Science and Technology

  • The first unmanned test flight of the Orion Spacecraft is

    The unmanned Orion spacecraft



  • Senator, and former Governor Aécio Neves defeats incumbent President Dilma Rousseff in the second round of the Brazilian presidential elections.

    Brazilian President Aécio Neves

  • The Republican Party gains control of the U.S Senate by a large sweep in the November elections. Mitch McConnell is elected Majority Leader. The GOP also retains control of the U.S House.
  • Sean Parnell is defeated for re-election as Governor of Alaska by a unity ticket of Independent Bill Walker, and Democrat Byron Mallot, astonishing the political world.
  • The Permanent Court of Arbitration rule on Philippines V. China in favor of the Philippines.
  • Broad Front Party candidate, and former President Tabaré Vázquez is elected President of Uruguay over National Front Party candidate Luis Alberto

    Uruguayan President Tabaré Vázquez


    The Apple Watch


    Anatomy of the fish discovered on Ceres

    Ed Miliband

    UK PM Ed Miliband


    Finnish PM Juha Sipilä


    Spanish PM Pedro Sánchez


    The Russian Army advancing into Ukraine


    The Boston Millennium Tower

    Space hotel

    An open side view of the Space Hotel


    ISIS militants during the Battle of Damascus


    Scottish FM Johann Lamont


    US President Rand Paul

    Rio Olympics

    The 2016 Summer Olympics are held in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil


    Aerofex's hoverbike


    The Elbe Philharmonic Hall


    French President Nicholas Sarkozy


    Norwegian PM Jonas Gahr Støre


    Armenian PM Serzh Sargsyan

    Lacalle Pou in the second round.
  • Former Florida Governor, son of former President George H.W Bush, and brother of former President George W. Bush, Jeb Bush, declares his candidacy for the 2016 U.S presidential election in December.
  • President Barack Obama announces that U.S troops are engaging ISIS forces in Iraq after months of speculation, and denials from the White House of this. Obama's approval ratings sink.
  • The U.S, U.K, and Australia withdraw all troops from Afghanistan on New Year's Eve, and end their involvement in the 13 year old Afghan War.


  • The One World Trade Center is opened in November.
  • The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies is released, and is the best received movie of the trilogy.
  • Dumb and Dumber To is widely considered to be the worst movie of 2014.
  • A video game series based off George R. R. Martin's book and T.V series, Game of Thrones, is produced by TellTale games, and is a massive success.
  • The winner of season seven of The Voice goes on to become world famous.


Science and Technology

  • Google Glass is made available to consumers. Sales are extremely high and the product sells out in the first week of release.[1]
  • Microsoft releases Windows 10 to mixed reception.[2]
  • The Apple Watch is released.[3]
  • The LISA Pathfinder spacecraft is launched.[4]
  • The space probe, Dawn, arrives at the planet Ceres.[5] Upon exploration of the surface, the probe discovers a type of small, tadpole-like fish. This discovery rocks the scientific world.
  • The Sekonix DLP Pico Keychain Projector is released, eliminating the need for bulkier projectors.
  • HENDO releases the first Hoverboard in commemoration of Back to the Future Part II. The Board is priced at 1,000$, and quickly becomes hard to find.[6]
  • The New Horizons explores much of the area surrounding Pluto, and Charon.


  • The Eurasian Economic Union is brought into effect.[7]
  • Ed Miliband becomes Prime Minister of the UK following his Labour Party's victory in the general elections of the year.
  • Armenia and Azerbaijan enter into a brutal war, following several violent skirmishes in 2014.[8]
  • The ROK-US Combined Forces Command is dissolved.[9]
  • Juha Sipilä, Chairman of the Centre Party, is elected Prime Minister of Finland.
  • Pedro Sánchez of the Spanish Socialist Workers Party is elected Prime Minister of Spain.
  • Russia continues their push into Ukraine, escalating the conflict into the Russo-Ukrainian War. U.K. PM Ed Miliband pledges support to Ukraine, Miliband is soon joined by U.S. President Barack Obama (further straining ties between the U.S., and Russia), Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski, Polish Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. However, Russian receives vocal support from India, Syria, and Iraq.
  • It becomes apparent that North Korean Dictator, Kim Jong-Un's health is slowly deteriorating. This is fervently denied by the North Korean government.
  • Toni Brunner and the Swiss People's Party remain in the majority, despite gains by the Social Democrats.
  • In the Polish Parliamentary elections, Ewa Kapacz and the the Civic Platform Party continue to hold the most number of seats, but are weakened greatly by the Law and Justice Party.
  • Lithuania adopts the Euro as their currency.[10]
  • Jihadi John's real name is released by the U.K Government, every ally country launches a man hunt to find John.
  • Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper is re-elected PM. Major gains are however made by Justin Tredeau and the Liberals.
  • ISIS pushes their way almost to the Syrian capitol.
  • Ayman al-Zawahiri is killed by a drone strike. Many members of al-Qaeda defect to ISIS.
  • Another conflict breaks out between Israel, and Gazan militants.

Culture and Society

  • Ebola has claimed the lives of one million people worldwide.
  • NBA player Ray Allen signs with the Cleveland Cavilers during the All-Star break. The Cavs later advance to the Eastern Conference Finals, where they are eliminated in seven games. On the seventh game, Allen fouls out intentionally so he can be given applause as this is his last professional game. Allen receives a minute long standing ovation.
  • Expo 2015 is held in Milan Italy.[11]
  • Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter passes away at the age of 90.
  • Queen Elizabeth becomes Britain's longest serving monarch.[12]
  • Construction is completed on Shanghai Tower. The Tower stands at 1,826 ft, and is second tallest building on Earth, as well as the tallest in China.[13]
  • Oregon, California, New York, and Alaska fully legalize Cannabis.
  • Arkansas, Michigan, and Tennessee legalize gay marriage.
  • Star Wars Episode VII, Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, and Jurassic World place first, second, and third at the box office.


