The Third World War was a military conflict between the United States and China (2045 - 2057). The war opened when forces of North Korea launched a pre-emptive strike against South Korea following the reunification settlements. Nuclear strikes on Seoul and Tokyo were responded to by US strikes against Pyongyang. The Chinese government, responding to deeply anti American sentiment in China, declared war.

With Chinese assistance the North Koreans were able to annex the whole of the Korean peninsula in March 2046. Despite attempts at a peaceful settlements, the Chinese and Americans would not back down. April 2046 became known as Atomic April, due to the launching of nuclear strikes against major US and Chinese cities. One billion people were killed in one month.

By this time, though, ground troops came into action. Heavy fighting taking place on the Himalayan front and daily air strikes against China.

In July 2046, all of the Allied Powers unified for one great anti-American state, government was centralised to a Beijing-based committee. It was made clear that this was only a temporary move.

Allied troops invaded Europe in August 2046, met with relatively little resistance, they pushed on making it as far as Paris within 3 weeks. British prime minister Benjamin Hughes surrendered to the allied government on September 3rd, and within 24 hours allied groud troops had occupied the country.

In response, the US intervenes in South America, following a series of coups and realignments the whole continent comes under their sway.

African Union Chairman, Frank Mobutse, declared the entire continent a "no war zone". Forcing both US and Allied citizens to flee the continent. By December 2046 the allies controlled all of Asia, Europe, Australia and the Pacific, whereas the US controlled the Americas. There were then to be five years of stalemate, both sides too weak to destroy the other all out. Both launching small military offensives.

In 2051 this was all to change. Both sides attacked Africa, wanting to bring it under their sphere of influence. A vast nuclear offensive wiped out 75% of the population, then in the ensuing military conflict it is estimated that over 99.99% of the population of Africa was killed.

By 2057 both sides were exhausted, the world population had been reduced to just over one billion, and the world was politically weak.

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