Changing Era

Early 21st Century in the United States and North America

Increase in American Automobile Production

President Barack Obama passes the Tax Break Act of 2013, which gives tax cuts to American-based companies who bring their factories back to the United States. This act lowers unemployment from 7.9% to 6.1% by the end of September and increased the amount of finished goods being produced and made in the United States. Motor companies, such as General Motors and Ford, seeing a spike in the purchasing of American automobiles, and places the United States at the top of auto industry, starting a friendly rivalry between the five major auto companies: General Motors, Ford, Volkswagen, Toyota, and Hyundai.

Reforms and Texas Issue

Following the 2012 election, Senators John McCain (R - AZ), John Cornyn (R - TX), and Orin Hatch (R - UT), have proposed the Twenty-eight amendment, which disbands the electoral college process, and allows for the population to directly vote for a specific candidate of their choosing.

Early 21st Century in Asia

Early 21st Century in Europe

Early 21st Century in Africa

Early 21st Century in South America

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