Science and Technology

  • The ESA, and Roscomos' joint mission to Mars is cancelled due to the conflict in Ukraine.
  • A transit of Mercury occurs.
  • The BepiColombo is launched.[14]
  • Juno arrives at Jupiter, and begins exploring the surface of the planet.
  • A privately owned space plane created by Sierra Nevada named Dream Chaser launches and lands successfully, and safely. The positive result of the Dream Chaser's maiden voyage raises the possibility among the space community of future, more common commercial space travel.[15]
  • GM launches hands-free cars, however, the cars still require a driver for acceleration, braking, and possible wheel handling in case of an emergency.[16]

  • The first car with the ability to communicate with fellow automobiles to prevent collisions is developed by GM.[17]
  • Fingerprint sensors are now very common, with passwords and signatures becoming an exception.[18]
  • The USS Gerald R. Ford is commissioned by the U.S. Navy to replace the retired USS Nimitz.
  • The Five hundred meter Aperture Spherical Telescope is completed by China.[19]
  • Construction is completed on the Boston Millennium Tower. Standing at 625 feet, the Tower becomes Boston's tallest building.[20]
  • Russian engineers launch the first ever space hotel into orbit. This decision is controversial among the Russian population, as some feel it is a waste of funds that should have gone towards the Russian military fighting in Ukraine.


  • The U.S., U.K., and Germany begin arming and funding the Ukrainian army.
  • ISIS captures Damascus following a bloody week-long conflict. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad decamps to Moscow, Russia. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi releases a video claiming victory, and threatening the ally countries.
  • The U.S. places an embargo on trade with Russia.
  • In the Scottish general elections, Johann Lamont and the Labour Party gain the most number of seats, but fail to capture the majority, and are forced to form a tense coalition government with Nicola Sturgeon and the SNPs.
  • ISIS has captured much of Iraq. Many surviving Christians are airlifted out of the country.
  • Enda Kennedy is re-elected Taoiseach of Ireland.
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg retires from the Supreme Court. She is replaced by Merrick B. Garland.
  • U.K. Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg steps down, and is replaced by Party President Tim Farron in a hotly contested leadership election.
  • In the U.S. presidential elections, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is elected President, defeating Vice President Joe Biden, and former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura.
  • The Republicans hold onto the Senate in the November elections, in spite of meager gains. While the Democrats begin to chip away at the GOP majority in the House.
  • Following the elections of the year, U.S. House Speaker John Boehner steps down, and is replaced by Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

Culture and Society

  • Former U.S. President George H.W. Bush passes away at the age of 92.
  • The Summer Olympics are hosted by Rio De Janeiro, and are highly successful.
  • The highly desired video game, Half Life 3, which had been announced in 2015, is released to critical acclaim, winning Game of the Year at the VGXs.
  • NFL team the St. Louis Rams relocate to Los Angeles, and become the Los Angeles Rams.
  • Ebola has killed two and a half million people total worldwide.
  • Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice claims first at the box office, but receives mixed reviews, while some praised Ben Affleck's surprisingly well received portrayal of the Dark Knight, other criticized the large amount of big name characters in the film.
  • Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont legalize Cannabis.
  • Gay Marriage is legalized in Georgia, Kentucky, and Missouri.
  • The Second Avenue Subway is completed in New York City.


Science and Technology

  • The Solar Orbiter launches, and begins it's observation of the Sun.[21]
  • The first total solar eclipse of the 21st Century occurs.[22]
  • The first commercial hoverbike is released by AeroFex, and is priced at $85,000.[23]
  • Juno ends it's Jupiter mission, and returns to Earth.[24]
  • The Space Launch System, the replacement of the Space Shuttle, launches successfully.
  • TESS launches, and begins searching for exo-planets.[25]
  • The European EFI'S nuclear physics research hub is completed. The hub houses the world's most powerful laser.[26]
  • Construction on the Elbe Philharmonic Hall reaches completion. At 330 feet, the Hall is Hamburg, Germany's tallest building.[27]
  • Treatments for disorders such as ADD, ADHD, Autism, and Depression have become more advanced.
  • The Guggenheim Abu Dhabi is completed, and is the largest of the Guggenheim museums.[28]
  • India's first manned spaceflight is a success.[29]
  • Synthetic yeast is completed.[30]
  • SELENE-2 is launched by Japan.[31]
  • CHEOPS is launched by the EFA.[32]
  • The first totally hands-free car is released by GM.[33]
  • Glasses able to translate and display text are released. This device becomes not only a breakthrough in destroying language barriers, but a valuable advancement in the deaf community.[34]


  • Russia invades the ISIS-controlled Syria. The remaining Assad-Loyalists dissolve into the Russian Army.
  • Israel deploys troops into Palestine in pursuit of Hamas and other militant groups. This causes controversy, as Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas declares that he was not consulted, and demands that Israel withdraw. Israel declines to leave.
  • More missile interceptors are sent into the Pacific by the U.S. in order to be prepared for a hypothetical attack from North Korea.[35]
  • MP, and former London Mayor Boris Johnson defeats Conservative Party Leader and former U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron, as well as George Osborn in a party leadership election.
  • U.K. Prime Minister Ed Miliband narrowly survives a challenge by fellow Labour MPs, Ed Balls, and Andy Burnham (both of whom Miliband had defeated in the 2010 leadership election.
  • ISIS begins assaulting Baghdad. President Fuad Masum, and Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi are evacuated.
  • The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is repealed.
  • In the French presidential election, former President Nicholas Sarkozy defeats incumbent President François Hollande on the second round of voting in a rematch of the 2012 election.
  • After receiving approval from Congress, U.S. President Rand Paul increases military bombardments on ISIS, and their capitol in Damascus.[36]
  • Tony Abbott is re-elected Prime Minister of Australia.
  • ISIS forces begin a push into Jordan.[37]
  • German Chancellor Angela Merkel is re-elected by a large margin.
  • Shots are fired at an immigration office in New Mexico. A nativist group known as "Nam-Liberty" (Latin for "For Liberty") claims responsibility. President Paul addresses the nation, Paul announces that these terrorists are not true conservatives, expresses his believe that the U.S. was built on immigrants, and promises to track these terrorists wherever they may hide. Paul later calls a joint-session of Congress, and asks for their approval to declare war on Nam-Liberty. Congress consents, and the "U.S.-Militia War" ensues.
  • The final classified documents concerning the assassination of President John F. Kennedy are released to the public.[38]
  • President Paul approves the Keystone Pipeline.
  • Jonas Gahr Støre is elected Prime Minister of Norway.
  • The first Hong Kong elections to use universal suffrage are held. In the Chief Executive election, incumbent CY Leaung is defeated.
  • Armenian President Serhz Sargsyan is elected Prime Minister of Armenia. Sargsyan promises he will lead Armenia to victory in their war with Azerbaijan.

