This is the timeline for the River of Time scenario. I will be doing a simplified version so if you're curious to why I make some predictions you're welcome to ask me on the comments section below.


  • Hillary Clinton is elected as the 45th president of the United States against Republican nominee Donald Drumpf. She is inaugurated the next year.
  • ISIS attacks continue in Europe and to a lesser extent the United States likely happen sporadically throughout the year with the most likely targets being France, Britain, Italy and Belgium. The terrorist group steadily loses ground to coalition forces.
  • China's market instability continues.
  • The United States forges an anti-China coalition with Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Japan, India and possibly South Korea. However with US pressure on the new military junta and with China appearing to be a better ally Thailand will develop closer ties with one another.
  • Russia will continue it's efforts to push it's image as a superpower and tensions between the United States and Russia will most likely continue to rise


  • ISIS begins to show signs of weakening and despite still being relatively strong in Syria is almost completely pushed out of Iraq. Other terrorist organizations such as Boko Haram will begin to distance themselves from ISIS. 
  • Tensions between the United States and Russia and China continue to escalate more US military personnel are placed around these countries in an effort to contain them.

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