2009, Jan.20:Barack Obama becomes president.

2011, Feb.11:President Obama sends troops into Pakistan after the government is overthrown by Islamic terrorist, Iran declares war on the USA & Israel, then nukes Tel Aviv, NATO seeds troops into Iran, Russia launch a surprise attack on Europe & the USA by attacking Ukraine, Georgia, Finland, the Baltic states, Afghanistan(by going throw Central Asia), & Alaska,China invades South East Asia, North Korea invades the south, Nicaragua invades Costa Rica in a time to link-up with a Venezuelan army(who has invaded Colombia with the help of Colombian rebels)& take-out the Panama Canal, the rest of the Venezuelan army & some of the Bolivian amy secretly sends troops to Cuba & invades the Bahamas & southern Florida, World War III begins.

2019, Jan.2:USA & Allies win World War III.

2019, Apr.8:A mass assassination plot kills many world leaders, who had gathered to sign the the Treaty of New York.

2051:World War IV begins.

2060:USA & Allies win World War IV.

2109:The 1st world government is established.