Culture and Society

  • Ebola has killed three million people worldwide.
  • Kansas, Montana, and South Carolina legalize gay marriage.
  • Arizona, Maine, and Massachusetts legalize Cannabis.
  • Antisemitism, and racial discrimination against Hispanics, becomes more recognized, and frowned upon in the United States. Partially due to the ISIS, and Nam-Liberty crises.
  • Pope Benedict XVI passes away at the age of 90.
  • Prince Philip passes away at the age of 96.
  • Many musicians allow their music to be played on YouTube mobile.
  • A quarter of Detroit, Michigan's population leaves the city. Many go to the neighboring Grand Rapids.


Science and Technology

  • The new Mexico City International Airport is completed.[39]
  • MexicoCityAirport

    The Mexico City International Airport


    The James Webb Space Telescope


    The Lakhta Center

    Mars comes it's closest to Earth since 2003, however, the approach in 2003 remains the closest.
  • The James Webb Space Telescope, the successor of the Hubble, is launched.[40]
  • Super computers reach one Exaflop.[41]
  • A contraceptive chip, that is placed under a woman's skin and remotely activated, is released.[42]
  • Genetic sequencing allows doctors to more correctly diagnose cancer.[43]
  • The Lakhta Center is completed. The Center becomes the largest building in Europe.
  • The U.S.'s missile defense complex in Poland is operational.[44]
  • Another spacecraft is launched to Ceres.
  • The Helium Centennial Time Columns Monument is opened.
  • Construction on the Copenhagen City Circle Line reaches completion.[45]
  • A new hybrid gas-electric car is released by Ford.[46]
  • Computers now hold the ability of all five senses.[47]
  • Microsoft releases the Xbox two, and Sony releases the Play Station 5. The Xbox Two receives better reception than the Xbox One, while the PS5's reviews are more mixed than it's predecessor's.[48]
  • Over sixty percent of the world own a mobile device.[49]
  • Mobile Wallets are commonplace in society.[50]
  • Uganda has become one of the major oil producers.[51]
  • Internet traffic has grown by 20% annually.[52]
  • The Global Earth Rare Metals Market is worth 8.19$ billion.[53]
  • A spaceport is established in Scotland.[54]


  • AnasSarwarFM

    Scottish FM Anas Sarwar


    US Navy Seals during the Battle of Los Angeles


    Clockwise from top left:US snipers during the battle, Nam-Liberty militants, US bombers late in the battle, a US soldier following the conflict


    Venezuelan President Leopoldo Lopez

    The Armenian-Azerbaijani War ends following a shaky cease-fire after peaceful intervention by NATO, and the ally countries.
  • A drone strike in Damascus kills Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Total Control of ISIS falls to Abu Omar al-Shishani, who swears revenge.
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin is re-elected in a landslide over (among other candidates) Brooklyn Nets owner, and Civic Platform Party candidate Mikhail Prokhorov.
  • Following a four year war, Russia ends fighting in Ukraine, and pulls out of much of the country (excluding Crimea). President Putin publicly scolds the U.S. for their involvement.
  • Scottish First Minister Johann Lamont loses a leadership election to Anas Sarwar.
  • There is a firefight between Government and Nam-Liberty forces in Los Angeles. The battle is considered to be a decisive Military victory.
  • Ilham Aliyev is re-elected President of Azerbaijan.
  • The Republican Party reinforces their Senate hold into a super-majority in the Senate elections. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell retires as leader, and is replaced by South Dakota Senator John Thune. The Republicans barely manage to hold the House.
  • Former Olympic Ice Skater Nancy Kerrigan runs for Governor of Massachusetts as an independent, and is elected, defeating incumbent Governor Martha Coakley, and former State Rep. Bradley Jones Jr.
  • "Ringo" of ISIS's "Beetles" is killed.
  • Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro is defeated for re-election by Voluntad Popular Party nominee Leopoldo Lopez, marking the beginning of democracy in Venezuela. Numerous world leaders including U.S. President Paul congratulate Lopez.
  • Raul Castro steps down as President of Cuba. Vice President Miguel Diaz-Canel replaces him.[55]
  • Sauli Niinistö is re-elected President of Finland.
  • Israel releases some of their archived classified information.[56]
  • Several high ranking Hamas leaders are assassinated by Israel.
  • ISIS forces are repelled from Baghdad, after assistance from the U.S., and U.K. military.
  • The Russian military approaches Damascus, but are held back by ISIS forces.
  • In the Swedish general elections, Stefan Löfven and the Social Democrats retain the most seats narrowly. Jimmie Åkesson and the Sweden Democrats continue to make decent gains.
  • Hun Sen is re-elected Prime Minister of Cambodia. CRPP makes modest gains, and becomes the third party of the Cambodian Parliament.
  • U.S. forces engage ISIS in Jordan.
  • In December, Nam-Liberty forces attack the U.S. pipelines in Alaska. While the military does successfully fight them back, severe damage is done to the lines.

Culture and Society

  • The FIFA World Cup is held in Russia. Ukraine boycotts due to the war with Russia. Belgium defeats defending champion Germany.
  • The Winter Olympics are held in Pyeongchang, South Korea.
  • Ebola has killed three million and two thousand people.
  • More original T.V. shows are broadcast on YouTube, and Netflix.
  • Cocaine usage quickly begins to rise in the U.S. Calls for legalization begin.



