This Human Who Will Never Ever Suffer

It was a child born from a famous multi billionaire who were very lucky to herit mass amount of companies, money and friendship. The guy never suffered because he was born to always be happy. He was a perfect brain design. He experienced all kinds of orgasms, all kind of beautiful taste, discovered many many if not all sublime odors. He travelled to many cities in the world, he went back and forth to space and to his palace. He was rich from many data uploaded for his own personal culture. He was very popular and was very clever to organize fiestas from his huge network of friends. He saw many many architectural beauties around the world. Confidence was so easy. Having a nice collection of personal music hits, while discovering the best feeling when listening to it. He was the first perfect happy man, no diseases, no boringness, total health, fully balanced. Admired by many. Girls were approaching him because he was completely beautiful, the model on earth. In all sense he was the best eclectic mind. He never worked, never met a slave. An army of artificial general intelligent robots were working to feed him for all of his demands. Making his palace always clean and in order. His life was full of privileges, experiencing the quality of different harems around the world. He was never dirty, because of a self cleaning nanorobots. Never got tooth pain because his tooth was in stiff diamond. He was open to live only the best pleasure in life. He was instantaneously festive while being 100 percent in security from his personal elites bodyguards. He was known as a good film buff, a music lover and an avid reader. People were calling him The King. He was physically immortal and extremely celeb. A football genius while playing, driving cars like ferraris for his races and being drived inside a rolls royce in cities, everything was fun. He also owned the most expensive Harley Davidson, the fatest ninja and he could own anything he wanted to. He was the perfect spectator and have seen thousands of shows, comic, circus, drama etc.. This man, the perfect happier was taking his pleasures as easily as the misfortunes of the ancient time. He was set to always live in a HIGH and never feel a low, with more energy than the curent standard. This extravert man was living with an advantage for creativity and productiveness. With the molecular signature of the invincible joy, this man was living in a free, open dreaming world. This was a sublime being.

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