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The Spread of The WEST SIAMESE EPIDERMIS INFLAMMATORY ACUTE RESPERITORY VIRUS or The West Thai Virus was unexpected by many, it started slow, soon becoming a South-East Asian Epidemic and then ripping across the globe in a deadly wildfire that crippled the richest of nations.

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(Calculate death rate: Divide deaths by infections)


0/0 = Cases/Deaths


1st September:   1/0

A man hiking in The National Redwood Forest in Del Norte County, California becomes infected while hiking with his college friends.

4th September: 3/0

They go camping for a further four days when they are forced to return due to his apparent Flu. He spreads it to two of his friends he was sharing a tent with.

5th September: 6/0

The Hiker, Micheal Henry-Fitzgerald, is rushed to hospital in San Francisco after he is not able to get up. Doctors confirm The West Thai Virus and his eight friends he was camping with and his family are quarantined. He has infected a nurse and his father since returning home. The Media is quick to report the case in the Wake of an Ebola outbreak that claimed 12,564 American lives, 132 of which were in San Francisco.

6th September: 6/0

All three people Micheal Henry Fitzgerald was in contact with show symptoms.

7th September: 6/0

The US government declares it can contain the outbreak and that the only reason three other people are infected is because they shared a tent with the hiker.

8th September: 8/0

The infected nurse spreads the disease to her son and husband, she mistakes the symptoms for a cold she had before the admission of the hikers. 


A West Thai Virus survivor is greeted by mass media at a French Airport.

11th November:  427/27

A case is confirmed in Mexico City as a tourist returning from Los Angeles to see family began experiencing symptoms. A mass demonstration takes place in Dallas, a city widely effected by Ebola in the previous decade, To close the State border. Media has a large role in overplaying the virus but the governments of the world severely downplay it.  

26th November 1,567/408 

Planes leave from the infected area, the media warns for a pandemic but the government of the US says that it is only a small outbreak. Nothing to worry about.