The Kingdom Tower


An exoskeleton suit


The first woolly mammoth clone in it's habitat in Mongolia


The Second Angolan Civil War. Clockwise from top left: A protest in Luanda becomes violent, Angolan police drive to a conflict with UNITA forces, UNITA troops marching down a road, Angolan Government infantry engage in a skirmish with UNITA soldiers

Science and Technology

  • The Kingdom Tower is completed. The tower stands at 1 kilometer high, and is the largest building in the world.[57]
  • The Bangladesh Navy launches it's submarine fleet.[58]
  • Smartwatches are just as common as wristwatches.[59]
  • ITER begin their plasma experiments.[60]
  • Exoskeleton suits enabling paraplegics to regain the ability to walk while wearing the walker are available to consumers, and rehab facilities.[61]
  • Internet access is 100% wireless.
  • A HIV vaccine is released to the public in South Africa. The vaccine is successful.[62]
  • Polio is eradicated.
  • The Woolly Mammoth is successfully cloned by Chinese scientists, following a technological race between China, Korea, and Russia. The creature is released into a largely uninhabited part of Mongolia.[63]
  • Rotating disk drives are obsolete.
  • Reconstruction on the Berlin City Palace is completed.[64]
  • Crossrail opens.[65]
  • The Xayaburi Dam is completed.[66]
  • Construction on the East Side Access reaches completion.[67]
  • "Robotic Maids", house-cleaning A.I., are very common
  • A.I. has become highly advanced. Relationships\friendships between human beings and A.I. are commonplace.
  • An annular solar eclipse occurs.


  • The British army pulls out of Germany, ending a militaristic presence held in the country since World War II's conclusion.[68]
  • Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy retires, he is replaced by David Clement.
  • The Union of South American Nations finishes ending tariffs on sensitive products.
  • Israel ends actions in Palestine following the completion of their three-year mission there. Hamas is left crippled.
  • The U.S., U.K., and Russian armies liberate Damascus. Abu Omar al-Shishani is killed, and all ISIS militants in the city are killed, captured, or retreat into other parts of Syria. Russia requests that former President Assad be reinstated, the other ally countries refuse, and Adnan Abadi becomes President. Abadi is the first President since Lu'ay al-Atassi in 1963 to have belonged to neither of the Ba'ath parties.
  • In the Angolan legislative elections José Eduardo dos Santos and the MPLA are re-elected into the majority despite gains by UNITA, and CASA-CE. Voter fraud, and bribery allegations spread quickly, sparking violent protests, eventually leading to the Second Angolan Civil War. UNITA splits into two factions, the parliamentary wing, led by party leader Isaías Samakuva, and the militant wing.
  • ISIS leaves Jordan.
  • More than half of ISIS forces in Iraq are killed/captured.
  • Juan Carlos Varela is re-elected President of Panama.
  • Jordan opens their first nuclear power plant.[69]
  • A new generation of U.S. tanks are introduced.

Culture and Society.

  • The Seattle SuperSonics (who had left Seattle to move to Oklahoma City, and become the Thunder), are reformed when the Milwaukee Bucks relocate to Seattle.[70]
  • Germany and France co-host the FIBA World Cup. The U.S. wins.
  • Gay Marriage is completely legal in the U.S.
  • All 1923 works are released into the public domain, following the expiration of copyright laws.
  • Online grocery sales are at 100 billion$.[71]



The Japanese Moon base




The first flying car on it's maiden flight.

3D Printer

A 3D printer


UK PM Boris Johnson

Science and Technology

  • Japan constructs the first Moon base. The base is run entirely by robots.[72]
  • The Square Kilometre Array radio telescope begins observations.[73]
  • The Chinese Space Station is completed.[74]
  • A $1,000 computer's processing power equals that of the human brain.[75]
  • India lands their first astronaut on the Moon, becoming the second country to land a man on the Moon after the U.S, and fourth country to launch a manned mission to the Moon, the first three being the U.S, Russia, and China.[76]
  • BIOMASS launches.[77]
  • Euclid is launched.[78]
  • The Battlefield Extraction-Assist Robot (BEAR) is deployed into the U.S army.
  • The first flying car is available to consumers. The car is created by Terrafugia, and is a hybrid-electric model. Terrafugia is subsequently brought by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.
  • Construction on the Giant Magellan Telescope reaches completion.[79]
  • 3D printers are in the majority of offices, and are very common in households.[80]
  • Russia starts mining helium-3 from the Moon.
  • All Toyota vehicles are hybrid-electric.[81]
  • The quality of a voice over the phone is totally clear.[82]
  • Malaria has been cured.[83]
  • Shutdown of Voyagers 1 and 2 begin.[84]
  • Construction is completed on the main track segment from San Francisco to Anaheim as part of the California High-Speed Rail.
  • The first truly crash-proof car is released by Volvo.[85]
  • Hodgkin's Lymphoma is now almost completely survivable for at least five years.
  • Artificial brain cells, hearts, lungs, and kidneys are available.[86]
  • European households all have 30 megabits per second Broadband.[87]
  • The Large Hadron Collider receives major upgrades.[88]
  • China outspends the U.S. on science.[89]
  • Dodge becomes the world largest car company.
  • There are 25 billion devices connected to the internet.[90]
  • The Compass navigation system is completed.[91]
  • The London Underground northern line is expanded from Kennington to Battersea.


  • Vladimer Putin announces that the Eurasian Economic Union will be reformed from a economic union, into a state with the countries in the Union acting as Republics. This is later solidfyed by a summit held in Moscow between Putin, Serzh Sargsyan and the Belorussian and Kazakhstani Presidents.
  • The Yuan becomes the world's second main currency, in front of the Euro, and behind the Dollar.
  • The majority of ISIS has been reduced to terror cells in Syria and Lebanon.
  • Jihadi John is killed by JSOC operatives in Lebanon.
  • Russia intervenes in Angola. Claims of human rights violations committed by Russian soldiers begin. The accusations are denied by Moscow.
  • A Nam-Liberty bomb does major damage.
  • Boris Johnson is elected Prime Minister of the U.K when the Conservative Party take the majority in the general elections of the year. These are the first elections to allow online voting in the U.K.[92]
  • In the U.S presidential election, Rand Paul is re-elected President over Virginia Senator Mark Warner.
  • The Republicans retain their majority in the U.S Senate, and House.
  • Protected land is expanded.[93]
  • Liberia ends deforestation.[94]

Culture and Society

  • Ebola has killed four million people worldwide.
  • The 2020 Summer Olympics are held in Tokyo, Japan.
  • Cigarette smoking is highly uncommon, replaced partially by Cannabis.
  • The Arctic Ocean is 90% ice-free.[95]
  • Five billion people use the internet.[96]
  • YouTube, and Twitter are the most used social media sites in the world.



