Hillary Clinton official Secretary of State portrait crop

2014 -

June- Changsha (Sky City) is expected to be complete, making it the tallest building in the World (838m)

Strict water restrictions are set in for the American west

September- Scotland becomes an independent nation.

December- Afghan Civil War ends after the United States and Britain withdraw troops

2015 -

U.S. oil prices average $3.24 February - NASA Dawn spacecraft reaches Ceres

July - NASA New Horizons will pass by Pluto

The United Nations hold a meeting regarding global warming. The U.S. agrees to cut the number of coal emissions by 1/3. The U.S. agrees to build 30 solar plants by 2035. Europe agrees to build 12 hydroelectric power plants. China doesn't agree to cut its coal production because it would effect their economy.

August - A treaty between Ecuador, Brazil and Peru is signed, agreeing to leave native people alone

November - A 9.1 magnitude earthquake strikes 10km east of Los Angeles

27,349 killed and 141,358 injured

A 9.2 magnitude earthquake strikes in Lombardi, Italy

38,210 killed and 217,600 injured

2016 -

August - Olympics held in Rio de Janeiro

November - Hillary Clinton becomes the 45th President of the United States

2017 -

January - A referendum is held between Japan and the United States allowing Japanese settlements in Hawaii. The deal will expire in 2091.

February - The Kingdom Tower in Saudi Arabia is completed holding the new title of world's tallest building (1000m)

March - Puerto Rico becomes the 51st state in the United States


October - Genetically modified crops become illegal in 37 states


January - Public smoking is illegal in 48 states

March - Washington D.C. is now called either "The Capital" or "Colombia". Colombia is now a state.

2025 -

August - NASA and the ESA establish the first lunar colony near the south pole of the Moon

2026 -

April - ESA, NASA, and CNSA send 36 people to Mars

May - Korea is united in the Communist Democratic Society of Korea (CDSK)

July - China reaches the peak of its economic growth

2028 -

April - A powerful monsoon hits Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Eastern India; thousands of refugees migrate towards Europe and China

2029 - January - In the U.S. all automotive vehicles are required to run at or above 32mpg

March - The average car runs at 52mpg

July - Work on the Gibraltar-Mediterranean dam is planned

2031 - August - Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, and Kuwait end oil exports

September - In America, all vehicles are required to be electric due to limited oil

2037 -

May - Mediterranean dam complete

2053 -

Oil prices are over 100 times higher than they were in 2000

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