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This page is a compilation of rules regarding how to express the new nomenclature in linguistic form. This page is not for beginners. Please see Theory:Nomenclature:Straight Hydrocarbons first for a rough understanding of the concepts involved.

Rule #1: Naming procedes from left to right and within each block from bottom up.

Rule #2: Central characters are named by their chemical symbols, as per the periodic table.

Rule #3: The modifier-marking pipeline character is not expressed outside of the graphical nomenclature (as mentioned on the other pages)

Rule #4: Before each central character, subscripts are named as such:

  1. 1- or one-
  2. 2- or two-
  3. 3- or three-
  4. 4- or four-
  5. 5- or five-
  6. 6- or six-
  7. 7- or seven-
  8. 8- or eight-
  9. 9- or nine-
  10. 10- or ten-
  11. and so on...

Rule #5: Before and after each central character, superscripts are named as such:

  1. 1- or un- or meth-
  2. 2- or di- or eth-
  3. 3- or tri- or pent-
  4. 4- or tetra- or but-
  5. 5- or pent-
  6. 6- or hex-
  7. 7- or hept-
  8. 8- or oct-
  9. 9- or non-
  10. 10- or dec-
  11. and so on...

Rule #6: After each central character, subscripts are named as such:

  1. (One is never expressed)
  2. x2 or bis-
  3. x3 or tris-
  4. x4 or tetrakis-
  5. x5 or pentakis-
  6. x6 or hexakis-

Rule #7: There are several exceptions:

  • The cent sign is expressed as cyc-
  • The phenyl sign is expressed as z-

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