A man using a driverless car


The military quadcopter


Dustbot, the robotic trash collector


Short-term North Korean "Supreme Leader" Hwang Pyong-So


A painting of the Sacking of Pyongyang based off a shot taken by an artist on the battlefield


Angolan President Manuel Vicente

Kate Ellis

Australian PM Kate Ellis


A fireworks display in Nuuk, Greenland the night following the results of the referendum vote

[[File:UKReferendum.png|thumb|270x270px|An image created by a supporter of the U.K. withdrawing from the EU

A retinal scan

Flag of The Republic Of Korea

Flag of the unified Republic of Korea


Swedish PM Jimmie Åkesson

Science and Technology

  • The first manned Orion mission is launched.[97]
  • The first completely driverless car is released to consumers.
  • ATMS launches on the second JPSS.[98]
  • A type of small quadcopter drone is deployed into the U.S. Military. The copter is equipped with an internal camera, in addition to a lightweight mini-gun.
  • Ariane 6 embarks on it's maiden flight.[99]
  • The Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link is completed.[100]
  • As the South African HIV vaccine begins to be uses in other countries, HIV cases across the world drop heavily.
  • Male birth control pills are on the market.[101]
  • The first supersonic business jet is completed.[102]
  • Construction on the Shenzhen–Zhongshan Bridge reaches completion.[103]
  • The UAE starts their first space program, and launches an unmanned mission to Mars.
  • A new weather satellite is launched by the U.S. Air Force.[104]
  • Robot trash collectors are very prominent in Italy. Some major cities in the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Russia and China begin to integrate the robots as well.[105]
  • Construction on a new type of U.S. submarine is started.[106]
  • All Indian rail coaches replace discharge toilets with bio-toilets. Bio-toilets begin to rise in use across Asia and Europe.[107]
  • NASA establishes a greenhouse on Mars.[108]


  • North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un dies from a disease he had been battling since at least 2011. The N.K. government fails to conceal Kim's death, and a revolution ignites in the country. N.K. Vice Marshal Hwang Pyong-so takes power in a coup, in which Kim's siblings; Kim Jong-nam, Kim Sul-song and Kim Jong-chul are imprisoned and executed, Kim's wife and daughter, however, escape into China. South Korea invades North, sparking the Second Korean War, in concurrence with the North Korean Civil War. Both wars in North Korea are over within months, ending in a South Korean\North Korean Liberation Army victory, and Hwang Pyong-so is incarcerated.[109]
  • Angolan President José Eduardo dos Santos is assassinated while exiting a hotel in Benguela. UNITA militant leader Adriano Jaka Jamba claims responsibility, while parliamentary leader Isaías Samakuva condemns the killing. Any citizens caught celebrating the assassination are imprisoned and tortured. The Angolan government and Russian soldiers in the country crack down on UNITA sympathizers. Vice President Manuel Vicente assumes the presidency, despite support within the MPLA for dos Santos's son, Jose Filomeno de Sousa dos Santos, to take the office.
  • A referendum vote on independence from Denmark is held in Greenland. The "yes" side wins and Greenland becomes an independent nation for the first time.[110]
  • Haiti becomes a full member of the African Union.
  • Kate Ellis is elected the second female Australian Prime Minister.
  • Puerto Rico is admitted into the Union, becoming the 51st State.
  • Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer retires. He is replaced by Tani Cantil-Sakauye. Cantil-Sakauye becomes the first Asian-American Justice.
  • The Russo-Iranian nuclear contract is terminated.[111]
  • Major Nam-Liberty leader Brian Blackman is killed by FBI agents in his Santa Clara, California safehouse.
  • Total begins producing gas in Azerbaijan.[112]
  • Costa Rica becomes the first carbon-neutral state.[113]
  • Bangladesh's electricity production reaches 24,000 megawatt.[114]
  • The U.K. holds a referendum vote concerning membership in the EU. The country narrowly votes "yes" and the U.K. leaves the EU, marking the first time the nation has been separate from the Union since 1973.
  • The U.S. national debt is cut to $14 trillion.
  • A few U.S. Air Force squadrons use the HMS Queen Elizabeth for some operations.[115]

Culture and Society

  • 25% of U.K. children live in poverty.[116]
  • The identity of the "Zodiac Killer" is uncovered. The killer is revealed to be a 82 year old man living in Benicia, California (the location of his first murders), he is incarcerated shortly afterwards.
  • The video game industry overtakes Hollywood in motion capture technology.[117]
  • Every U.K. home has Broadband.[118]
  • The UAE bans public smoking.[119]
  • India's e-commerce industry is worth $90 billion.[120]
  • Brood X cicadas emerge and invest multiple eastern U.S .cities.[121]


Science and Technology

  • The Thirty Meter Telescope is completed.[122]
  • Earth crosses close to Comet SW-3's main trails, resulting in a heavy meteor shower which causes major property damage and at least 100 injuries. Fortunately, no deaths are reported.[123]
  • JUICE launches.[124]
  • The first trains in the new generation of London tube trains are introduced.[125]
  • Construction is completed on the European Extremely Large Telescope.[126]
  • Exportation begins of the PL-01 stealth tank.[127]
  • Cloud computing collapses in use.
  • Retinal scanners are very common, used heavily by banks and ATM machines.
  • Robots perform major surgeries successfully.[128]
  • A cure for the common cold is available.[129]
  • South Korea, Japan and China begin using robotic teachers in schools.[130]
  • Smartphone users need only to charge their device once a month, thanks to multicore.


