The Third Sino-Japanese war is the third conflict fought between Japan and China since 1894 and 1937. It started in 2019 and ended in 2025 with an Allied victory.


Since the end of the Second Sino-Japanese war, Japan and China were trying to rebuild their countries,  and relations between the 2 countries has been calm for the past decades, except for one thing, the ownership of Senkaku islands that has been disputed since the 1970s, China has tried many times to convince the world that the islands belonged to China, but Japan has countered every claim made by China. Relations between the 2 countries started to deteriorate as result of the East China Sea Air Defence Identification Zone in 2013, in which China controls the airspace regulations in the East China sea, that includes the Senkaku islands and Japan was not happy with the decision.



  • Chinese helicopters landing in the Ryukyu islands
  • Chinese J-11s in Hiroshima
  • Chinese special forces in patrol in Fukuoka
  • JSDF soldiers in Sapporo
  • Japanese F-2s about to engage Russian fighters in Hokkaido.
  • Type 10 tanks of the Western army firing against Chinese troops in Kumamoto
  • The US pacific fleet heading towards Japan
  • Australian M1A1 Abrams stationed in Yamaguchi for defence
  • Kopassus soldiers ambushing Chinese soldiers in Tanega-Shima
  • South Korean soldiers about to engage NK forces in the DMZ
  • North Korean soldiers firing South Korean soldiers in the DMZ
  • Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov heading towards Hokkaido

Japan, United States, Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea, Venezuela, Brazil, Mongolia, The Phillippines And others

The Eastern forces:

China, Russia, North Korea, Burma, India

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