  • Russia, Belarus, Liechtenstein, Andorra, San Marino, Albania, and Monaco joins the Eurozone.


  • The Vinlandian War ends, with victory for the Allies. The New York Pact is dissolved.
  • Oregon becomes under joint Chinese-Japanese occupation.
  • The Philippine War also ends, with the former Philippines being split between Indonesia and Japan.


  • The Bering Strait Bridge is completed and are opened. Driving and taking a train from Asia to Vinland is now possible.


  • The Maldives and Sri Lanka merges into India.


  • Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan merge into Kazakhstan.


  • Pakistan and Bangladesh declares war on India.


  • India wins, and annexes both nations.


  • Gran Colombia merges into Brazil.


  • A Weather and Temperature Control Machine is researched upon.


  • Georgia and Armenia joins the European Union.
  • Iran collapses, and is succeeded by the Republic of Persia.


  • All European Union members merge into one nation, and establish the European Federation.
  • The Federal Republic of Central Vinland merges into Mexico after a referendum.


  • Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, and Tajikistan joins Persia after referendums.


  • The Weather and Temperature Control Machine begins to be built.


  • Papua New Guinea merges into Indonesia after a referendum.


  • Australia and New Zealand merge to form the Republic of Oceania.


  • Chinese-Japanese occupation of Oregon ends, and is given independence as New Shōtoku.


  • The Confederation of South East Asia is formed upon the merging of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore.


  • The Weather and Temperature Control Machine is finally finished. The Temperature Control Machine is used to cool down the Earth.


  • Antarctica is split up between China, Korea, Japan, Argentina, Brazil, India, and South East Asia.


  • Korea merges into the Republic of China. Following this, the Republic of China is renamed into the Sino-Korean Federation.
  • Earth is cooled down by ten degrees Celsius.


  • Japan begins to terraform the Moon and Mars, and establishes its first colony.


  • The Sino-Korean Federation begins to establish colonies in space.


  • The European Federation and African Union begins to establish colonies in space.


  • Indonesia, Confederation of South East Asia, and Brazil begins to establish colonies in space.


  • The woolly mammoth is the first animal brought back from the past with the newly created Resurrection Machine. Some other extinct species, such as the Dodo, also begin to be brought back.
  • In light of this new technology, restrictions are put in place and some species, such as the dinosaurs, are forbidden to be brought back to life, though this law is limited to Earth itself.


  • The rest of the nations begin colonising space.


  • The Fictional to Real Life Machine begins to be built in Japan.


  • Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, and Cuba merge to establish the The Federation of Vinland and Amazonia.


  • The Fictional to Real Life Machine is completed in Japan. The first characters brought into the real world are those from the Touhou Project.


  • The First Galactic War takes place, with the Lunarians launching an attack against the Allies. This was the first war caused by fictional characters that were brought to life via the Fictional to Real Life Machine.


  • The First Galactic War comes to an end, with slight victory for the allies.


  • Indonesia joins the Confederation of South East Asia after a referendum.