  • Every citizen of India owns a home and the last of the Indian slums are demolished.[131]
  • Germany finishes phasing out nuclear energy.[132]
  • North and South Korea officially merge into the Republic of Korea. The North Korean people are granted unrestricted internet access for the first time in history. Kim Jong-Un's widow and daughter are permitted back into the country.
  • Jimmie Åkesson is elected Prime Minister of Sweden upon the Sweden Democrats's victory in the general elections.
  • A massive wave of child births across the world cause a global water crises. 150 in Somalia die of thirst. Egypt, Pakistan, Niger, Sudan and even southern California, Arizona and Nevada are affected as well.[133][134]
  • Greenland joins the EU.
  • Brazil celebrates 200 years of independence from Portugal.[135]
  • The Republic of Korea builds two new nuclear reactors.[136]
  • The Republicans lose control of the U.S. House of Representatives to the Democrats. Steve Israel is elected House Speaker. The Republicans hold onto the Senate despite loses in the elections.
  • "Paul" of ISIS's "beatles" is killed.
  • Calai, Angola is captured by UNITA.
  • India holds a solar power capacity of 100 GW.[137]

Society and Culture

  • The 2022 Winter Olympics are held in Beijing, China.
  • The 2022 FIFA World Cup in held in Qatar. The Netherlands defeat the U.S.
  • Wal-Mart struggles to attract consumers and sales fall distinctly. In an effort to take advantage of their rival's weakened state, Target changes their hours to 24/7 and begins to sell more groceries.
  • 10% of Americans own a flying car.
  • The NFL forms the San Antonio Suns as an expansion team.
  • The NBA forms the Las Vegas Diamonds as an expansion team.
  • The Oculus A is released by Facebook and Oculus VR, their first console. The A quickly outperforms the already released Xbox Two and Playstation 5. The A becomes notorious when bought by President Paul.
  • Cannabis is fully legalized in the U.S.


[[File:AstronautOnAstroid.jpg|thumb|270x270px|The first manned mission to an asteroid

A young woman using a mind-reading device


Science and Technology

  • The U.S. becomes the first country to land a man on an asteroid.
  • Kanal İstanbul is completed on the 100th anniversary of the Turkish Republic.[138]
  • The Mars Sample Return mission returns to Earth.[139]
  • The Thames Tideway is completed.[140]
  • Construction on London's "Super Sewer" reaches completion.[141]
  • Scientists announce they may have found a lead on a cure for Ebola.
  • Nanofabric clothing is the hottest clothing item of the year and quickly begins to become to the new rule, rather than the luxury of apparel.[142]
  • Physical mind-reading technology, of which is controlled by brainwaves through head mounted gear and is used to do tasks such as lift object into suspension is available to consumers in mass. Some companies begin to explore the possibility of using the tech.
  • Memories lost due to various problems like Alzheimer's Disease, stroke, or trauma, can now be restored through micro-chips surgically implanted in one's brain.[143]
  • A mouse is frozen using cryogenics and is thawed months later alive. This is later tested on various other animals, with the majority of cases being successful. Human testing is illegal and the possibility is considered radical, however, some people with terminal illnesses begin ecstatically calling to be "frozen".
  • The space tourism industry upsurges. An estimated 50 millionaires, billionaires and even one trillionaire embark on space trips. Sierra Nevada makes the Fortune 500 list.
  • 4K resolution is the standard for television sets and computer screens.[144]
  • Discs and Blue-ray have become what VHS was in the early 2000s. Virtually all media is bought and played digitally.
  • Computing power is 32x what it was in 2013.


  • PrinceCharles

    King Charles III of the UK

    Justin Trudeau-0

    Canadian PM Justin Trudeau

    Queen Elizabeth II passes away at the age of 97. Her son, Prince Charles of Wales ascends to the throne at the age of 74.
  • The Compact of Free Association expires.
  • Turkey withdraws their name as a candidate for EU membership.
  • Nam-Liberty leader Darin Arnett, a Gulf War veteran, is captured in Mount Chapman, Tennessee and detained on the charges of murder, conspiracy and terrorism. Nam-Liberty is thrown into chaos, with many of their members being tracked down and killed or captured in mass by the FBI and JSOC as part of an op known as Operation Nightfall. Raymond Hughes becomes the apparent leader of the militant group. Rand Paul's approval ratings reach a new high.
  • Justin Trudeau is elected Prime Minister of Canada.
  • Sweden implements strict immigration policies, sparking civil unrest, especially among nationals.
  • India, Indonesia and Pakistan introduce One Child Policies in response to the global water crisis.
  • Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas retires.
  • Tensions continue to rise in the West Bank.
  • Kekere-Ekun succeeds Tanko Mohammed on the Nigerian Supreme Court.[145]

Culture and Society

  • 250 people have died due to the global water crisis.
  • The last of the Borneo rainforests are felled.
  • Grand Rapids, MI, Billings, MT, Bismarck, ND and Wichita, KS are the fastest growing U.S. cities.
  • Gamestop declares bankruptcy.
  • Steamboat Willie, The Barn Dance, and Plane Crazy are released into the public domain.
  • The Simpsons is canceled, with the pilot episode being released in 1989, the show was the longest running cartoon in American history, as well as the longest running scripted prime time program.

    The Mars One Transit vehicle in orbit


    The Nintendo On console and headset


    The make-up of a smart contact lens


    Somalian refugees stopped at the Kenyan-Somalian border


    E.A.U. President Dmitry Medvedev


    US President Ted Cruz


    A member of the Mars One program explores the surface of the planet


    A Chinese astronaut shortly after planting the flag of China on the Moon


    A Navy Railgun


    The quadrupedal tank


    An Indian soldier evacuating civilians in New Delhi


Science and Technology

  • The first Mars One team successfully launches into space, leaving Earth for the first and final time.[146]
  • PLATO is launched.[147]
  • Lunar Mission One lands on the Moon's south pole and drills 70m into the Moon's surface.[148]
  • A total Solar Eclipse takes place.[149]
  • 99% of near-Earth asteroids are cataloged.[150]
  • 3D-printed food is very common, used heavily by military overseas, basically replacing MREs.
  • Phase 1 of the Extremely Large Telescope finishes.[151]
  • The Los Angeles Airport is connected to the L.A. Transit System.[152]
  • The Playstation 6, Xbox Three and Nintendo On are released. The entire new console generation is an attempt to compete with Oculus VR, as all three new systems incorporate elements of virtual reality gaming.
  • Smart contact lenses are increasingly prevalent.[153]
  • Almost 40% of patients visit their doctor online, waiting rooms are virtually phased-out.[154]
  • T.V. monitors that become translucent when turned off are available to consumers, selling out on Black Friday, Cyber Monday and again in the weeks leading up to Christmas.[155]


