american-italian war


second american revolution


second american-italian war

third american civil war

june 2054


jan 2057


USA canada


democratic American victory

.demise of American empire

.creation of American freedom state s

.second American revolution started

.Italian removal of empire states

Major battles:

battle of Washington DC

and more....


democratic American

American free army

fascists American (until 2056)

supported by

second empire of france

second Chinese republic


many cossacks army

iberia republic

American empire

confederation of america

canada free army

american cossacks (until 2055)

supported by

italian empire

livionan cossacks


20 cossacks army

EU empire powers

austrian-italian empire

hans empire











timeline of third american civil war Edit

the timeline shows of battles of third american civil war

first battles Edit

american empire creation 

battle of missouri 

democratic american established 

italian empire annexed to american places

LA riots of freedom 

starting of civil war Edit

battle of alpine river 

battle of north carolina 

battle of LA 

american empire taken by their attack surprise in democratic america loses 2 states

american democratic  regains north carolina

canada border clashes

battle of 4 states regaining 4 states

battle of canada river

territories in canada has invading 

10 states of american empire regained by democratic america

2055 blitzkreigEdit

american empire attacking 5 states of democratic america

battle of canada border line

italian empire retreated to Morocco 

italian empire loses territory in east canada

democratic american besieged west missouri

battle of miami begins

american empire regains 2 states

democratic america regains 14 states

near ending Edit

american empire lost 50 percent of territories 

democratic american regains 28 states

american empire retreated to washington 

battle of new york city occurs regaining 2 states

democratic american regaining 1 state

democratic american regains 98 percent regained 

battle of washington dc started

american empire fallen and american freedom states created 

aftermath Edit

when american empire collapsed the revolution started and italian empire annexed again the south american 

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