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In order to colonize space as we want it as a humanity, we need a strong message, a message of love, a universal love message.

A theme about love must be large and ambitious, fun. Here we don't know how perfect the message should be but we will try, by giving topics and choices.

1) Fun

2) Profitable

3) Strong

4) Helpful

5) Generous

6) Pro Active & positive

7) Infinite

8) Proud

9) Healthy & Easy

10) Loud & Silencious

11) Positive emotions

12) Acceptance

13) Peace, well-being and painlessness

14) Workable

15) Quick

16) Understandable & serious

17) Responsable

18) United

19) Intelligent

20) Take & Give

21) Clean & Green

22) Unconditional Love

23) Optimist

24) Friendly

25) Sharing

26) Universal Loveland

27) Secure

28) Interested

29) Safe

30) Comfortable

31) Strategic

32) Love is a medicament

What else ?

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