  • Thousands of Somalian people flee to Kenya, many die along the way and while the Kenyan military manages to stop the majority, some sneak across the border and Kenya begins to feel the effects of the water crisis. Later in the year, Kenyan border guards open fire on Somali refugees, killing 4 and injuring 15. Kenya claims that the agents were attacked, but Kenya is condemned by many members of the world community.
  • Ten years following the last referendum, Scotland holds another vote on independence from the U.K. A large majority votes "yes" and Scotland leaves the U.K. Scotland's independence marks the first time since 1707 that the nations have been separate.[156]
  • Anas Sarwar is narrowly re-elected Prime Minister of Scotland.
  • UNITA controls the majority of southern Angola.
  • Dmitry Medvedev is elected President of the E.A.U., sparking controversy.
  • Nam-Liberty plans a major attack in retaliation for Operation Nightfall, it is however, thwarted.
  • Kate Ellis is re-elected Prime Minister of Australia.
  • U.S. Vice President Ted Cruz is elected President over New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand in the presidential election. Cruz becomes the first Hispanic, as well as the first modern President born outside of the U.S. These are the first U.S. elections to allow online voting.
  • Protests in Sweden due to the controversial immigration laws intensify.

Culture and Society

  • The 2024 Summer Olympics are held in Melbourne, Australia.
  • 400 people have died due to the water crisis.
  • Checks have become obsolete, their only purpose being collector's items.[157]
  • Workplace efficiency has drastically improved.[158]
  • Eating disorders are highly common.
  • Very few people send messages via mail. The vast majority doing so only for nostalgic purposes and most have switched to SMS.


Science and Technology

  • The first humans to set foot on Mars land on the Red Planet as part of the Mars One program and begin establishing a new life. The landing revolutionizes space travel.[159]
  • The USS Enterprise (CVN-80) is commissioned.[160]
  • Construction is completed on the Dubai City Tower. At 2400 meters tall, the Tower is the largest skyscraper in the world.[161]
  • China becomes the third country after the U.S. and India to land a man on the moon.[162]
  • Advanced nanotechnology is on the rise. Scientists begin working on medical nanobots.[163]
  • Lockheed Martin releases produces a plane that can fly up to 85 percent of the speed of sound, cover a range of approximately 7,000 miles and carry between 50,000 and 100,000 lbs. of passengers or cargo.[164]
  • Masdar City is completed.[165]
  • 50% of jobs are now performed by robots. Teaching is a dying occupation across China and Japan as robots in the classroom are the norm.[166]
  • 3D-printed organs are produced. Dieing while on a transplant list is almost impossible. The 3D-printing industry is massive.[167]
  • Urban farming is on the rise.
  • The last of 80 new hydrogen stations are set up in Tokyo.[168]
  • NextGen is fully functional.[169]
  • Many military drones, air or ground, are operated by computers.
  • Exportation of the Sukhoi PAK FA begins.[170]
  • Dementia is a dieing disease thanks to chip implants in the brain.[171]
  • Launched E.A.U. satellites now numbered 150.[172]
  • Very early Teleportation Technology is being tested by scientists.
  • Railguns are deployed on ships by the U.S. Navy for the first time.
  • Video call programs such as Skype are completely clear, audio and video wise, with no lag.
  • Type 1 diabetes is totally preventable.
  • The U.S. military deploys a type of quadrupedal tank, the tank has a cannon, flamethrower and grenade launcher.
  • Video games sport photo-realistic graphics.
  • Cancer fighting drugs and treatments are much safer, with little to no side effects.
  • Automobiles, homes and appliances are all digitally connected. Stoves, lights and other items sometimes left on, mostly all can be turned off via mobile.
  • DNA mapping at birth is standard.
  • Fuel-cell cars are available to consumers in mass.[173]


  • A chemical weapon is detonated in the streets of New Delhi. 10,000 people are killed. Early speculation on the attack blames ISIS, or Lashkar-e-Taiba. The India Intelligence Bereau eventually announces that Pakistan is responsible. Pakistan moves troops across the border and India declares war on Pakistan immediately, beginning the Fourth Indo-Pakistani War.
  • Somalia completely runs out of water. The Somali Government collapses and Mogadishu falls into total anarchy, hundreds are killed. Kenya and Ethiopia quickly annex the country and divide the land between themselves, they are met with some resistance from Al-Shabaab and various warlords, but are successful, nonetheless.
  • Riots spark across Moscow partially due to perceived corruption and lack of freedom.
  • Raymond Hughes is killed in a Georgia safehouse. Nam-Liberty basically dissolves, ending the U.S.-Militia War.
  • A ecumenical gathering between the Catholic and Orthodox Churches is held in Nicea.[174]
  • Rand Paul leaves the presidency with the highest presidential approval ratings since Ronald Reagan left office.
  • The U.S. cyberinfrastructure is hit by a massive cyber attack launched by relatively new hacker terrorist group, Paladin.[175]
  • Justin Trudeau is re-elected Prime Minister of Canada.
  • The U.S. is one of the largest exporters of solar energy.[176]
  • Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito retires.
  • The U.S. lowers carbon emissions to 26%, while China lowers their's to 17%.[177]
  • The E.A.U. becomes the third largest aircraft producer in the world, behind France and the U.S.[178]
  • Ireland and New Zealand are completely tobacco-free.[179][180]

Culture and Society

  • Missing Aviator, Amelia Earhart's, remains are found.
  • 8 billion people live on Earth.[181]
  • Seattle Seahawks veteran quarterback, Russell Wilson, throws the most career touchdowns in history.
  • Mo'ne Davis becomes the first female to play in the MLB, upon being drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers.[182]
  • The NBA forms the St. Louis Spirits as an expansion.
  • Gorillas, Rhinos and Elephants are going extinct in Africa.


