This is the official timeline for Aftermath.



  • The IPCC Fifth Assessment Report is finalized.
  • The Bankers Trust Company Building on Wall Street is attacked by a group of domestic terrorists calling themselves The Liberators. The terrorists then contact various media sources and proclaim themselves as "the ultimate revolutionists", saying that more government affiliates will be "punished" in the near future.
  • The Occupy protests spread as Hawaii is inducted in the movement.


  • The referendum for Scottish independence is held by the Scottish Nationalist Party. The referendum is ultimatelyrejected by over 65% of the population of Scotland, and the Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond refuses to step down, saying that "The Scottish people have had their say, and we in the SNP respect that decision. Long live the Union!".
  • A destructive computer trojan spreads over 15,000 computers and infects several government mainframes, causing widespread anxiety. The trojan's identity is later revealed to be Morningstar.


  • The BepiColombo spacecraft is launched to Mercury.
  • Gas prices in the United States rise significantly. Average prices are $5.31 a gallon.



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