This page explains 2015: Doomsday.


2012- The US and the USSR go to war over Sudan. Iran turns against the USSR. Britain becomes worried about the expanding Iron Curtain.

2013- The USSR tries to draw Belgium into the Iron Curtain. When Belgium refuses the USSR starts to use guerrilla warfare against Belgium. Belgium calls for aid and France, Britain, Spain, Italy, Sweden, the USA and Portugal come to aid of Belgium. War begins in Europe. Rebellion groups emerge in the Netherlands and Serbia and Poland.

2014- Poland, Austria, Hungary, and East Germany go to the aid of USSR.

2015- The USA goes to war with the USSR over Iran. The USA makes a treaty with Turkey and after that the USSR attacks Turkey.

2016- The USSR allies itself with the new leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un. Kim Jong Un makes a rash decision and attacks South Korea. The USA gets drawn into the conflict.

2017- Grimmace from McDonalds gets mad everyone forgot about him and goes to North Korea and kills everyone. The US apologizes. 

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