Science and Technology


The Chasmosarus clone in it's controlled habitat

  • The ESA launches an automatic mission to Mars.[183]
  • The plutonium generators that delivered heat and electricity to the Mars Science Laboratory run out and contact is lost with the rover.[184][185]
  • 3D-printed membranes are available. Anyone with the device implanted cannot die from a heart attack.
  • SpaceX lands humans on Mars, along with living quarters. The astronauts eventually rendezvous with the Mars One team.[186]
  • The Chasmosaurus, a herbivore Triceratops relative, is successfully cloned and kept in a Albertan park similar to the facility in the Jurassic Park movies. Talk of cloning other extinct species intensifies.[187]
  • The second Mars One team launches, with a planned arrival of 2027.[188]
  • A solar eclipse occurs.[189]
  • Robotic hands are fully capable of the attributes of a human hand.
  • Australia replaces their Collins-class submarines with a new type built using Japanese technology.[190]
  • Indium is nearing depletion.
  • Lou Gehrig's Disease cases are barely at 1,000 in the U.S.
  • Hepatitis C is very rare.[191]



Chinese forces land at Taiwan

  • Cairo

    Post-sandstorm Cairo

    China invades Taiwan and warns the U.S. not to interfere. The U.S, Japan and the Philippines begin sending arms and aid, straining the former's relations with China almost to the breaking point.[192]
  • India receives admonishment for a series of bombing runs on Islamabad that result in 10,000 deaths.
  • Cairo is hit by a high concentration of sandstorms that kill 700,000 people. Cairo is evacuated and the capital of Egypt is moved to Alexandria. Hundreds of thousands flee to Israel, many of these attempt to enter illegally and an immigration quagmire is created.
  • Due to the increasing U.S. drug problem, as well as the cartel rise in Mexico and South America (the cartels hold total control over some cities), the U.S. deploys troops into countries such as Mexico, Columbia, Guatemala and Honduras. President Cruz stresses that the invasion is not a war, however, the operation receives the nickname of the Literal War on Drugs.

Sagrada Familia

  • UNITA storms Luanda. Manuel Vicente and other MPLA members are executed by firing squad. Adriano Jaka Jamba is inaugurated President, one his first acts being to rename Luanda "Savimbi" after late UNITA freedom-fighter, Jonas Savimbi, who was killed in 2002.
  • Paladin leaks several classified documents.
  • Jimmie Åkesson is re-elected Prime Minister of Sweden.
  • In the U.S. Senate elections, Maine elects Democrat Justin Chenette, the first male homosexual Senator.

Culture and Society

  • The 2026 FIFA World Cup is held in the U.S. The U.S. defeats Costa Rica in penalty kicks.
  • The 2026 Winter Olympics are hosted by Trenton, Italy.
  • The Sagrada Familia is completed 144 years after construction started.
  • Celibacy and female Priest laws are ended by the Catholic Church.
  • A man with cancer freezes himself using cryogenics, requesting before doing so that he be thawed with cancer is cured.
  • China holds the largest ultra-wealthy population.[193]
  • The NFL forms the Honolulu Islanders in an expansion.


Science and Technology

  • Near-Earth asteroid, (137108) 1999 AN10, passes within 390,000 km of Earth.[194]
  • The Europa Clipper arrives in orbit.[195]
  • A successful Ebola vaccine is released. The Ebola Plague of the 2010s and 2020s seemingly ends after killing 7 million people.
  • The second Mars One team lands.
  • All mobile devices have totally digital-radio.[196]
  • The Chūō Shinkansen begins operating.[197]
  • A total solar eclipse take place.[198]



IAF soldiers following the Fall of Isalmabad

  • A U.S. Navy ship delivering weapons to Taiwan is sunk by Chinese drones, all on board are killed. President Cruz approves drone strikes on Chinese targets in Taiwan in retaliation.
  • Cairo is officially recognized as a no-man's land.
  • The Indian Armed Forces capture Islamabad. The Pakistani President and all government officials are imprisoned.
  • China controls almost half of Taiwan, from Oluanpi to Alishan and begins advancements on Changhua.
  • China reaches peak coal.
  • The E.A.U. withdraws from Angola. The only remaining anti-UNITA forces being MPLA militants.
  • BRICS overtakes G7.
  • Israel allows amnesty to some Egyptian refugees.
  • The Indian Navy reaches over 150 warships and more than 500 aircraft.[199]

Culture and Society

  • The New Jersey Nationals are formed by the NBA as an expansion.
  • More Republicans consider themselves Libertarian-leaning rather than socially conservative.



The first Dodo Bird clone

Science and Technology

  • Nanotechnology enables amputees to regrow any lost limbs over a period of time. The first person to undergo the procedure successfully is a disabled veteran.[200]
  • The Dodo Bird is cloned.
  • SpaceX founder and CEO and CTO Elon Musk lands on Mars, cementing his life-long dream of dying on the planet. Musk beforehand retires from SpaceX, giving total control to his oldest sons, twins, Griffin and Xavier Musk.[201]
  • Virtual reality technology has reached the point where one can "live" in a simulation for an average of a week. Oculus VR are the main pioneers behind this tech.
  • The International Space Station is shut down.[202]
  • Printed electrics are common and rising in popularity.
  • Many fighter jets begin being phased out and replaced with drones.
  • Two solar eclipses occur; a partial eclipse in April and a total eclipse across Oceania.[203]
  • The European ATHENA X-ray observatory successfully launches.[204]
  • All cars (including those that can fly) inform the driver when they pass over the speed limit.[205]
  • The world's largest particle accelerator is built by China.
  • The A-10 Thunderbolt and F-16 Fight Falcon have been fully replaced by the F-35 Lighting II.[206]
  • Cars hold the ability of self-parking.
  • Two asteroids, (153814) 2001 WN5 and (35396) 1997 XF11 pass Earth.
  • Electric-powered vehicles are equally as common as those powered by fuel.
  • The California high-speed rail system unites L.A. and San Francisco.[207]



A Taiwanese Special Forces soldier in Changhua with U.S. drones overhead

Culture and society

  • HumzaYousaf

    Scottish PM Humza Yousaf

    The R.O.K's population begins declining due to a low-birth rate and high senior population.[212]
  • The 2028 Summer Olympics are held in Berlin, Germany.
  • Cocaine is legalized in Colorado.
  • Jack the Ripper's identity is uncovered.


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